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Did Cindy and George Anthony accept payment for interviews or did their spokesman Larry Garrison take payments behind their backs?

November 12, 2008


Larry Garrison is no longer the Anthony family spokesman. Today, depending on who you talk to, the Anthony’s either fired him,  or Mr. Garrison resigned as their official spokesperson.

The Anthonys lawyer, Mark Nejame accused him of accepting payments without their knowledge for booking Cindy and George on various news shows. They say they didn’t personally receive any of the money. He provided an invoice to NBC for $6500.00 signed by Larry Garrison. He says Garrison pocketed the money. This comes after Mr. Nejame appeared on Nancy Grace and stated George and Cindy have never been paid a dime for any their appearances. (Even if this were true, and I don’t believe it for a minute, where did the money come from for the air fares, hotel rooms, food, limos, etc. when they went to these interviews?) Nancy Grace called him a liar.

So was Mr. Garrison taking “secret” payments or is he being set up as a scapegoat?  As their spokesman and the person setting up their interviews, I would imagine he had the power to sign invoices and accept payments in their name.  Did he pocket the money at the risk of his reputation? Take a look at the people he has represented and the book and movie deals he has negotiated in their names.  It would be professional suicide.  I wonder if other celebrities and quasi-celebrities have been similarly duped?  Or is it just the Anthonys?  I’m not saying he isn’t a slimeball.  Seems like most of the people the Anthonys have chosen to surround themselves with are slimeballs.  I’m just saying I find it hard to believe he would risk losing everything in order to steal a few bucks from the Anthonys. (And why did the Anthonys associate themselves with him in the first place if they weren’t planning on exploiting their own story?  That’s what the man does. That’s his job.)

A quick search on Google pulls up a wealth of information about Mr. Garrison.  He doesn’t hide who he is and what his motives are.

According to the information on his websites he is an executive producer, author, actor, consultant, and journalist.  His sites are below: note: this is an entertainment company. What other reason would the Anthonys hire him for other than to make money on their story. Call him a “spokesman” or whatever–he is a promoter of sensationalism, pure and simple.

His resume is quite extensive.  Take a minute and scroll through it. No question about what he does for a living. You can read it below

He clearly states his mission in his autobiographical book , “Newsbreaker”.

Maybe when asked what I do, my answer should be that I provide the public with the news stories it cannot get enough of — the kind of stories people talk about at the office water cooler, at hair salons, or over casual lunches. Most of the content is not really that important in the grand scheme of things, but everyone knows the stories because they can’t resist their pull. I am not owned by any of the big news organizations anymore. Rather, I supply them with the stories viewers want to know about. If the story and conditions are right, I’ll develop it into a book or movie. ….”Newsbreaker” by Larry Garrison.

My point is this: With a mouse click I knew what Mr. Garrison was about and could easily discern his motives for pursuing a relationship with any given client.  Are George and Cindy saying they had no idea his job was to exploit their situation for a profit–a profit for both him AND the Anthonys?  Give me a break!  Are they really trying to say they had no idea he was accepting payment for their interviews?  The news shows said they don’t pay for interviews but they pay for photos and video associated with the interviews. Nejame said they didn’t give Garrison any photos.  So where did the pictures come from?? No, the Anthonys would never exploit their granddaughter.

Cindy says she feels angry and betrayed because Larry had gained her trust. Nejame says he led his clients into a snake pit. (go back and read again what he does for a living)  And, who isn’t Cindy feeling angry and betrayed by? Pretty much everyone she comes in contact with!  There are no good guys other than her and her family.  The world is against them. Nothing is ever her fault.  She never does anything wrong. People are always taking advantage of her.  She’s an innocent victim—- Just like her daughter.

Even Tim Miller, who in my opinion goes out of his way to be kind,  was fed up with this family.  He told eyewitness news “he’s never had a case like this where the family offers only criticism instead of actually helping in the search.”

What’s so disturbing about all this to me, has nothing to do with the firing of Garrison, or the charges of Nejame, or the rantings of Cindy about how many ways she’s been wronged. What disturbs me is that none of it, absolutely none of it has anything to do with the disappearance and search for Caylee Marie Anthony. Cindy says she thinks Caylee is alive and kidnapped–why isn’t she talking directly to the kidnappers every time a camera or microphone is stuck in front of her face? Instead, it’s all about Cindy and her quest for–what?  Attention? Sympathy? Understanding? Revenge? Why in bloody hell isn’t every second of her time on camera focused on Caylee?  How many families of missing children long for the national exposure Cindy Anthony has been given day in and day out?  How many of them would waste that time in front of a country wide audience whining about personal grievances?

I’ll tell you what I think—Cindy’s afraid the truth about the money she’s been making off this baby’s tragic life is going to come to light.  She’s doing damage control. Someone needs to take a close look at Cindy’s bank account.

Mr. Garrison released the following statement saying he resigned he did not get fired.

“Due to the erratic behavior over the last several months exhibited by the Anthony family, Larry Garrison is resigning as their spokesperson. It is my opinion that others have manipulated them into situations, that would not dignify the family. I can no longer be part of that behavior. I wish them all the peace and resolution they so deserve. The truth always comes out in the end, and in this case ‘The truth is better than the spin,'”

You can read the story about Larry Garrison being fired/ resigned here.

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  1. kelli permalink
    November 13, 2008 12:42 am

    It is a no brainer shady people surround themselves with shady people! And then they hire people to take the down fall for them! If anyone out there thinks the ANTHONYS are not profitting please tell me how the r surviving! Cuz I cant not work but THEY sure can not work…….odd!!!

  2. November 13, 2008 2:43 am

    P-l-e-a-s-e, unless your illiterate, deaf, dumb and blind it is in plain site what the Anthony’s are up too and are doing. They themselves are exploiting their own grandchild and for monetary gain. plain and simple. MYSTERY, I so agree with what you think and have said, and yes indeed. could you have said it more perfectly.””why is cindy not using the air time to plead to the kidnappers to bring her grandchild back”. If anyone cannot understand why, then go back and read my first sentence please!! thanks mystery , i always enjoy reading what you have to say!!

  3. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 13, 2008 7:12 am

    Thank you Knight Owl. I have fought my own feelings about Cindy and George Anthony for a while. I’ve been one of those that thinks Cindy really believes what Casey has told her–the alternative is too gruesome. When I see her on video I can’t help but think she is suffering terribly.

    I have struggled though, with her contradictory actions. How can you believe your granddaughter was kidnapped but not do things that would indicate you are looking for her? Why do you take every opportunity to be on camera, but not use that opportunity to make an appeal to the people you think have her? Why do you accuse others of exploiting Caylee but then you hire a publicist well-known for exploiting tragedies for God’s sake? And the list goes on….

  4. November 13, 2008 7:48 am

    AMEN!!!! Mystery, thank you! I’m tired of people giving Cindy the benefit of the doubt!! It’s so obvious to everyone but the crazy Anthonys’!!
    This is off the subject, but where’s all of the extended family?? Funny how NO ONE has come out to say ONE WORD in support of Casey- Or even just to say they love and support Cindy and George……Weird, and telling.

  5. Kari permalink
    November 13, 2008 10:19 am

    Mystery, well said. “Cindy thinks Caylee is alive and kidnapped. Why isn’t she talking directly to the kidnappers every time a camera or microphone is stuck in front of her face?” That is the most valid criticism of Cindy that I have seen.

    About the taking money for interviews, and otherwise making money from this tragic case, I am of two minds. On the one hand, well, as Kelli points out, everyone has to work to live, and this thing has taken over the Anthonys’ lives to the point that maybe they aren’t working, and are living off rapidly diminishing savings. In that case, why not accept money for interviews that will keep your missing granddaughter in the public eye and permit you to stay focused on her, for a while longer?

    On the other hand, there has been in recent years a vast change in the national philosophy, which I personally deplore and detest.
    Once upon a time, Americans were the most independent, and proudly so, people in the world. We had a real can-do spirit, and when disasters struck, we got ourselves busy cleaning up and repairing the damage, good as new!
    Nowadays, it seems to be the fashion, instead of working to get back on your feet, maybe accepting help offered by neighbors, you go on tv whining that the government needs to give you some money. You’ve had some horrible bad luck, so you deserve money. Someone made a mistake that hurt somebody, so you are by gosh going to sue them for a million dollars!
    I hate that attitude, I loathe it, I despise it!! If my family member were accidentally injured, the last thing I would want is monetary compensation. The money would burn my hand, like thirty biblical pieces of silver! I would throw it back in the FACE of the person who thought they could PAY me for the loss of my loved one!!!!
    (sorry about my vehemence)

    But, in other parts of the world they see things differently. I have been appalled to read about the U.S. military offering money to families of local civilians accidentally killed during U.S. occupation of their country. But then I read that they do that because it is local custom, and not to offer that monetary compensation might provoke actual attack…

    So, I have to accept that many people see that as justice. I don’t have to like it. If it comes out that the Anthonys have made a whopping profit from their sad situation, and not immediately donated it to charity, I will condemn them as moral cannibals, fattening off their granddaughter’s corpse. Until that is proven against them, I will continue to give them the benefit of the doubt.

    Benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty, this is the American way. I can’t say I like Cindy, or her behavior in this crisis. But I hope I never have to walk in her shoes and find out just how I would behave. Yes, she’s done a lot of stupid things. You folks that are starting to say, “She’s as crazy as her daughter”, are not far off. She was previously a lot less crazy, holding together a viable life as wife, mother, and professional nurse. But she was weak in some areas. Probably had a much milder, slighter version of the same mental illness Casey has. And this ordeal is destroying her in front of our eyes.

    I will not cast my stones at Cindy. I don’t know if I could survive what she is going through, I know I, like her, would be showing a lot of wear and tear at this point.

    But–I will agree with whoever said it may be time for Cindy to get off the tranqs or head-meds and start dealing with reality. There is always a danger with those sorts of meds, that at a certain point they stop helping and instead just compound the problem, leaving you less able to see or think clearly and increasingly addicted to the soothing phog of pharmaceuticals.

  6. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 13, 2008 6:45 pm

    Thanks for such an insightful post, Kari. I agree with everything you said–right down to the part about them being compensated for interviews. The problem I have with them taking money ISN’T the taking of the money.
    It’s their high and mighty insistence that they wouldn’t DREAM of taking money–and then in the next breath Cindy says “I don’t know that I wouldn’t write a book or ok a movie in a couple of years if it would help other people.”

  7. Kari permalink
    November 13, 2008 8:42 pm

    —oh. Sorry!

    She’ll have to get a ghost writer, cause if it’s written by her, we’ll expect a mass of contradictions and baseless accusations, and we’ll all stay away in droves…

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