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Padilla heads home, while Zanaida’s atty says Casey Anthony’s countersuit might allow him to cross-examine her

November 17, 2008

Leonard Padilla is back in California today and will supposedly take a lie detector test there. lenny-takes-test (Why couldn’t he have done that in Florida?) He says he wants to take divers back in the river, but has to wait to get permission to search again. (I hope he’ll continue to search, but something’s tellin’ me he might not be back. JMO, otherwise why not just stay in Fl, take the test, and get back to work?)

zenaida-and-john-morganMeanwhile the attorney for Zenaida Gonzales, John Morgan,  says that he may be able to cross-examine Casey Anthony in court since she has filed a counter-suit.  He says it will now be hard for her to plead the 5th.  (another mis-step by Bozo Baez?)

Michelle Bart, states in an interview that she is not helping the Anthonys for any personal gain and is not being paid. “I’m here to bring home a child so she is no longer in my mind and giving me sleepless nights.” she said.michelle-bart

Ms. Bart is the owner of a Washington state based company “Helping Heroes Production Inc” that works with hospitals and private organizations.  She says she is not promoting her business in any way and won’t talk about her company–only KidFinders Network, the organization she is working with. (so does that mean she is PERSONALLY paying her own expenses–or are her expenses being paid with donations to KidFinders? I’m just wondering because if it really is a freebie and she’s covering all expenses herself, then she deserves everyone’s respect. If not, then I’m of the opinion she’s just another new act in the circus.)

Watch the entire video below:

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  1. November 17, 2008 1:13 pm

    Hi Mystery, my guess on LP to take the Lie Detector test in his state is from how he has been treated in florida, he doesn’t trust them. who would? As for kid-finders orgainzation, i say to everyone to read the rap sheet and decide for yourself. By the way mystery, i love to read your topics each time. great job!!

  2. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 17, 2008 2:40 pm

    Yes, I really don’t get why the Anthonys have chosen KidFinders to help search for Caylee–Surely, SURELY, they checked them out before associating themselves with them. I’m starting to think they just aren’t that bright.

    And thanks Night Owl for reading my posts!

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