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Casey Anthony trial delayed and Jose Baez defends decision not to pick up LE’s 1000’s of tips

December 11, 2008

baez-trial-delayJose Baez went before Judge Stan Strickland this morning in a 5 minute pretrial hearing.  He requested the trial be delayed until March. Baez said earlier this week that he was checking out other locations for the trial as he didn’t feel she could get a fair shake in Orlando.  He will be requesting a change of venue.  Strickland will still preside over the case even if it’s moved.

Pretrial uncut video

Baez also defended his decision to not pick up the 1000’s of tips he requested from OCSO.

“I’m not interested in psychic sightings. I’m not interested in law enforcement suggestions. I’m interested in tips related to the sightings of Caylee Marie Anthony and nothing more,”

WHAT?? Didn’t he just say less than a month ago (Nov 5th to be exact) and I quote:

“We all believe she’s alive and if these tips, if there’s one credible tip in that 5,000, it’s worth us going through them.”

I’ve changed my mind about thinking Troupe Anthony believes the public is stupid enough to forget what they say from day to day.  I think THEY’RE so stupid they can’t keep their multitude of lies and excuses straight!

read the article here:

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