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The facts as we know them about the discovery of a child’s body near Caylee Anthony’s home

December 12, 2008


The facts as we know them so far:

OCSO spokesman, Jim Solomons confirmed the body was found in a sealed plastic bag along Suburban Drive by a meter reader.  The man said a skull rolled out of the bag when he picked it up.  WESH 2 and NBC news said that duct tape was found on the mouth.

The body was found 1/3 mile from the Anthony’s house. This area had been searched in the past because this was an area Casey and her friends spent time in when she was in high school. (I think I remember one of her friends saying, if Casey were to hide Caylee’s body, this area is where it would be.)

It is a tangled mass of vegetation and trees and difficult to search.  TES said volunteers tried to get into the area, but it was completely underwater.  Later it was blocked off by a fence, probably because it was going to be excavated for house building. Tim Miller believes it is her body.  “I feel very optimistic that these are the remains of Caylee. We don’t have any other missing children in the Orlando area, especially that close to the Anthony home,”

A medical examiner removed the remains Thursday afternoon and the crime scene is still active.  The search for evidence will continue today.

The Anthonys are back in Orlando but have not been allowed to return to their home. As of now, it isn’t known where the Anthonys are staying.

A deputy is guarding the house and a police helicopter is watching the area. Sheriff Kevin Beary spoke on “Today” this morning with Matt Lauer. “We’re going to secure this area, and if anyone wants to try to sneak in and play games, they are going to go the 33rd Street and they can see a judge in the morning,” Beary said.  Beary also said that Casey is on a psychological watch at the OC jail, and that he believes the remains are Caylee’s.   “My gut says yes, but I have to wait seven to 14 days for the DNA analysis to absolutely make sure. Just like we always have to, we are going to be waiting for facts,”

Police removed several bags from the home this morning.  Their evidence included 3 vacuum cleaners and a small pillow.  They filled 3 vehicles with evidence.   Sgt. John Allen, the lead investigator, said they will return on Friday to remove more evidence.

Jose Baez  gave an interview Thursday night and said that Casey was very upset when she found out about a child’s body being found and requested a sedative.  Witnesses described Casey’s reaction as an anxiety attack.  (as I recall, when Leonard Padilla found the supposed bones in the Little Econ, witnesses described her reaction as flat. She showed no emotion whatsoever. Hmmm. Interesting.)

Baez filed an emergency motion to try to include his office in the testing of the remains. There will be a hearing this morning at 11:30am.

Michell Bart, the family spokesperson, was in Orlando around 9pm last night. “As a family member, it’s a very difficult situation to constantly have to go through the uncertainty of what may be and what may not be. At this point, we’re here as a team and we’ll be ready to make a comment as soon as we know what’s going on,” she said.

Although the State took the death penalty off the table earlier, if this proves to be Caylee, they could change their charge.  At this point the trial has been moved from January to March.

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