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Casey Anthony’s dream team

December 14, 2008

Apparently The Casey Anthony dream team is a force to be reckoned with.  Jose Baez has been busy gathering a group of individuals who’s profiles are even more famous than his client.

“I have mentioned for many weeks now and I know a lot of people have not paid attention or it’s been discounted, but I have been forming a defense team and Ms. Kenney Baden Is just another member of our team who was brought on it in her area, which is forensic science … I’m not about pumping our chest and flaunting who we have or who we’re bringing in, you’ll see it when they come. We just want to do things right and do a professional job for Ms. Anthony.” Jose Baez said.

Lead counsel Jose Baez is playing to win, his spokesman Todd Black said.

“As you can see, he’s been putting together a tremendous team,” Black said.

There’s a star New York City defense attorney with Hollywood connections; a best-selling mystery novelist who doubles as a forensic anthropologist; an expert who testified on the assassinations of  John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.  There’s even a guy who’s an expert about bugs.

click on the names for sources:

Linda Kenney Baden: linda-kenney-baden

The name of Linda Kenney Baden appears familiar to many people as she is a recognized author, legal commentator and a trial attorney. She has been involved with many high profile criminal cases. Recently she  represented Phil Spector, the music producer in his trial for murder.  Baden gave the analysis of the controversy that surrounded the death of Anna Nicole Smith, the super model. Linda Kenney Baden’s husband, Dr. Michael Baden is a forensic expert. He appeared in Autopsy, a series on HBO. click here for more detailed bio:

dr-werner-spitz2Dr. Werner Spitz:

He has served on committees investigating the deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mary Jo Kopechne, who drowned after the car driven by Senator Edward Kennedy plunged off the Chappaquiddick Bridge. He has also served as an expert witness in numerous high-profile cases including the California Night Stalker, the Preppy Murder Trial in New York, and the wrongful death suit against OJ Simpson.  He has been an advisor in the investigation of the Jon Benet Ramsey case.  He is the author and editor of the textbook, Medicolegal Investigation of Death, now in its third edition and considered to be the authoritative textbook in this specialty, worldwide.

kathy-reichsKathy Reichs:

She is a forensic anthropologist who authored nearly a dozen mystery novels, including New York Times best-seller Deja Dead.  From teaching FBI agents how to detect and recover human remains, to separating and identifying commingled body parts in her Montreal lab, anthropologist Kathy Reichs has brought her own dramatic work experience to her forensic thrillers. She consulted to the Chief Medical Examiner in North Carolina and continues to do so for the Laboratoire de Sciences Judiciares et al Medecine Legale for the province of Quebec. She has traveled to Rwanda to testify at the UN Tribunal on Genocide and helped exhume a mass grave in Guatamala. As part of her work she aided in the identification of war dead from World War II and Korea.

Dr. Reichs is one of only 77  forensic anthropologists ever certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology. She has served on the Board of Directors and as Vice President of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and is currently a member of the National Police Services Advisory Board in Canada. She is a Professor in the Dept. of Anthropology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.  Her official website:

Tim Huntington:

He’s a forensic entomologist (that’s a scientist who studies bugs) from Nebraska.

is a board certified forensic entomologist and Member of the American Board of Forensic Entomology. Currently, he is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Entomology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where his area of research is in the ecology and physiology of forensically important blow flies. His publications in the area of forensic entomology focus on the use of insects for the estimation of postmortem intervals. Mr. Huntington is a forensic entomology consultant for several law enforcement agencies, and has consulted on more than thirty death investigations in seven states and four countries. He is a member of the Entomological Society of America, American Academy of Forensic Sciences, North American Forensic Entomology Association, and Nebraska Chapter of the International Association for Identification.

He’s written among other things, a study on  “maggot development during morgue storage and its effect on estimating the post mortem interval”.

Dr. Henry Lee:henry-lee1

World famous forensic scientist has worked on many high profile cases including OJ Simpson and JonBenet Ramsey.

Lee is known for finding the tiniest clues. He has even solved a murder without a body. Over the past 40 years, Lee assisted in the investigations of more than 6,000 cases, including war crimes in Bosnia and Croatia, the suicide of President Clinton’s former White House attorney, Vince Foster, review of the JFK assassination, and the death of JonBennet Ramsey.

Larry Kobilinskykobi3

Professor of Criminal Justice and Biochemistry at The Graduate Center and John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and Senior Science Advisor to the President at John Jay.

Kobilinsky serves as John Jay’s point man on a range of scientific issues relating to criminal justice, as he shepherds everything from a more rigorous method of bite-mark pattern comparisons to a better way of doing the excruciatingly complicated lab work involved in matching tiny bits of DNA gathered at a crime scene with samples collected from felons and suspects. At a moment when the CSI phenomenon is suddenly brin

ging unprecedented numbers of crime-fighting students to John Jay and The Graduate Center, he has suddenly become quite indispensable.

“I’ve been very critical of forensic procedures that are more art than science.” Kobilinsky has said.

Who is paying for the star-studded defense lineup?

“I don’t think it’s any concern of anyone who is paying for all this,” Baez said after the hearing.

I’ve said this before–It’s not our concern if the Anthonys are paying for this from their own pockets or if the “experts” are donating their time with no ulterior motives.  It’s everyone’s concern if  people are being paid from money earmarked to help find Caylee. And, IMO, if these people are taking on this case not to find the TRUTH but to further their own careers, they’re no better than the vultures (like Kidfinders) that have surrounded the Anthonys.

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  1. Connie permalink
    December 14, 2008 10:48 am

    It don’t matter who they get, IMO. They already have other evidence against Casey, that isn’t of a science nature. Its because its a high profile case, they are doing it, and not getting paid! They know they will get a book out of the deal and other things that pay big. I don’t believe Baez just now put this team together. He has done it a while back. He knew Caylee was dead already, anyway’s. I am sure Baez isn’t that smart, these professional’s called him, and volunteered their services long time ago too. Casey isn’t O.J. Simpson, she wasn’t liked by fans like O.J. was. Casey cant play the black card, like O.J. Even the jurors knew O.J. was guilty, they let him go, for all the things that, had happened to blacks over the years.

    Casey put that, tape around that, child’s mouth (head). That tape will tell, if she was dead at the time (and a lot more). I don’t believe so. She was alive. I think that timer55 is how long it would take for Caylee to die, in Casey’s mind…55 minutes (from her internet research), however she killed her. Casey told the cops she is close, I figured she didn’t bury her she was toooooooo lazy for that! She also, made a remark that, they cant even find her clothes. Clothes? Yeah the clothes (more clues) are close right under the cops nose’s (at the house). She was mocking them, and getting more confident. She probally buried her clothes, with that little shovel. I have broken little shovels like that, digging a hole for a plant, small bush, or at least bent it. Casey is toast. I cant wait, I hope they go for the death penalty. I think the parents helped cover up Casey’s crime. I hope they get time for it. Thank you God, Caylee has been found, and justice will be served for her.

  2. deb permalink
    December 14, 2008 10:49 am

    Thanks for the info mystery. Impressive team. I too wonder
    WHO IS PAYING FOR THEM ? The money for Caylee is no longer available, so does he have annonymus donars forking out the money ? I said on another blog that God heard our prayers before and he is still hearing us. I truly believe that God will make sure justice is served for our Caylee. I don’t believe that utility worker just found her on his own, he happened upon her because God lead him to that particular spot.

  3. artgal16 permalink
    December 14, 2008 11:13 am

    No one is paying for them think of each of these people the same as a small business, do you
    know what it costs to advertise on tv? They get their name in the media, both written press, internet and national television day after day month after month for FREE- its worth
    millions in free advertising. There isnt a lawyer or forensic specialist who wouldnt
    be thrilled to get called into this case!

  4. Molly permalink
    December 14, 2008 11:39 am

    Now we know what Baez has been doing all this time. He never filed any motions or change of venue, didn’t go get those discs LE spent how long making for him, he’s been gathering his team. Yes, they are reknown and experts in their fields of expertise, brought in to cast doubt on forensic evidence connecting Casey. There is also more to this case than forensics. The fact that he stated “we’re not pumping our chests” on who we’ve brought in leads me to believe he thought every one would just fall over & let his team have carte blanche, roll in & stear the investigation. Thank goodness to Judge Strickland, the prosecutors office & the coroner’s office for standing firm to their rules, procedures and the laws of Florida ! And I’m sure they’re going to disagree with some of the findings, procedures and the fact that “they” weren’t present during examination & investigating the new crime scene. Baez didn’t have his smirk on either last night on Geraldo.

  5. Molly permalink
    December 14, 2008 11:46 am

    Artgal – Agree, that’s why they do it.

    Deb – I too have stated before, I think Thursday’s happenings were a miracle. The time had come to find Caylee & he was lead there. Also, the fact that the Anthony’s were out of town (this is the first time they went anywhere )was also remarkable, as LE locked down the house, got in there to collect everything they needed without “interference” from Cindy. They even got things they had previously requested & didn’t get from Cindy. Thank you !

  6. niecey456 permalink
    December 14, 2008 12:14 pm

    They won’t get away with the who ha in this state! This is not New York or California, it’s Florida and the laws are much stricter. The people in our state don’t feel so sorry for criminals like they do in other states. Pride cometh before a fall. All of them are full of themselves and this time they won’t set a killer free. Bozo can bring all the hoopla and high profile in he wants, but in the end, the facts will be what’s considered here, not reputations. They’ve entered the legal no spin zone. God caused Caylee to be found, in answer to all of the prayers of those of us who were praying for Truth and Justice for Caylee. He’s not going to stop in the middle of the road. Truth and Justice it will be and not one of these yahoos will stop it.

  7. Dittysmom permalink
    December 14, 2008 12:18 pm

    I’m not concerned about this high profile defense (Dream Team II).

    They are scientists – Science does not lie – They will come to the same conclusions as LE and the FBI – They will try to get some of the evidence thrown out. (which is their job) but every piece will not be thrown out.

    I envision defense experts telling JB that evidence and science conclusively shows guilt that KC was involved and they will work on a lesser charge as accidental.

    These scientists are not going to jeopardize their reputations.

  8. mikka permalink
    December 14, 2008 12:41 pm

    the defense team try the same b.s.we in the o.j.simpson highest respect for the fbi she know what she doing.i think the future jury know what is the plan for the defense.and i think the world best defense team dont help her because the evidene is now so much and clear to log her up for the rest of her life.

  9. nina permalink
    December 14, 2008 1:29 pm

    The Dream team will loose.The duct tape ,if they find finger prints will tell it all.Casey did it! With all the evidence I dont see how they think they can go around it.Of course its is there job to try!It wont be up to the Dream Team in the end,the Jury makes the decison not them.Most likely the defense will try to prove it was an accident,and bring up the fact she was young and didnt know what to do when she realize Caylee was dead.BS in my opinion but they will do there best to prove it was an accident and she didnt mean to do it.God has more power then any Dream Team.He made sure Caylee was found and he will make sure justice is served for what Casey done to Caylee…

  10. tonill permalink
    December 14, 2008 1:31 pm


  11. nina permalink
    December 14, 2008 1:58 pm

    Actually tonill,nothing is going to help Casey anymore.She I believe will be punished to the full extent in the state of florida.They could even bring the Death Pentaly on the table.I for one dont think that is the punishment for Casey.She needs to be locked up for the rest of her life and be with the general population..Inmates in the big place,some of them dont take kindly to baby killers.They will have a field day with her,and she will wish then, they gave her the death sentence.I feel no pity on Casey,I have no pity on any human being on this earth that kills or brings harm to a child.There soul is black and some believe people that have some type of mental problem ,I simply call it evil…I dont blame Cindy for making her keep Caylee.Casey could of very well kept it quite when she became pregnant with Caylee and borrowed the money and had the pregnacy terminated.No one would of even had to of known about her pregnacy.If she didn’t want the baby I dont understand why she didnt take care of it in her earlier months when she found out,did what she had to do and no one would of even known about it.She was good at keeping the truth from every one why not that time.JMO

  12. nina permalink
    December 14, 2008 2:01 pm

    She could of stole the money ,she was very good at that too!

  13. deb permalink
    December 14, 2008 5:23 pm

    Keep those prayers going out to God, Caylee will get her justice.
    I’m so pissed at Lee right now i could scream ! Moving the memorials is one thing, but throwing them away, that breaks my heart. Those were for Caylee, not the Anthonys._~ sorry off subject ~ God had Caylee found and God will get her justcie.
    God is way more powerful than Jose and his dream team. He heard our prayers and she was found, he is still continuing to hear the prayers for Caylee from all of us.
    What are they going to use ~ the nanny or it was an accident. I said it before i have faith in the Prosecution , Le & the FBI.

  14. Michele permalink
    December 14, 2008 5:30 pm

    I think they should rename this “In your wildest dreams team”

    Accidents happen, If this were some type of accident, nobody would hesitate to call someone anyone.

    Where are the victims advocates? Kaylee is the victim, where is her dream team?

    I watched Casey Anthony scream and use her foul language with her Mother from the very beginning. She showed more interest in her boyfriend than her own child. She never had to look for her because she knew where she was. She has made a lifetime of manipulating her parents and they were easy to convince. Her brother never seemed to believe her, but in all of this only strangers have had the balls to call this what it is and look for a little girl who had no way of defending herself.

    I was a single Mom raising two children. Point is this first lie is the Nanny! Nanny’s do not work for free. Are these people so concerned with how they look that they cannot even state the word babysitter?

    I have no idea how she did this, not one person had the motive or the opportunity to hurt that child. The lies that and I hate to even call her this Mother has told are all about taking the focus off her and putting it on people who do not even excist or she does not even know.

    If her parents come to her defense again I honestly don’t know what will happen. Kaylee was the one who needed protected, Kaylee is the one who needed a dream team, Kaylee is gone apparently and I hope and pray that this prosecution will stand up to this bunch of publicity seeking experts and do what the rest of the world would like to see and that is somebody defend that little girl.

    Sociopaths are gifted at making other people doubt anything reasonable or truthful. They are so far removed from feelings that it is all about them. This needs to be all about this little girl and I pray to God the Grandparents stand up to that child they raised and say enough! Do what it takes to take care of their Granddaughter. As a Grandma nobody would hurt my Grandchild nobody! If they did my focus would be finding the truth and you won’t get it from a gifted liar.

    My heart is broken. Dream on Dream team.

  15. motherclucker permalink
    December 14, 2008 5:34 pm

    Phil Spector, guilty. OJ Simpson, guilty. Jon Benet Ramsey, case never solved. I don’t think if I were these people that I would be bragging about representing these people. That’s great that Mr. Spitz investigated the drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne, we all know that Ted Kennedy got off the hook for that, don’t we? I see nothing but a bunch of failures here.

  16. Leila permalink
    December 14, 2008 6:11 pm

    I believe there are some immoral scientists who will lie and distort facts because they are being paid by the defense. Any self-respecting scientist or professional would not want free publicity to be associated with defending this horrible mother. IMO Baez has known Caylee was dead and gotten in touch with professionals in the event he would need them. I believe Casey was able through letters or other means to communicate with her parents to run her publicity program in pretending Caylee was alive. Now the poor great grandmother in her eighties who Casey robbed is is on the witness list for the proscecution dragged into this mess by Casey. I hope the others Cindy, George, and Lee serve time for lying to LE, and destroying evidence and anyone else involved in this cover up. Cindy, George, and Lee all are lawyered up and even big mouthed, low class Cindy has FINALLY shut up, at least so far. So, their way of grieving is a 3 night stay at a 4 star hotel where they dine at an upscale restaurant to grieve their granddaughter’s death? Hmmm, Casey went out partying after Caylee’s disappearance and demise. I see where she learned it. The Anthony’s had someone checking in on their dogs while they were in CA on the Larry King show. Funny how they didn’t bother checking on the welfare of Caylee until she was gone for 30 days and the car smelled like death.

  17. Molly permalink
    December 14, 2008 7:44 pm

    Deb – I’m with you about Lee, I could scream !! I could not believe what I saw on tv. Those are for Caylee, they’re not bothering anyone. Couldn’t they just leave it. The Anthony’s are separating themselves from anyone touched by Caylee (again). At least there is a growing memorial at the discovery site & anyone can go there.

  18. Molly permalink
    December 14, 2008 7:46 pm

    I caught a blurb today of Baez interview, he said “science doesn’t lie”. I hope he remembers that when it turns around and bites him.

  19. Scott Polanco permalink
    December 14, 2008 10:37 pm

    Connie I agree with you 100%!!

  20. December 14, 2008 11:52 pm

    My two cents, Casey has a Dream team of a total of five, plus Bozo Baez lawyer. Caylee has a Super High Powered Team of ONLY ONE, GOD~~ THAT IS ALL SHE NEEDS TO WIN~~

  21. December 14, 2008 11:55 pm

    Motherclucker, so true, what a dream team. losers. all you named says it so clearly that they accomplished nothing but get the guilty plea for those people. better name is loser team.

  22. Jill from Western Australia permalink
    December 15, 2008 1:39 am

    I am truly scared that the prosecution are being “too cocky”…please consider..
    1. It is in their interest to allow experts of the defence team to attend the autopsy etc!
    Failure to do so will only encourage a plea for a mistrial.
    2. Yet again I saw Dr. Michael Baden with Geraldo tonight…WRONG…CONFLICT OF INTEREST..
    he must recuse himself…FOX wake up!!!
    3. Prosecution MUST invesitgate Baez, not only for the inapropriate touching of Casey..but
    for the 6 hrs/day/6 days/week that he spent with her…methinks something “fishy!”
    4. Baez will request a change of venue…to where???…even in Western Australia we all know
    about how Casey stole/cheated & lied…perhaps “MARS” would be an alternative?
    5. Baez stated {to Greta} that when the truth comes out we will ALL FEEL COMPASSION FOR CASEY
    {haven’t felt any yet!}
    6. Have watched all the jail interviews & all footage…Casey comes across as a simpering/
    snivelling/whimpering LIAR…the only person she cares about is herself…sure the jury
    pool will be tainted…she brought this upon herself!

    Like all I will watch with interest…hope the prosecution makes their case professionally!

    Bless the memory of Caylee.

  23. itsamysterytome permalink*
    December 15, 2008 7:51 am

    I think Baez actually did a pretty good job assembling this group. They’re all high profile and they all know how to work a crowd. They are all, obviously, good at what they do. They are all expert spinners and they all know the value of sensationalism.

    I just don’t think it’s going to matter. I think when they get to trial, all the spin in the world isn’t going to suppress the evidence. Casey, bless her evil little heart, left a trail of clues that will be irrefutable.

  24. itsamysterytome permalink*
    December 15, 2008 9:45 am

    Knight Owl
    I agree with you. Caylee has God on her team. The real truth will come out whatever it is.

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