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Casey Anthony pretrial scheduled for Wednesday, November 5

November 4, 2008

A pretrial is scheduled for Casey Anthony’s check fraud charges Wednesday morning. (Nov 5)

Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland will be hearing the case. In September, the State Attorney’s Office officially charged Anthony with three fraudulent use of personal identification charges, three counts of forgery of a check and three charges for uttering a forged check.

The charges were filed after she allegedly stole checks and money from her former friend, Amy Huzienga, in July.

Anthony is not expected to be present in court, but her defense attorney Jose Baez will be.

The pretrial is scheduled for 9 a.m. in courtroom 6-D. Anthony has already entered a written plea of not-guilty on all the charges.

From Fox News Orlando. Read about it here


A pretrial is a court proceeding held before the actual trial, with 3 main objectives.

1. It provides a venue for possibly reaching a resolution in the case without going to actual trial or to narrow the issues for the trial.  A person may plead “no contest” to some or all of the allegations in the petition thus simplifying the issues being brought to trial, or eliminating the need to go to trial at all.

2. The hearing is used to establish the time frames for discovery, for the prosecution and defense to exchange witness lists, and to file motions.

3. It allows all parties (the prosecution, the defense, and the Court to all agree on the trial date.

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