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Leonard Padilla to search again for Caylee Anthony

November 23, 2008

leonard-with-an-alligatorHE’S COMING BACK!!!!

In an interview today, Leonard Padilla says he’s now raised $50,000 and is planning to search the Little Econ again in January.  He says he feels sure he can raise $200,000 by then.

This time he will be doing a very thorough search of the bottom of the river, and the divers will be using sifting screens.  This type of screen will let the water and sand fall through but things alligators will not eat (toys, plastic bags, and human teeth) would be caught. Leonard said that he has spoken with experts that say human remains and other evidence could still be in the river even though it’s been over 5 months since Caylee disappeared.  “In checking with people that know alligators, they won’t eat plastic stuff, garbage bags, and they will not eat teeth,” Leonard said.

“A lot of people might think exactly that,” Padilla said, referring to the fact that some people have called him crazy. “But, I’ve been a voice in the wilderness before.  I have some money now–in the neighborhood of $50,000 pledged.”

On another note, Kid Finders has had pretty much no help from the public in their quest to find out who the little girl in the picture they released Friday is.  “It’s very urgent to get the picture out there,” said Michelle Bart, of Kid Finders. “If it’s not Caylee, we want to know.”

Good old Leonard! He’s nothing if he’s not stubborn. I have no doubt that he’ll cover every inch of that river, (maybe with a camera crew in tow), but still, you can bet he’ll “get ‘er done!”

Leonard, will you end up being Casey Anthony’s worst nightmare?

You can read the full articles here:

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  1. ashley permalink
    November 23, 2008 10:18 pm

    Didnt the person who took the photo stick around and aleast observe the childs parents or try to get a tag plate no.? I smell law suit if the parents realize that picture is out there. I think L.P. will be back in Janurary because he has to for the trial .He is a wittness. While here im sure he will conduct another search if they clear it for him to go fourth. He just cant put divers in whenever.Im sure they will have to go through chain of command.

  2. Anthony's need2 tell the truth- permalink
    November 23, 2008 10:27 pm

    At least L.P is pro active and NOT whining to N.G about donations ect.

    I do not care who finds Caylee. I just hope & pray that she is found, so that she can finally be respected.

  3. Molly permalink
    November 23, 2008 10:49 pm

    LP not on the witness list.

  4. November 24, 2008 12:02 pm

    No Ashley the person did not stick around for anything, no tag no. no looking for parents, no calls to 911 or mall security,they high tailed it and got in touch with the A’s private investigator. The parents of this child as well as the other children in this photo SHOULD seek legal council and see what can be done. This was someone looking for some sort of recognition from the A’s and hoping to get their photo out there. In no way were they even minutely concerned about who the child really was or they would have made sure mall security,the police and whoever else were notified and they would not have left the area THEY KNEW THIS WAS NOT CAYLEE..

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