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Did Casey Anthony watch movies with boyfriend, Tony Lazaro the day Caylee Anthony died?

October 31, 2008

Why are investigators so sure that Caylee Anthony is dead and why do they believe she died on June 16th?   Local 6 investigative reporter, Tony Pipitone has gone through 1000’s of documents related to this case in an effort to answer those questions and he believes her behavior starting early on the morning of the 16th points to that day as key.

According to Casey’s cell phone records, she had an 80 minute phone conversation with Tony Lazaro, that ended  at 1: 05 in the morning.  She then had a flurry of 24 text messages back and forth with Lazaro culminating in a 3:08 am phone call from him that lasted 14 minutes.

At 12:50pm on the 16th, George Anthony saw his granddaughter for the last time as Casey and Caylee left with backpacks. Casey told George that she was dropping Caylee at the nanny’s house and then going to work. That was the last time he saw Caylee.

7 hours later, just before 8:00 pm. Casey and Tony were caught on video at Blockbuster renting 2 movies.  Caylee was no where in sight. Where was she?  One of the movies rented was “Untraceable”.  It contains a scene where an FBI agent being chased by a sadistic cyber-stalker opens the trunk of a car and is knocked back by the smell of a fly-infested rotting corpse.  The killer had left the body in the trunk.  Investigators believe Caylee’s body was left in the trunk of her mother’s car, where it decomposed and emited a horrific odor that Cindy Anthony correctly identified as a dead body.

Did Casey Anthony actually watch that movie with her child dead or dying in the trunk of her car? Does that movie have anything to do with Caylee Anthony? Not directly, but it is one more strange coincidence in a case fraught with coincidences.

read it and see the news video here:

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  1. November 1, 2008 6:19 am

    That’s ABSOLUTELTY moronic! I fail to see how they can prove a murder was committed without a body just by cell phone pings! Not to mention, prove the murder was based off a new release that was rented AFTER the allegeded murder (based on cell pings) took place.

    I am convinced those peoples are really, really stOOpid!

  2. Monica permalink
    November 1, 2008 7:47 am

    In response to “cj”…this investigation is NOT solely based on cell phone pings. This is where they believe a body may be found, based on monitoring ALL of her cell phone activity. As far as proving a murder, you can certainly be convicted on circumstantial evidence (happens all the time!) and let’s not forget, that the trial does not start until January, which leaves plenty of time for a body to still be found. Also, let’s not jump to any conclusion that ALL evidence that the police have has been released to the media…it has already been reported several times that the police still hold evidence that has NOT been released! BTW, “cj” who’s to say that Casey has not already watched these particular movies several times before, and possibly has an obsession with them, since parts of them she may have been used in the murder/hiding of the body of her littler daughter. Many people re-rent movies over and over.

  3. November 1, 2008 8:00 am

    If that were the case, Blockbuster would have records of which movies she had rented.

    Regardless, it doesn’t explain the Zenaida Fernandez-Estrada-Gonzales crap, the dead squirrels, LE questioning that one guy next to the auto theft room after Amy’s slip of the tongue about the VIN, “offspring handler” guy lying to LE, the third officer fired remaining anonymous, the snitching about the firearm in GA’s spare tire well, the missing children search with the Tupac quote, the chloroform “recipe” search, the protester publically acknowledging KC’s affiliation with Ectasy (Amy stated Tony L was her dealer), and the old woman from the funeral home attacking CA about the smell not being pizza.

    Sorry, too much has been made of the grandparents occupation…there is way more here than a kidnapping or murder.

    I may have been born yesterday, but-I’VE BEEN UP ALL NIGHT!

  4. Monica permalink
    November 1, 2008 8:18 am

    Let’s just keep in mind that everything we hear from the media is not gospel. There’s alot more to this than what meets the eye and it’s pretty obvious that all, or some members of the Anthony family have many secrets. All of Casey’s actions are NOT that of a grieving mother who has “lost” a daughter. If your daughter is missing, you don’t sit there and lie, lie and lie again. WHO in their right mind would do that if they are not guilty of something?? The ‘Zenaida Gonzalez’ story is made-up, (funny, that happens to also be the name of one of the characters on an early LA Law type show, which I looked up on the internet), and a few dead squirrels would not make the kind of dead-body stench that many people smelled (including George and Cindy who have smelled it before due to their occupations) ….there were no dead squirrels; that is also made up. G & C Anthony just can not admit that their daughter has done such as dasterdly deed and they are grasping at straws.

  5. November 1, 2008 8:42 am

    I definitely wouldn’t believe what was in the media Monica…I saw them in front of the Anthony home…they should take out the house across the street and start a birthing center for poor white trash.

    We haven’t heard (at least I haven’t) of any professional psychiatrist evaluating her…just armchair pundits that sit around all day watching Jerry Springer, Dr. Phil, and Nancy Grace. I feel that is vital information that just isn’t out in the public.

    Why did LE only turn over the psychic (nuts) tips…they really draw the squirrels who are burying their nuts for the dead of winter. And why on earth would people boycott and try to keep them from looking for the child if they had any indication she was alive even though LE has determined her to be dead without a body and even stating on TV they were looking for a live child?!!!!

    Sorry…the Anthonys aren’t the only ones covering up stuff. It’s starting to look like a bunch of kats trying to cover dookie on thin ice.

  6. Monica permalink
    November 1, 2008 8:56 am

    This is a horrible story that has been going on way too long; everyone has their own opinions and we all just want to put an end to this! We all have to just be a little more patient until the trial starts and pray that a body, or bones, or something, is found prior to that. My hope is that the trial is at least shown on Court TV (or whatever that network is called now)! For now, I must continue my online Christmas shopping!

  7. November 1, 2008 8:58 am

    Okay…have a great day…I’m out to gather leaves.

  8. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 1, 2008 9:04 am

    cj-I’m confused. The only people that I can see that are boycotting are Cindy and George condemning a search for a dead Caylee. If it were my grandchild, I’d want any and all types of searches–alive or dead. I would just want the truth.

    I think LE turned all those tips over simply because those were what was coming in.

    As far as the conspiracy theories–Casey is just spinning bigger and more elaborate lies–like a child, if one story doesn’t work, tell a bigger one.

  9. November 1, 2008 9:32 am

    Surely LE knows where the woman spotted whom she thought may be Casey going into the woods…they’d be out there searching without Tim if they thought that held any weight.

    And, what’s up with that additional hair they found on the neighbor’s shovel?

    Why does Padilla change his story every time he speaks?

    And, why don’t they pull up a list of movies and TV shows she has viewed for the last ten years…surely they can connect the dots that way.

  10. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 1, 2008 9:47 am

    I would like to know if the woman that says she saw her and the man that says he and his friend spotted her both happened on the same day. I believe the clothes they described her wearing were different?

    Also thought LE had been conducting searches but called them off a few weeks ago.

    Hadn’t heard about additional hair on the shovel. I thought the forensic tests came back that it was probably the neighbors?

  11. Kari permalink
    November 1, 2008 9:52 am

    Me, too, Mystery, I feel like I missed part of this conversation.
    One thing I know I missed, is ‘Amy’s slip of the tongue about the VIN’. To what does that refer?
    No one has suggested that cell phone pings ‘prove’ a murder took place. What we all are thinking is, since we have a missing and presumably dead child, an atypical flurry of cell phone calls on the very day she was last seen by anyone, are very significant indeed.

    I had not heard, Mystery, that she was talking and texting Tony after midnight the night before. But I am convinced that if it does turn out to be murder and not accidental, it will have been to make herself available for Tony and not out of jealousy or spite over Cindy’s love for Caylee.
    So, I do find that very interesting. And if he was the guy at Blockbuster with her, that seems pretty damning.

    Unless the real nanny suddenly pops up, well, I dunno… It’s November, we’ve got over two months to stew about this. Or, just everyone drop it and say, “See ya at the trial,” like kids saying good-bye for the summer.

    But will the media drop it, or will they continue to pick at it, digging up little tidbits to grab our attention for an hour?

  12. November 1, 2008 10:15 am

    I think that Casey Anthony wanted to live the single life. And maybe she wanted to go out to party one night and didn’t have a sitter. Maybe she had used the cholorphorm many times before. but this time she over done it and it killed little Caylee. maybe Caylee had been in the trunk and died of Carbon Monoxide poisning. That’s why she shows no remorse because to her she actually didn’t kill her. And she disposed of her body somewhere in the swamps?????

  13. monica111466 permalink
    November 1, 2008 12:30 pm

    I am just pointing out that the above is a different Monica…

    Hi Monica…I just wanted to make sure people knew that there are two of us with the same name…not one in the same.

    I like your name by the way 🙂

  14. monica111466 permalink
    November 1, 2008 12:49 pm

    I promise all of you that once Caylee’s body is found…things will change.
    George, Cindy and Lee will have no choice but to accept that Caylee is deceased. It all honesty it does not matter to me how Caylee died…what matters is she is dead, that her mother is responsible for that death and that her body needs to be found to help LE and the prosecution to better understand what happened to Caylee and be able to provide swift and fair justice.

    I believe Casey did go to the video store and watched those movies on the same day her child died. I believe that because I saw it with my own eyes. Judging by the obvious calm at the video store and the party pictures showing her having a good time… I have no other choice but to believe that there is something seriously wrong with Casey’s mentality….what that is…I don’t know because I am not a doctor and anything I say would merely be a guess.

    What I do know for certain is that Tim Miller, EquuSearch and the biggest group of people ever (myself included) is headed over there to look for Caylee.
    I too agree in the wish that the media would stop digging for anything they can find to write about…Frankly I don’t care that Casey bought panties and feminine products….I also see nothing wrong with it.
    The media doesn’t have anything to talk about but lets do a story about what Casey bought…Please…who cares?…Every prisoner there buys the stuff they need…it’s not news.

    The fact is…we all have our own thoughts of why might have happened to Caylee….but none of us know for certain…except the killer and God.
    I hope by getting out there to help search will help answer some of those questions.

  15. niecey456 permalink
    November 1, 2008 1:00 pm

    I agree with you Monica. Might I also add that we only have pieces of this puzzle. There are pieces missing. I don’t care about what she buys in jail, shoot, I don’t even care that Baez hugs her. All I care about is the truth coming out and Caylee being found. Things are not always what they seem and I think that we have a hard time with that. Our imaginations are running away with us at times. I do believe the video thing is significant, but the biggest reason is her lack of regard while she was hugged up to her boyfriend. I believe she has already been reported as having a fasination with crime and murder mystery type novels and movies, and it could be a clue as to her personality.

  16. niecey456 permalink
    November 1, 2008 1:58 pm

    Oh, sorry, Monica with the rose. And to our new friend Monica, you are right we don’t have all of the facts.

  17. dgamble permalink
    November 1, 2008 7:09 pm

    does anyone wonder how long casey, has been ill did she show signs in ele. school to high school or does one just slowly lose it.

  18. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 1, 2008 7:58 pm

    Hi dgamble
    I think her best friend in school said that she was normal back then. And one of her teachers said she was quiet–almost invisible. Correct me someone if I’m wrong about that.

  19. niecey456 permalink
    November 2, 2008 9:19 am

    Mystery, I heard the same. I also saw where Richard Grund had on his blog on his myspace, that what went wrong with Casey started 2 years ago, and the opportunity to fix what went wrong was a missed one.

  20. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 2, 2008 9:56 am

    I read that, too, and remember wondering if she changed after the baby was born if it was some kind of strange postpartum depression or psychosis. Or maybe, she was just better at hiding her true self before Caylee was born. I would suspect Cindy would know the answer to that.

  21. niecey456 permalink
    November 2, 2008 10:06 am

    Not sure, however, I do know that schizophrenia, as well as bipolar mania do not show up til ages 16 to well into the 30s. They usually cannot be detected in children or adolescents.

  22. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 2, 2008 10:32 am

    I’m certain there’s been a psych eval done on her, hopefully it will shed some light on this whole thing when it goes to court. Guess I’ll have to add satellite tv so I can watch the trial. We don’t get court tv on cable.

  23. niecey456 permalink
    November 2, 2008 10:47 am

    They did do one, it’s been kept from the public. No telling on that, she could just be a sociopath. You may not have to get satellite. Headline News covered much of OJ Simpson’s recent trial all day.

  24. niecey456 permalink
    November 2, 2008 10:47 am


  25. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 2, 2008 11:12 am

    thanks, Niecey

  26. Curious Dee permalink
    November 28, 2008 3:21 am

    I can see how LE made a conclusion on the time of death due to the cell phone pings. There were many on the last day George saw Caylee. I didn’t know about all of the text msgs to Tony L either. I would think LE has the msgs. by now either on Tony’s phone or Casey’s. But I was shocked when it was reported that Tony & Casey went to Blockbuster that very night. He seemed to leave that part out of his interview. I think he would have remembered it specifically considering what movie they rented. But LE shouldn’t assume it was that day because Caylee wasn’t with them. Remember Tony had a few room mates and if Caylee was sleeping maybe one of the guys stayed with her. So I don’t think thats proof.

  27. cheryl permalink
    May 25, 2010 12:43 pm

    Great Post.

  28. December 3, 2010 3:23 pm

    there are many new movies to watch this month, i would be going to the cinema and video rental store again ;~:

  29. John permalink
    May 24, 2011 10:14 am

    This little tramp murdered her sweet baby. The evidence is OVERWHELMING! She’s going down for this crime! Her jerk lawyer is wasting his time. LIES!LIES!LIES!

    And Baez’ opening statement is beginning. We shall see what he has to say!

  30. May 28, 2011 12:49 pm

    To the person above who asked how they can tell if the baby is dead, I believe that they did a DNA test on what little of her precious little body remained. Probably mitochondrial. In addition, if the baby did drown in the pool (by whatever means) there will be particles of diatoms in the bone. These only deposit if the person is breathing so they could not get there by osmosis through a plastic bag in the woods ( I do not think). I sure hope the autopsy refutes any diatoms.

    While I am loath to believe Jose story about GA, the testimony today from momA was something else. This woman is a manager of people. How could she be so blind as to all of the things CA pulled? The minute she washed the pants from the trunk with the dead body smell she must have been suspicious.

    But for attempting not to commit purgery, how could she go on for 3 hours of testimony about zanny this and universal that. Using the term suitor for the one of the men that CA wanted to reconnect with. He was also one of the ones that was in position to be “the one”

    Big time denial is a safe haven from something.

  31. itsamysterytome permalink*
    May 28, 2011 1:03 pm


    I don’t know when Cindy knew what, but from the testimony this morning, I think she is now attempting to be truthful. If, in fact, she has been in denial all this time, (and I’m not saying she for sure was) I think she snapped out of it in a hurry when she realized that Casey was going to try and throw George and to some extent Lee under the bus to explain away her behavior. I’m sure the defense will put on some expert psychologist as witness to say her behavior is typical of someone who has been molested. (Seriously?) I am anxious to get to the cover up part. Cindy’s explanation should be very interesting.


  32. June 14, 2011 4:40 pm

    Its a mystery to: l agree. I think that she is coming around.but she still is gingerly tiptoeing around some facts like black duct tape or silver duct tape and the entire discussion about the laundry bags. She just seems so exhausted she tried to mouth the words to casey I love you and stared at her for a long time and casey would not look back at her. George needs to show more emotion when he is accused of such things, I little resigned “I did not” is not sufficient. I would be mortified if accused of such a thing. I am glad they tied up the stickers a little neater and explained that there was a book of them in KC room. GA or Kronk would not put pink stickers on the duct tape. How would Kronk even know that KC had heart stickers. Also how would kronk know that was where she buried her pets when she was growing up. The kronk theory does not make any sense. I am curious how many animals died under her care growing up that she would need a pet cemetary? Dr G did a great job. If a baby drowns no good minded person 1) does not call 911 also that innocent person would not put the child that died in several plastic bags and a laundry bag and throw them in the woods. Jose says that caylee drowned that day (how dreadful) and then KC and one of her boyfriends go out and rent movies. Oh my.

    If she takes the stand, she probably lies so well that she could pull off all the questions without batting an eye. I wonder which one of the States attorneys would do the cross? Thanks for the feedback. M

  33. itsamysterytome permalink*
    June 14, 2011 7:57 pm

    May, I felt sorry for Cindy today, but I do think she either “forgot ” or was trying to soften some of the testimony she was giving. What a hard position she is in.

    George and Cindy both were told not to show any emotion while they were spectators in the courtroom. I think George was very believable when he was on the stand. I agree that I,too, would have been beside myself if it had been me being accused of molesting my child.

    I still have trouble believing they will put Casey on the stand, but then I don’t know how else they can even begin to prove their theory. I would hope either Jeff Ashton or Linda D. Burdick would do the cross.

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