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Woman arrested in bizarre fake nanny kidnapping compared to Casey Anthony

December 26, 2008

mccormickWhen I read this I thought it was just bizarre.  How many people can there be out there as whacked as Casey Anthony? Apparently, a lot.  What a scary thought!

Miami police (does it seem like Florida has more than their share of nut cases?  Sorry Florida friends!) say a 6-month old baby boy who was reported missing wasn’t kidnapped. He couldn’t have been kidnapped because HE NEVER EXISTED  in the first place!

Megan McCormic told police that the babysitter took  her 6-month-old son, but police said Friday that McCormic was lying.  Apparently she never told her ex-boyfriend from Boston that she had a miscarriage and kept up the baby charade to hang onto him. She kept giving him excuses that the child was with the nanny when he wanted to see him, and when he traveled to Miami to meet his son, she made up the nanny kidnapping story. (see the video linked to the article below)

McCormic was arrested Friday morning on charges of giving false information to police officers. Police want McCormic to pay for the resources that were used to locate the non-existent child. Approximately 20 detectives worked  through Christmas Eve and Christmas looking for him.

The case is drawing comparisons to Casey Anthony, who told authorities a nanny took her daughter, Caylee, in Orange County. Anthony is charged with first-degree murder. The remains of her daughter were found earlier this month.

Tell me this doesn’t mean Casey Anthony wannabees are going to start coming out of the woodwork!

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