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Tape 5 in the Cindy Anthony FBI interview about Casey

November 23, 2008

This is tape 5 of the Cindy Anthony interview. It’s very long!

Cindy talks about being Casey’s best friend and that Casey always told her she wanted to be just like Cindy.  Cindy was her role model. (somehow I don’t think Casey really felt that way) She definitely paints a rosier picture of Casey and their family than we’ve seen.  She said Casey never considered terminating her pregnancy, and of the 4 of them, Casey was the most religious.  She said she read her bible a lot, and that they tried to take it to her in jail, but the authorities wouldn’t let her have it.

She again tries to lay suspicion on Ricardo and Amy–saying that Amy had a wreck and got a new car therefore she could be Zanny because Casey said Zanny had a wreck and had gotten a new car.  She also said that Casey told her she and Zanny had lost a lot of money in the stock market earlier in the year–it was supposed to be a sure thing but it wasn’t.  (I guess to insinuate Zanny had a grudge against Casey for getting her to invest. Cindy’s thinking this is why Zanny took Caylee and told her she was teaching her a lesson.) Even the agent said incredulously, “Casey invested money in the stock market?” How in the hell could Cindy have believed that?  Was that what Casey told her was the reason she was stealing Cindy’s parent’s blind??

IMO, Cindy thinking all this stuff pointed to Amy is Zanny, is backasswards.  Casey didn’t mean that Amy was Zanny. She used events in Amy’s life to create a “fictional” Zanny. She used information about someone she knows to weave an elaborate lie. Case in point — the stock market investment–In George’s interview he said the reason he and Cindy separated was because he got caught up in an internet money scam–HE LOST A LOT OF MONEY!  I think Casey based her stock market story on George’s loss.  Typical Casey and it just floors me that Cindy doesn’t see it.  The pattern is just so obvious and predictable at this point.

Again, kudos to the interviewer for sitting through this tedious droning interview.  The thing that sticks out in my mind through all of her tapes. IT’S ALL ABOUT CINDY!  The agent would ask a question requiring Cindy’s opinion about something Casey might do or think and Cindy invariably turned it around to what she would do or think. Over and over and over again. Example: “Was Casey very religious?”  15 minutes later, we’ve determined that Cindy believes in God, she herself wasn’t particular religious but she prays every day but she probably should have been praying a long time ago instead of only now…and on and on and on..

Cindy was asked to fill out a questionaire about Casey and at the end the agent asked her some specific questions.  From reading about sociopaths, I recognized it as a checklist for identifying one. A lot of Cindy’s answers made me think she was talking about a completely different person than the one we’ve all become familiar with.  Wonder if Cindy had looked at that checklist too and was trying to show Casey wasn’t one?

Note: I know this isn’t appropriate, but I had to chuckle at one point.  One of the officer’s brought her a package of cookies from the vending machine and she munched on them like they were the best thing since sliced bread for 15 or 20 minutes while she talked-never missing a beat of course.  When the agents took a break and left the room for a few minutes, Cindy cleaned up the wrappers and walked outside the interview room.  You could hear her say “Is there a trash can out here?” and then “These weren’t very good…”  Lordy, Lordy!

Cindy Anthony interview with FBI tape 5 at the link below:

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