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Toys at public memorial to Caylee will be donated to charity

December 22, 2008

UPDATE to previous post: George and Cindy Anthony to donate toys left for Caylee to charity

It was mentioned in comments to a previous post (read previous post  and comments here)on this subject  that it was on the news that  some freelance producer asked if he could take the toys to a charity and the Anthony’s only involvement was  to gave him permission. I haven’t been able to verify that story, but the commenter is a reliable blogger and saw the news story personally.  It still  sounds to me like the Anthonys, whether they thought of it themselves or got the idea from others, have their hearts in the right place on this one.

It’s also been suggested that the Anthony’s don’t have the right to take or move the toys  because  the memorial was set up on public property.  I personally think it’s a great idea to donate these toys to live children who might not have a Christmas without them.  What a wonderful way to remember Caylee.  It would be nice if the memorial could stay up for a while, but Christmas is only 3 days away and if their intention is to give them as gifts to needy children, now’s the time.

The toys from a makeshift memorial residents created for Caylee Anthony will be donated to children in need rather than being left to rot in the Florida weather, Brad Conway, an attorney for the grandparents of the girl said on Sunday. The memorial consists of stuffed animals, balloons, flowers, letters and other items, in Caylee’s honor near the area her body was found.

Conway said his clients told him that Caylee would want other children to have the toys.”When Caylee would see another child, she would go up to them and kiss them and hug them. She would share her toys with them, and if Caylee were here, she would want to share these toys,” he said.

The toys will be donated to homeless children at the Orlando Union Rescue Mission.

The announcement that the toys would be donated has gotten mixed reactions.

“I think that’s great. Those who didn’t get things for the holidays, at least they’ll get something. And it should hold special meaning, said Matthew Sleik, who placed a Christmas stocking at the memorial.

“I think everything here has a sentimental value. It’s not meant for other children. It’s meant for Caylee,” said an unidentified person at the memorial site.

read the full article here:

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  1. Peggy permalink
    December 22, 2008 12:02 pm

    To the unidentified person who said:
    “I think everything here has a sentimental value. It’s not meant for other children. It’s meant for Caylee ”
    exactly what will Catlee do with these toys? She is no longer alive, she cannot play with them. She has no use for earthly things in her current state.
    Try to think.

  2. motherclucker permalink
    December 22, 2008 6:37 pm

    George and Cindy can donate toys until the cows come home! It still will not save them from the monster that they gave birth to and helped create. It has been obvious from the beginning that George and Cindy cared more about enabling their daughter Casey and covering her mistakes, than for their own little grand-baby. I’m sorry, but this is how I feel.

  3. December 23, 2008 11:59 am

    Omg there is a lot of hateful people here, for one thing have you ever had this happen to you? who in there right mind would ever want to believe that ur own child could kill such a beautiful little angel!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my god you are just as sick as the one who killed the little girl!!! leave Gearge and Cindy alone and the midia is just as bad as everyone that knocks them down! you do not know what there going though but GOD wants us to have faith just like Gearge and Cindy have hoping and praying like a lot of us that had faith that caylee was still alive my god you people need to bow down and ask GOD TO FORGIVE YOU FOR YOUR HATEFUL WORDS OMG I AM SO MAD AT SOME OF THESE REMARKS! ANYWAYS THERE ARE ALOT OF KIDS HAPPY TODAY THAT MIGHT NOT HAVE HAD A CHRISTMAS AND CAYLEE IS LOOKING DOWN AND SAYING THESE PEOPLE DID NOT KNOW BUT MY GRANDPARENTS DID THE RIGHT THING TO REMEMBER ME BY GIVING THESE GIFTS IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS FOR KIDS WHO WONT HAVE ONE OR A PLACE TO CALL HOME! My gosh you people every time George and Cindy go outside you are on them toO. DO you even KNOW how many time they use the br! my god get a life this is about caylee marie anthony…who is smiling down and is soooooooo happppyyyy that homeless kids got something for christmas my gosh did you ever wake up on christmas day with no toys but not even a home those little kids got nice gifts because of all your nice hearts but look at your evilness and look at george and ciny who loved there granddaughter and never wanted to believe the worse even if it was in front of them they did not want to see it who in the right is the mediea to judge them!!!!!! let them be they have a long haul… and waiting who care what cindy did i am sure she never meant to say or do anything that hurt this case she was a wreck and when we are a wreck we do things like clean our house we keep moving we are on the my gosh you people have never been in there shoes so what right do you have! Thank your George and Cindy about thinking about those homeless kids getting gifts for christmas do not listen to the media or the hate fullness of all these hateful people cause caylee loves you for what you did! GOD BLESS CINY AND GEORGE!

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