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Channel 13 Interviews Michelle Bart and George and Cindy Anthony

November 21, 2008

michelle-bart-112108Channel 13 has provided the full video of an interview with Michelle Bart and George and Cindy Anthony.  I guess this interview is to replace the news conference that was cancelled?  In it they talk about the photo and other sighting photos and tips. Ms. Bart  gives her reasons for why she thinks someone might bring Caylee out in public. She cites the Elizabeth Smart case. She accuses the OCSD of fabricating the statement that the FBI says Caylee is dead.

George talks about Kid Finders saying, “How can someone out there  looking for missing children be doing anything wrong?  They’re not doing anything wrong. They should be applauded.  They should be getting a lot more support than they’ve been given.” He said the only people that have given them any useful advice are, Kidfinders, Michelle Bart, each other, and Dominic of DNA Investigations.

George said he has not, until very recently, been given access to the airport tapes showing possible cindy-and-george-interview-112108sightings of Caylee and feels the system is broken.  “Why couldn’t we be brought in to look at these tapes?  If anyone knows our granddaughter it’s us.”

When the reporter asks George if he’ll continue to look for a live Caylee even after the trial, he said “Yes.”

George held Cindy’s hand throughout the interview, and she sat quietly beside him. She said NOTHING AT ALL throughout the entire video!

I think the reason Mark Nejame quit is pretty evident with this interview.  It’s kind of like when you have a defendant in a murder trial that thinks he can argue his case better than a professional and decides to defend himself.  They think they know better than the professionals.

You can see the full interview below:

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  1. punkinpie permalink
    November 21, 2008 7:18 am

    Unbelievable, now I have seen it all. Let’s put the blame on everyone else. George says it would have been nice to have cooperation from day one. Has he said that to Casey? It would have been nice if Casey hadn’t done anything to Caylee to begin with!! And when something did happen it would have been nice if Casey would have reported it right away. I kept supporting George up until this point. I can’t believe they can continue to blame everyone else but their daughter. This is simple smoke and mirrors to try and put doubt in the publics mind come trial time for Casey. This makes me so angry. There certainly is nothing wrong trying to stay positive and look for a live Caylee but stop blaming everyone else. Point your finger at your daughter and call her what she is… a lying, thieving, selfish being.

  2. punkinpie permalink
    November 21, 2008 7:20 am

    oops and this Michelle Bart? A public spokesperson, she acts like she is on some sort of downer or something. What a poor representation. I think she shared her mind altering drugs with Cindy for this interview. And who was the woman asking the questions? Very poorly done all in all.

  3. Stephanie permalink
    November 21, 2008 7:38 am

    I just have one question that I was asking yesterday about the picture that came out yesterday. I believe a parent or grandparent that is raising a child could tell immediately whether that was their child or not. My question is with what George stated above, “Why couldn’t we be brought in to look at these tapes? If anyone knows our granddaughter it’s us.” Why did they put the picture of the little girl out there? I am sure they could tell this was not Caylee.

  4. robin permalink
    November 21, 2008 7:45 am

    Oh my! Michelle Bart just another person hard to listen to for me. She acted like whoever was interviewing her was wasting her time. Could she look more bored or unenthusiastic. Not that she needs to be excited but concerned would be good. If all these tips have panned out to be false sightings, which she acknowledges, then why can’t they face that Caylee is no longer with us?!!!!!! She said this last one was the closest but closest doesn’t work! You need to be 100% sure. Plus you need a close-up of the child. I think people are playing games with taking the photos instead of calling the authorities right away.

    Ooh I wouldn’t want Michelle representing me.

  5. pak31 permalink
    November 21, 2008 7:52 am

    You are all exactly right. This was pathetic. What’s with Cindy? She looks all drugged out like she’s going to fall over or fall asleep. She changes her mood to fit the scene. George, he had his chance but he’s so far gone now. The only supportive people have been kidfinders, and the dna company? If you think Caylee is dead, you are off their list I guess. Robin, I agree, Michelle Bart looks like she was pulled out of bed for this interview. What an odd woman. Someone took a cell phone pic of this child and then takes the time to look up kidfinders? Ugh. It was taken by two women, one should have stayed near the child, the other should have gotten mall security or something. I guess I don’t understand why these people take pictures then send them instead of acting right away.

  6. November 21, 2008 8:21 am

    Pathetic is the correct word for it. This is supposed to help????? What a joke, you might think she would at least comb her hair for TV.

    Now lets see, was E Smart’s DNA and decomposition found any place???? Just more clowns enjoying the circus. WAKE UP people and move on with your lives.


  7. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 21, 2008 8:39 am

    Look back on the “Is this Caylee?” comments. A poster named Nick said he is a friend of the person that took the photo. He says she did try to contact authorities and couldn’t reach them. That was when she contacted Kid Finders.

  8. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 21, 2008 8:41 am

    I meant to say Detective Service not Kid Finders.

  9. Hilde permalink
    November 21, 2008 9:21 am

    it comes down to Casey again like always, all that Hoopla could be avoided
    if Casey would open her Mouth and tell the truth. She knows what she did with Caylee. She is the only one G & C need to look at.
    If they want to throw Blame around, don’t look no farther, Casey has the Answer G & C is looking for.
    I am getting tired G & C always making that Statement no one wants to look for Caylee.
    DAH ask Your Daughter what she did with Caylee, that would be my Advise to them.

  10. artgal16 permalink
    November 21, 2008 9:28 am

    Michele Bart couldnt look anyone in the face. It was like she was speaking but not believing what she was saying. George couldnt answer
    the question about Casey and his testifying to the grand jury could he,
    that says a lot. Cindy I think was heavily medicated as I believe that
    the last couple of tips which turned out not be Caylee have set her
    close to the edge. How long can a person keep up this pretense
    without breaking down? It seems to me Cindy is really close to a breakdown.

  11. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 21, 2008 9:50 am

    I agree artgal. Cindy just looks so out of it. And for her to not talk in an interview is very strange.

    I wonder if Casey has been able to talk with or see her parents since being in jail. I don’t think so–I think she’s only been in contact with her attorneys. If George and Cindy have been writing to her or passing info to her, I would hope, like Hilde said, that they would be pressuring her to tell what she really knows. Casey, IMO, is the ONLY chance of finding Caylee’s body.

  12. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 21, 2008 9:58 am

    And I agree with Pumpkin Pie–the interviewer was quite amateurish-I wonder if they chose a “rookie” reporter so the tough questions wouldn’t be answered.

  13. mom of 2 permalink
    November 21, 2008 10:51 am

    the Anthonys make me want to vomit!!! i wish they would stop comparing their “situation” with E. Smart. what a disgrace to the Smart family.

    I am so sick of the Anthonys bashing LE. the only one who is hindering this investigation is their daughter!!!

  14. niecey456 permalink
    November 21, 2008 11:44 am

    I’ve noticed a strong pattern of the Casey camp comparing this case to other cases. Remember in the beginning Cindy was comparing it to the Duckett case. The defense compared it to the Andrea Yates case. The Duckett case was used as a comparison to get the public to back off of Casey, so she wouldn’t harm herself. I don’t believe she ever would have. Andrea Yates’ case was compared by the defense to make Casey look like she couldn’t help it, it was postpartum depression. The Smart case is being used to create reasonable doubt and to win people to the side of LE could be wrong. I this case the only thing that is going to get the public to stand down, is the TRUTH.

  15. Molly permalink
    November 21, 2008 12:33 pm

    They think they know better than all of the professionals in every area. I wonder if remains are found & proven to be her by dna if they will even believe that. And why bring photos to the media of a child that you know is not Caylee. “Being close” tolooking like Caylee means absolutely nothing.
    Yeah, what up with Cindy? Squirrel got her tongue?

  16. halie permalink
    November 21, 2008 12:51 pm

    How it possible for someone who was in law enforcement to be so naive? “How can someone looking for missing children be doing something wrong”? Easy George, its called scamming people for money. You should know all about that. You supposedly fell for it yourself 2.2 million dollars waiting for you in an accout over seas!!!!!!!!!!!!! BET THE CRIMINALS LOVED GEORGE ANTHONY!!!!!!!! “Why couldn’t we be brought in to look at the airport video tapes. If anyone knows our grandaughter it’s us”. Apparently not or you would clearly see the little girl in the most recent photo is NOT Caylee!!!!!!!! I would not belive a word that rolled off of any of the Anthony tongues!!!!! They all live in la la land!!!!!

  17. Hilde permalink
    November 21, 2008 1:21 pm

    Michelle looked very irritated before even asked a Question, she seemed to be on the defense through the whole Interview.

    Cindy is on the End of her Rope she is hanging on to every Lie Casey has told her to make her believe Caylee is alive. Against her better Judgment, she wants and needs to believe Caylee is alive and there is no Way her Daughter could have done such a terrible Thing.

    To us nothing they do anymore makes any Sense.
    Each Day goes by I get more frustrated with Casey and I can’t wait
    till the Day comes and she has to pay for what she did to little Caylee and her Parents.

  18. itsamysterytome permalink*
    November 22, 2008 7:29 am


    those were really excellent points as to why the Anthonys were comparing each of those other cases to Casey’s case.

  19. November 25, 2008 4:46 pm

    they probably have sleep much since caylee dissappeared cut em some slack we do not know what yeah what they say sounds weird like the we know our own granddaughter remark but we don’t have a right to judge them yet casey is the murderer not them.

  20. November 25, 2008 4:49 pm

    we ain’t got all the facts wait till try focus on caylee

  21. Jessica permalink
    November 26, 2008 2:26 am

    Michelle Bart is a lesbian that is all over MySpace and else where trying to become famous off this little girl.

  22. Jessica permalink
    November 26, 2008 2:34 am

    How is the Anthony’s paying their bills if neither one of them are working and haven’t in months?
    How are they paying for Lesbian Michelle Bart to stay in Orlando when she is from Portland, OR?
    How does the defense for Casey afford well-known Scientist?
    How can the Anthony’s be apart of KidFinders w/ Dennis the abuser w/ a criminal history of stealing donations?

    And their private investigator Dominic Casey? HA…. He’s a joke. He was involved in construction in Central Florida and had three major complaints filed against him which shut down his “business” but now hide under Michael D Mercilliott who is connected too D&A Investigation and EcoLogic Construction & Consulting LLC. And EcoLogic promotes of D&A Construction Consulting, Inc on their website, which links back to D&A Investigations. Sounds fishy to me. Is anyone involved in this Casey Anthony case legit?
    It’s all about the money for ALL of them.
    Poor little Caylee, rest in peace sweet child, so many people are making thousands off your death.

  23. Jessica permalink
    November 26, 2008 2:42 am

    About the picture of the little girl at Florida Mall that may look a little like Caylee.
    Why isn’t the person that took that picture that supposedly reported this to D&A Investigations coming forward and telling her story about how she seem this little girl and 911 or OCSD wouldn’t take her report, etc?
    It’s another smoke screen set up by the Anthony’s to make people believe that little Caylee is still alive. First they said the picture was taken at a mall SW Florida. Then it turned into Florida Mall (Local- less then 20 minutes from the Anthony’s house). Nobody is admitting to taking that picture, reporting this to D&A, etc. I cannot believe that Cindy and George can go on TV and say that they believe their granddaughter is still alive after George CLEARLY admitted to the FBI that what he smelled was a decomposed body in his daughters trunk. If it wasn’t Caylee, who was it?
    This family thinks they are above the law. Casey murders her child and covers it up for 31 days, Cindy said herself on the 911 tapes that the car smelled like there was a dead body in the trunk, George admitted to FBI and OCSD that he KNOWS the smell of a decomposing body, Casey is and ALWAYS has been a liar (amoungst other things / HO) Do the math, Caylee dead = NO $ illusion that Caylee is alive = THOUSANDS of $$ and Cindy’s dream to write a book to make more money.
    Just think, George will have allot of money now to gamble away after all is said and done.

  24. Michelle Bart info permalink
    May 10, 2009 9:13 pm

    Michelle Bart is an opportunist / media-whore who is thinly disgusing herself as philanthropist. I’ve had personal dealings with her. She has kept this act going for so long, I started to wonder if she actually believes it, herself.

    Bart essentially social-climbed / star-f**ked her way to her own warped version of celebrity… putting herself at fundraisers where she knew celbrities and political dignitaries would be present – and ultimately used those events merely as a serial photo-op, snapping an endless array of pictures of her paired with you-name-any-famous person… and then posting those photos on her own website as if these people would even remember her name.

    I’ve met her a few times and was warned to avoid trusting her, or disclosing too much to her. There were a few people of influence who responded to her butt-kissing, and she would benefit from her association with them. Unfortunately, they would regret it from her embarrassing (sometimes intoxicated) behavior. She was also not above being dishonest or stepping on her peers to advance her agenda.

    I had the displeasure of listening to (and reading, in her subpar writings) take credit for the work of other people. Here in the Los Angeles area, we had to listen to her grandstanding – openly and loudly cackling claims like she was the first person in her local area to stand up for Gay / Lesbian equality… when there were several who had been working hard, and for years, that preceded her in those efforts. She, herself, contacted the media and brought them in to watch her congratulate herself at any number of events that were SUPPOSED to be raising money / awareness for equality – only to take the mike herself to talk about HERSELF. She offended many people in her area through her self-exposure, and only offered conflict – never an apology or recognition of her disrespectful mistakes in return.

    She ultimately moved away from this area, she says to be closer to her family. I think she pissed way too many people off, and has almost anyone who is left too scared to be around her. I knew many, myself included, who would go out of their way to avoid her. I think THAT’s why she moved so far away.

    I’m disappointed to see that her need for exposure continues, especially since it’s at the expense of something so tragic. It just affirms what people around here had thought of her. Maybe she’ll go away, but somehow I doubt it. Like I said before, she seems to have a different perception of herself than the rest of the world does… and she seems to, more than anything, love to hear herself talk.

  25. john Smidt permalink
    April 13, 2011 4:56 pm

    those of you that have had contact with Michelle Bart should warn the Yashanee’s family before they fall victim to her in POrtland Oregon

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