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Jose Baez on Today Show talking about Caylee case & meter reader revelation

December 19, 2008

Jose Baez was on “Today” this morning with Matt Lauer.  As expected, he used the information about the meter reader’s earlier tip calls to bring the whole case into question.

“I think it calls the entire investigation into question,” Baez said during his Friday morning interview. (this comes as no surprise. Geraldo was on Fox this morning and he felt OCSO had really bumbled what was turning into an open and shut case. I hope he’s wrong–I think he has said he(Geraldo) is friends with Baez)

During his interview with Matt Lauer, Baez repeated that no assumptions about the case against Casey Anthony can be made until all of the facts come to light.

“If this turns out to be Caylee, we plan on examining every fact in the case, and going through it with a fine-toothed comb,” Baez said.

A quick recap: Capt. Nieves, the OCSO spokesman held a news conference Thursday evening and talked about the utility worker calling in tips on the 11, 12, & 13th of Aug. He said all the calls were handled differently.  The first call brought NO deputy to the scene, CrimeLine handled the 2nd call and a deputy came out to the scene after the 3rd call.  He said it was being investigated but the utility worker is NOT a suspect.Capt. worker is not a suspect.

Baez, filed a motion Thursday to allow him to inspect the debris that’s been pulled out of the woods along Suburban Drive.In his motion Baez noted that the mounds of dirt, brush and logs will be kept in a secure place by investigators.Baez said he’s putting them on notice that he wants his experts to have access to all that material as well.  (If he stays true to form, he’ll not sift through 1 handful of dirt so why go to all the trouble and expense of filing a motion?)

“As we make additional discoveries on the scene here, they will continue to provide that information, properly label it, sort through it, make sure it’s returned to the medical examiner’s office as well, and the medical examiner will take all of that information in its totality in order to … make a determination as to not only gender but definitive identification of the individual,”  Nieves said.

read the full article below:

video is from Today show

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  1. December 19, 2008 8:49 am

    I certainly hope that the OCSO hasn’t botched this investigation. I’m curious to hear the details on the deputies that responded to the 3 tips in August. If they thoroughly checked the area, does it mean Caylee’s body WASN’T there? Or could she have been buried, and the flood waters uncovered the grave?

    I can imagine that Baez and his team are having a field day with this (and I guess as Casey’s attorney, they should….). Wouldn’t it be something if we were all wrong about this, and Casey DIDN’T commit this crime???

    I feel certain that Casey is guilty….I lean more toward it being a horrible accident and she’s tried to make it appear as a kidnapping. BUT….the info about the 3 tips in August, made by the same meter reader that finally found the body, has made me a little suspicious…it’s just a really odd situation.

    I guess we need to hope and pray that the FBI has obtained enough evidence to still prosecute Casey. Keep your fingers crossed!

  2. December 19, 2008 8:58 am

    Hi all- is anyone else as upset as I am that the deputy didn’t do a better job searching? I mean, if they’d have found the remains at that time there would’ve been much more evidence to work with…Also , if the body had been recently dumped as the defense would have us believe, why and how are the bones scattered over such a huge area? Let’s hope the entomological (bug) evidence will reveal the truth. There’s still the car situation- I haven’t heard anyone confess to borrowing caseys’car(technically cindy and georges’ car).How will they explain the odor??

  3. jocelyn permalink
    December 19, 2008 9:57 am

    they need to get off the meter man’s a@#. A lot of people were out looking for Caylee on their own. The way I understood it was the bag he saw back in August was when he went to relieve himself. The discovery of the remains
    was when he was following up. If I were him and had an errie feeling seeing that bag in August and she had still not been found in December I would have been compelled to go look myself again. The man is a hero and somehow Caylee’s little soul spoke out to him. That wacked family and Bozo will try to use this man to cast doubt I am sure. They make me sick.

  4. Babette permalink
    December 19, 2008 10:22 am

    I knew that the Baez team and the Anthonys would jump on the meter reader situation. If I recall Cindy and George did not want police even looking for a cadavar, they wanted only searches assuming that Caylee was alive. So, for them to jump on this and accuse the police as being incometent is typical of the guilty grasping at straws. All the Anthonys are guilty of covering for Casey. They have all pointed the finger everywhere except at Casey where it belongs. Even if Casey had not killed Caylee, she stole money from everyone, used friends ID’s, and obviously neglected her child resulting in this sad situation. The Anthonys and their defense team are way too obvious, the public can predict their moves at this point. They need to shut up, as they tell the police to do, about this case and wait for the trial.

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