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Is Casey Anthony being treated unfairly by the police?

September 17, 2008

If Jose Baez thought he could drum up support for Casey Anthony with yesterday’s statement to the press saying (indignantly) that the police were infringing on all of our rights, I think he failed.

Baez said members of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office were making attempts to intimidate him and his client, Casey and said that games were being played in reference to her third arrest.

“I am not intimidated in any way, shape or form. If the state of Florida wants to play these games and waste your tax dollars and your resources, that’s for everyone to stand up for and complain about,” Baez said. “Officers are being wasted and could be on the street where they are needed.'”

Are you kidding me???????  What exactly has Casey been doing these last few weeks if it wasn’t WASTING TAXPAYER’S MONEY? How many tax dollars have been spent on: (1) searching for Caylee. (2) Dealing with Casey. (3) Dealing with the Anthony family.  (4) Protecting the Anthony family from the ever growing mob of protesters?  And he accuses the police of wasting the taxpayer’s money?? Just an unbelievable statement by Mr. Baez!!!  If Casey had cooperated in the first place, none of this would be happening!

He said in the hours he has spent with Casey in the past weeks, he has prepared her to be tough and to be ready to face whatever information investigators have. Casey has been prepared for the worst,” Baez said. “She won’t cave in.”

This last statement was in reference to the hours and hours Casey is spending at his office. I guess Casey is getting that “script” after all–but it’s not from Zenaida!

Baez says he has requested that he be given information on evidence they do have so his own investigators can look at it. Baez does not believe police have any evidence of missing 3-year-old Caylee being either dead or alive, or what would have turned it over to him.

Since when does the police have to share anything with the defense?  Am I wrong about that?  Wouldn’t they want to keep their evidence to themselves until the trial?

Mr. Baez’ demeanor was very smug,  and he appeared to think we should all be outraged by the treatment poor Casey is receiving. Yes, she has the right to a fair trial and an untainted jury pool.  Of course she does, but she should have been worrying about that before she and her family created all this drama and publicity around her.  She and her lies caused the media frenzy  –NOT the police! If she had cooperated like any normal innocent parent, or fessed up if she were to blame,  none of this would be happening.  She made herself look guilty as hell– the police didn’t.  She plainly incriminated herself on the tapes of their interview with her. I think her usual MO (blaming anyone and everyone but herself for her actions) won’t work this time.  The police aren’t the easy marks her family is and now, apparently her attorney is as well.

In the video, Mr. Baez states that If the police could do this to Casey, they could do it to any one of us???? I think not.  Would you or I have taken the police on the insane ride Casey Anthony has? If she had been honest, we wouldn’t be talking about any of this today.  No one would be “presuming” she were guilty if she hadn’t LIED and continued to LIE when she got caught LYING!

Check the video out for yourselves.

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  1. September 17, 2008 2:53 pm

    And she’s still lying and she did create it all herself, she’s reaping what she’s sown.

  2. suziejane permalink
    September 17, 2008 3:11 pm

    I think Jose Baez and Joel Brodsky should trade a@@hole clients for a day and see if anyone gets anywhere……both these cases are S-T-U-C-K.

  3. Georgia permalink
    September 17, 2008 3:16 pm

    She is in control of this sitation,she create it and she is the only one that can stop this madness. So if it is too much for his client and her family i say to casey tell the truth if your mom ever taught it too you. I seen in nancy report last night where she (casey) told the police that she was pertified of her mom. How sad that is for caylee. I do think caylee is in heaven and I do think casey is guilt as sin. I think casey killed that little angel to keep her away from her mom how sad. That Casey was jealous of her own daughter that she would kill her and then lie so her parents won’t turn their backs on her. WHAT A SICK FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Retired Detective permalink
    September 17, 2008 3:26 pm

    Actually I have to disagree with you as a former L.E.O. who believes the system should be allowed to work properly. Otherwise it becomes detrimentanl to all of society and those who are truly innocent. After all look how many people have have been convicted and killed on death row only to have been totally exonnerated years later.

    The police in this case are playing games. To arrest and rearrest and rearrest is a waste of time and could have been done only once. I don’t know what technique they were using or they thought they were using but it certainly didn’t work! They could certainly use that manpower to search for Caylee. And Mr Baez is right, if someone is being mugged or murdered during those arrests and those cops on the street at the time could have prevented it with omnipresence etc. than yes it was a waste Period.

    As far as Casey wasting taxpayers money, we still don’t have all the evidence, the facts or any sort of conclusion to this case. The point is that this is still being treated as a “MISSING PERSON” and not a Homicide.
    As for the protestors they need to chill out. One hurt and injured her own child during her own childish outburst and kept yelling at Cindy instead of payin attending to her own child. Did ya see that one?

    Bottom line: We don’t know the “EXACT” FACTS of this case, and what brought us here. And Mr. Baez is an attorney doing his job as a defense attorney living up to his sworn oath. You talk about the jury pool being tainted and yet it already has been. By protestors and blogs and chat rooms etc. Without any ” evidence haven been submitted at all yet. And no the evidence doesn’t have to be presented at trial it has to be presented at “Discovery” to the defense attorney which takes plaec way before trial.

    Police violated Casey rights during interogation when they had Custody + Interrogation which = Miranda Warnigs being necessascitated during their interview at Universal. Not to mention their technique was a little overbearing. They kept cutting Casey off everytime they didn’t like something she said instead of letting her continue to talk possibly giving them more information, all because they took it personally and didn’t remain totally objective out of frustration. You need to let people come to you in an interview. I know I did this my whole life!

  5. Robin permalink
    September 17, 2008 3:40 pm

    This is Jose and Casey’s only hope to claim unfair treatment. They are concentrating on how evidence and Casey being handled. They want to get her off some how when she goes to trial for MURDER! Jose is trying to convince public of a different point of view. Will not work as bottom line, Caylee is not here. I don’t see how Casey can come up with the emotions when she does go to trial. I am harsh as I would convict her of first degree murder based on her demeanor/lies alone. I was so beyond frustration regarding the actions of this family and what comes out of all their mouths. I am just now coming to terms with no matter how much Casey’s family support/enable her, this will not bring Caylee back and they have to live with that. I am hoping one she does not get away with murder and two her family will stop enabling her and see what she has done.

  6. ANNIA permalink
    September 17, 2008 4:16 pm

    If I had an “interactive TV”, I would reach in and grab Casey Anthony by the neck & smack the truth out of her. I really would. I’m so sick of her crocodile tear video that Nancy Grace show kept showing, you know, one where she was in court, pretended to wipe the none existence tears. This comes after she, I’m sure, had watched & heard the comments that she shows no emotion on the first court apperance, hence, the crocodile tear the second time. I’m not buying it one bit. I don’t think she has any conscience. It would be a nightmare if she ever hooks up with OJ simpson, wouldn’t it? Just put her in the cell with one big bad mama already!!!

  7. Peace permalink
    September 17, 2008 6:07 pm

    Detectives were called to assist Casey in finding her daughter Caylee. When detectives asked Casey questions to help them help her find her daughter, Casey gave them false information. Detectives did not in any way violate Casey’s rights. In the middle of Casey taking detectives to her office at Universal she told the detectives that she did not really work there. The detectives had every right to ask Casey why is she lieing to them when they are trying to help her find her daughter. Casey has done nothing but send everyone involved in this case on a wild goose chase. Casey is getting exactly what she deserves. Since everyone involved has denied having seen Caylee since 6/16 its obvious Casey did something with Caylee. During the time that supposedly the babysitter took Caylee, Casey told several of her friends that Caylee was fine and with Cindy or the nanny. We know Cindy didn’t have Caylee. Where then was Casey keeping Caylee? In her Car ??? In the Trunk??? While she was running around to all her friends homes and clubs. Casey did something to her daughter and that is obvious since she is not talking. Appears to me all the evidence is circumstantial and amounts to nothing useful. I hope George and Cindy Anthony are thinking really hard about this. Their daughter has serious issues and obviously is not fit to be a parent ever! I am hoping in the end that they will do the right thing by Caylee and see to it Casey spends a long time in prison. All anybody wants to know at this point is where is Caylee’s body so she can be given an appropriate burial. I think everyone living in and around the Anthony’s should go out and start looking for Caylee’s body. I’d start at the Bellavida Resort.
    Read posts here

  8. REBECCA permalink
    September 17, 2008 8:32 pm


  9. Keith permalink
    September 17, 2008 9:48 pm

    This woman obviously has a mental problem. The little girl is more than likely (bless her heart & soul) dead. This woman needs to be put away for life. Those detective aren’t dummies, they know she’s sick but have to play the whole thing out just in case the little girl is alive and the mother may be very key to finding her, really dead or alive.

  10. Karen permalink
    September 17, 2008 9:50 pm

    I think they are treating her better than she deserves, but I wonder if there is an ulterior motive behind these rearrests. Perhaps they are giving this moron a feeling of being bulletproof and she’ll get so comfortable with herself that she’ll blab or contact someone connected to this mess. I keep feeling there is something else connected to this case that hasn’t been explored, like if there was a failed kidnapping of another person that went horribly wrong (hence the chloroform, the signs of decomposition in the car). I’ll admit it’s probably common sense getting trumped by wishful thinking, but I don’t think Caylee is dead. I do think she was taken by someone either as an assurance that Casey would keep her mouth shut, or by someone (like the paternal family) that realized this was their blood relation and that mother Casey was as unfit as she is. The pictures of the Fusion Night Club gang with their odd gang-like hand signals is worrisome, as well as the connection to the Sawgrass apts. and the real Zanaida Gonzales and friends of Casey living there. Nothing has ever been mentioned about Cindy or George speaking with Caylee about her time with this supposed nanny; surely one would discuss a tot’s time with the babysitter as part of normal dinnertime conversation, especially if they’d never actually met her. Maybe the little girl is alive and living in Mexico or P.R. (she does look hispanic), but if Casey did tell the truth now, noone would believe her. I would love to see more of an investigation into the Fusion Club people (did anyone disappear around this time? Any other dead bodies turn up in this area?) and even check into any DNA testing done involving children done around the time the child was said to be in care of a nanny.

  11. September 17, 2008 10:13 pm

    The only game playing I see is from CASEY. If her lawyer is woried about the tax payers. Then he should allow the tax payers to have what they truely want & that is to have Casey go to jail & STAY THERE in with the inmates . We don’t want her to be shown SPECIAL TREATMENT!!! The police are doing what the tax payers want!!! (getting her for all they can) This unfeeling disgrace obviously has never recieved any kind of punishment in her entire life. I believe she feels it’s just something else she’ll get a SLAP ON THE HAND for. If she was put in with the regular inmates, She may find out differantly! Why worry that she will be hurt, She’s not going to tell anything anyway. Horray for the police. PUT HER IN AGAIN & AGAIN

  12. alexis permalink
    September 17, 2008 10:32 pm

    YAY Retired Detective! Thank YOU! The media is outrageous. They make me sick. They’ve already convicted this girl and she hasn’t even been charged with a murder. Ridiculous. And the police are picking and choosing what they want released. They shouldn’t have released anything at all. They should have kept it confidential until the trial. That is if there even is a trial. For all that anybody knows, Caylee could be found alive. Yes..alive. The media has already buried this little girl and so have the police. The police are running a circus show. And the protestors need to leave, get a life of their own. If they were on my property like that, I’d probably get arrested for beating them down. They’re a cult.

  13. Julie K. Hooverton permalink
    September 17, 2008 11:16 pm

    Why haven’t we seen Lee lately? Has he just gotten fed up with his sibling and parents or has he taken on the task of raising money for Casey’s defense? By the way, is that tax deductible???? If Caylee is thought to still be alive, why hasn’t the reward been raised by the family or was it more important to “free” Casey? If my children handed me lines of bull about where my grandchildren were and I didn’t know the nanny or so -called sitters, I would be seeking custody of my grandchildren. There is no way I would allow my kids to be so irresponsible and there is no way that I myself, would buy any crap out of my kids mouths. I’ve been there
    when my kids were overwhelmed with parenting, and they still asked for help. It’s our jobs as parents to raise our kids to be better parents. I’d like to know how or who raised Casey?

  14. Col permalink
    September 18, 2008 12:48 am

    Retired Detective;

    As much as I can admire your experience, as far as it goes so far, it’s officially a missing person case, but with the discovery for the neglect charges coupled with leaked information certainly will lead anyone to the conclusion that she is likely criminally responsible for the most certain death of her child…

    Lets examine how the interview was conducted… The officers were conducting an investigation for a missing child. She led officers to Universal to provide information that would help them in their investigation.. It was bogus, the interview was impromptu and her statements are res jestae, as much as Cindy’s where (regarding the smell in the car). Admissable (likely). She was not hauled in anywhere.. She took them there. They didn’t go with the intent of interviewing on the spot.. Once it became ridiculous, they conducted a proper Read style interview. If you read further in the discovery, you will notice they flip and they allow her to lead, which in several sentences, she does textbook Freudian admission..

  15. Col permalink
    September 18, 2008 12:54 am

    Oh, and on topic.. Yes, I am sure they are gaming, but they allowed her to turn herself in on Baez’s terms and still he complains.. I still think it’s a fair expectation for police to try and prosecute criminals.. not really a waste of taxpayer money.. what IS a waste of police resources is the coverage necessary at the Anthony home.. protest, hell yeah, but leave your kids at home (like, they probably should be doing homework and practicing the flute or somethin) and have consideration for the neighbors (and the grandparents.. not their fault they raised the demon seed)..

  16. joann68 permalink
    September 18, 2008 1:02 am

    I do not believe casey was misstreated. I know what brought everything to this point CASEY DID!!!. She was asked several times if she was there against her will. And she said no. At that time she wasn’t arrested she was assisting detectives to help locate her daughter . She chose to lie over and over. They had every right to ask why. And why isn’t she charged with murder? duh let me answer that with certanity here it goes…SHE WAITED 31 days to REPORT her missing 31 DAYS!!! The detectives had to restep those 31 days and with casey lying over and over and possible evidence being destroyed makes it harder and harder. And lets go back if it hadn’t been for cindy going to confront her daughter she would have gone on with her Shes with zanny the nanny story. RIghts? what about caylee’s rights?

  17. Sonny permalink
    September 18, 2008 7:14 am

    Don’t blame the parents You may haved done the same thing. DON’t say you would’nt .Your not in that situation. The protesters need to get a live and a job if they have nothing to do.I just can’t see myself protesting the parents like they are but I have class which these people don’t.
    Let the law take care of casey. She will pay for what she hase done.
    Oh, this Nancy Grace is one sick lady. Watch her show one time and you will see what I’m talking about.

  18. September 18, 2008 9:50 am

    My, my, my … so the “police” are making poor little Casey look bad? WHY would they want (or need) to do that? She’s doing a GREAT job of that herself.

    With all due respect due you, Sir, I would like to comment on “Retired Detective’s” posting.

    I truly don’t see how Casey’s rights were being violated. The police were trying to HELP her find her daughter. She was giving them the run around with false information and lie after lie after lie. It was VERY apparent she had no REAL interest in finding “her daughter.” (I cringe every time I hear her refer to Caylee as “my daughter”). They were concerned with getting ACCURATE info in order to do this. If they came down a little hard on her, so what? Sometimes you have to do that in order to obtain the truth. I think their primary goal is to find little Caylee (which I have grave doubts they ever will) and protect HER rights … her right to life! Her right to safety! Her right to be cared for and protected. When it comes down to it, who has more rights in this case? Caylee or Casey? Who’s looking out for Caylee’s rights? The police are … and if they have to step on some toes, so be it. N O N E of this would have happened had Casey been responsible. And N O N E of this would “probably” have happened had George and Cindy (mostly Cindy, I think) brought their daughter up to be truthful, honest and RESPONSIBLE. Instead, they created a person who has NO conscience, NO respect for others (even her own family) and NO morals. She’s a liar, a thief, a sociopath and, in my opinion, a murderer. There’s enough guilt in this case to bury little Caylee a hundred times over.

    Again, I say, “with all due respect, Sir.” My Dad was a cop! I will say no more.

  19. Linda permalink
    September 18, 2008 1:35 pm

    This is such a sad,sad, case. I really do not feel like the protesters are doing anything except making a bad thing worse.
    The little boy that got hurt? His mother was making a complete ass out of herself. I’m sure just because she was there and started yelling, that Casey was going to walk out the door and tell the truth.
    SHE DOES NOT CARE! It is the folks that live on that street that are being punished for this mess.
    I say make the protesters leave….Quit giving Casey this movie star attenton…….Let the police do their job (however) they have to do it
    in hopes of finding this child.
    I do believe that Casey WIIL end up making a big mistake and the truth will come out.
    I also belive that when it all comes to a head, there will be someone else involved.
    God Bless America Someone has to……..

  20. September 18, 2008 2:26 pm

    Where is the composite of this “Zenaida”? Who should the public be looking for? According to Cindy Anthony, the child is in Texas, Mexico or Puerto Rico. If we, the public, have no idea what or who we are looking for, how the hell, is the public going to help in finding this “missing” child?

  21. Kari permalink
    September 18, 2008 2:32 pm

    Thank you Col, yours is the sanest voice I’ve heard on this subject for a while.
    Thank you, Retired Detective for sanely and calmly presenting another, and experienced, point of view. I would certainly want you for my interviewer if I should ever accidentally run afoul of the law. But I have to agree with Col, even though he is clearly not going strictly by the book.
    I think circumstances indicate all too plainly that she was not remotely interested in finding her daughter, or helping the police to do so.
    I have listened to the tapes of the interviews and it kind of sounds to me like, (deliberate or not) the classic interview technique of ‘good cop, bad cop’. First one officer confronts the suspect with the worst possible consequences of hindering the investigation, maybe even speaks harshly to the suspect. Then another cop takes over and sympathizes with the suspect, speaks kindly, and waits for him/her to say more than s/he intended whilst confiding in this ‘good cop.’
    This might come under the category of playing games, but I much prefer the cops to be the ones running the games rather than the criminals…

  22. Karen permalink
    September 18, 2008 4:48 pm

    Having read Col’s reply, it must be noted that the interview was not exactly impromptu. The police knew beforehand that Casey Anthony was not employed by Universal for over a year at that point, and a defense attorney could use this to claim a set-up on their part. As much as we all would like to see this woman horsewhipped, the police have to use the utmost caution to keep her from harm, whether real or imagined. This could include the appearance that the Universal interview was staged. The idiots outside the Anthony home are nothing short of a lynch mob, and I’m surprised noone has been seriously harmed (expect firearms to manifest sooner or later). Nancy Grace is leading the media lynch mob nightly on her show. I hope to God Caylee is alive and safe (once again, wishful thinking). Whatever the outcome, it would be a travesty of justice if Casey got off because of claims that her civil rights were violated, or that she withheld info and lied because the mobs were calling for her blood. Everyone needs to step back a bit, ease off the rage and let the law do it’s job.

  23. Col permalink
    September 18, 2008 11:43 pm

    Thank you Kari,

    Specific to the good cop / bad cop scenario, after the bottle of water portion of the interview, she is allowed to lead the conversation.. She does refer to her daughter in the past-tense on several occasions, which is probably not admissable, however it leads the detectives to naturally suspect the worse. She only puts up a significant guard when they were leading toward her ‘selling’ her daughter.. When they mention anything else, she simply acknowledges their scenarios..

    Karen, I apologize, I was not aware of them having confirmed her non employment there, but despite that, they are looking for a missing child at that point and throughout the investigation. She SHOULD be helping them. They could be looking for cues in her behaviours that may indicate that Caylee IS alive and perhaps her whereabouts. She took them to Universal.

    On this whole ‘protest’ thing.. I guess it would be a real blow to free speech to try and move the protest down the street, but I do have to agree these folks are thugs, basically looking for an excuse to make someone’s life miserable (although I really don’t empathize with Casey, I do empathize with her parents, despite their aloofness).

  24. skyzze permalink
    October 20, 2008 1:13 pm

    She kill that sweet baby and she no she did

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