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Cindy Anthony, George Anthony, and the protesters: a vicious circle?

September 18, 2008

Apparently the underbelly of society wasn’t able to provoke a response from the Anthonys’ late last night with their chants and rants, so they started throwing rocks at the house. (Are these really adults? I wonder if any of the protesters have seen the video of themselves. It looked like a bunch of little kids fighting in the schoolyard except there was no playground monitor to break it up.) With fine examples like that for parents, it’s no wonder so many children are out of control today.  Unfortunately, Cindy and George predictably made matters worse by barreling out with their bat and garden hose and after someone grabbed George by the shirt, and someone else shoved Cindy, George hosed them down.  Casey, meanwhile, called 911 from inside.

George and Cindy!  Time Out!  I know you must feel like you’re living in the twilight zone, but please stop and start thinking before you act.  Can’t you see that you’re only exacerbating the scum bag infestation? You should have stayed inside with Casey, called 911, and waited for the police to come.  The last thing I’d be doing is getting my baseball bat and garden hose and heading to the front.  It would have been safer to have hunkered down and waited for the troops to arrive.  Of course, then there wouldn’t have been any fodder or footage for Nancy Grace’s BREAKING NEWS.

We all know the Anthonys’ are under tremendous pressure.  It must be like living on top of a mine field inside that house. The tension has to be unbearable.  But, their apparent need to not let these people get the last word no matter what the cost is a mystery to me. I can understand the Anthony’s frustration, but I just don’t get why they keep going outside on one pretense or another (hammering “no trespassing” signs, or carrying out the trash, or watering the flowers. or whatever) and engaging the picketers in a war of words. Yes, I know it’s their right to do whatever they want at their own home, but where’s the common sense?  Why not avoid all this extra drama and let someone else deal with the front yard?  And where were those highly paid bodyguards last night? Why didn’t they diffuse that potentially dangerous situation?

Why, considering everything else going on in their lives, confront a bunch of Bubbas and Bubbettes armed with rocks and who knows what else?  If George and Cindy would stay out of sight long enough I’d be willing to bet the mob would get bored and go home.  With nothing to report, the media would go away, too.  Then they could concentrate on their granddaughter with no distractions. They say they believe Caylee is still alive. So why not take all of that pent up frustration and misplaced energy and start following up on those leads that Casey supposedly tried to give to the police and the police supposedly ignored?

I guess all they’re thinking is if they can’t control the situation inside their house, they’ll make damn sure they control the situation outside.  News flash: Their efforts aren’t working in either place and it appears we’re no nearer to finding Caylee than we were a couple of months ago.

Note: The Guardian Angels have stepped in to protect the Anthonys. Let’s hope this puts an end to the nightly madness in the Anthony’s front yard.

The Guardian Angels is a safety patrol chapter with volunteers who help ensure that citizens can enjoy their communities without fearing for their safety.

video of the 911 calls:

video of the confrontation on the front lawn:

article about the confrontation:

guardian angel article:

4 Comments leave one →
  1. September 19, 2008 1:11 am

    Very well said. I have been saying pretty much the same thing as has many others,if only the Anthony’s would read and heed.

  2. TX Mom permalink
    September 19, 2008 2:36 am

    These are my sentiments exactly!. You have stated the situation very well. I also worry about their health. Sometimes it seems that Mr. Anthony gets so angry that I worry that he will have a heart attack or stroke.

  3. Diane permalink
    December 18, 2008 2:12 am

    Dear Cindy, George and Lee, I pray for all of you. These are terrible times. If your Casey did do this terrible deed I hope she will tell you someday why and how it came about. If she did not then I hope the evidence will exonerate her. If she did do this then I hope that someone in your family will stand up for the smallest and weakest member of your family, Caylee. I could see from your home movie that she brought great joy to all she touched, bless her little heart. I loved her song about not taking Nans sunshine away, she loves(d) you dearly. I too am a Grandmother and would not want to think that a child of mine could harm a member of our family. However, if they did and,could or would not come to me with the truth I would have to step back and show my deceased member that the rest of us were there for them. I would give dignity to our lost one. Cindy, from me to you, Mothers have up and down relationships with their girls but, no matter what she chooses to do in her life you cannot blame yourself. If she did indeed do this deed, she choose this on her own. You cannot take that on. We all have fights but, that does not make us harm our young. I hope to see You, your Husband and Lee give Caylee the dignity she deserves for she knows you were the ones who loved and love her so much. Maybe Casey will make peace with herself and her family once she really realizes the pain and loss that she (might have) visited upon her own family. Then maybe You and yours will be able to over time forgive her and move forward. My thoughts are with you all and I am truly sad that you may have lost a loved one. I’ll keep praying for Angels to help you through the journey your family must take. Diane

  4. itsamysterytome permalink*
    December 18, 2008 7:05 am

    Very well said, Diane!

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