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Roy Kronk, the right person at the right moment for Caylee Anthony?

January 13, 2009

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Roy Kronk says he was just looking for a shady spot to take a break that day in August when he saw a suspicious looking bag.  He called authorities 3 times over the next three days trying to get them to come check it out.

“The officer showed up, he pulls out a metal baton (and) went to the water’s edge. I pointed in the area where it was at, and he just swept his head back and forth and said, ‘I don’t see anything,'” Kronk said in an interview on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “There was water there in August, and I guess the deputy didn’t want to go out in the water to look in the bag.”

“The cop was like — I would say he was kind of rude to me. I’m trying to help out. I’m trying to be a nice guy and instead I’m catching all of this, so I just didn’t care anymore,”Kronk said.

“He didn’t feel he got a very warm welcome from the deputy,” Kronk’s attorney, David Evans, said. “Whenever you’re trying to run that many things down, I’m sure your patience wears after awhile.”

In December, Kronk returned to the woods, this time to use the restroom, and found a bag with Caylee’s remains inside. He believes it was the same bag he saw in August.

read the article here: clickorlando

I watched the GMA video and my opinion of Mr. Kronk is still the same.  I think a lot of people believed his story before he gave this interview, including LE, but now I think he has removed all suspicion that he is anything other than an innocent bystander that chose to do the right thing.   I can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Dominic Casey had found the body. You remember him–the guy that said if he had found Caylee the first thing he would have done was pray, and the 2nd thing he would have done would have been to call the authorities? Does anyone think the man we watched carelessly slashing trashbags and stabbing the earth with a metal probe in the Hoover video would have done the right thing had he managed to find what he was looking for? I imagine we would still be looking for Caylee’s body and the Anthonys would still be searching for a live Caylee if he had.

There were a lot of prayers going up and it seemed like not a lot of answers coming down when Roy Kronk first spotted that bag in the woods. There were 100’s of people searching for Caylee, but no one found her.  Not LE, not  Tim Miller, not Leonard Padilla, not the psychics, no one, except an unassuming meter reader who wanted to remain annonymous. He had no ulterior motives, no desire to be in the spotlight, he wasn’t even looking for a pat on the back.  He was just a guy trying to do the right thing.

What’s also interesting to me is that Roy Kronk is  the ONLY guy that ever saw that bag before the police showed up on December 11. Think about that, he saw the bag in August–Police looked (sort of) and didn’t see it.  TES didn’t find it.  Dominic Casey didn’t see it in November even though he was obviously looking for it, only yards away from where it lay.  Yet, in December, months after he had given up thinking Caylee was in those woods, Mr. Kronk felt the urge to take a leak and– low and behold, there’s the bag.


Well, I don’t think the answer is that it just wasn’t there before because of some sinister conspiracy.   What I do believe is that is was amazing that the bag was found twice by the same guy and really, I think it was a miracle that it was found at all.  I think something greater than Casey, greater than the Anthonys, greater than the pathetic private eye patrol, and greater than all the other leaches locked onto what they thought was a big gravy train was at work here.  Do you have a better explanation for why Roy Kronk, a meter reader, a recent widower, and someone who had  nothing to do with this case and therefore nothing to gain from it, found the bag with her remains–twice???

Oh, I’m sure Baez and the gang will try and spin this to their advantage–they’ve already started by insinuating the bag couldn’t have been there before, or someone else would have seen it.  They’re even trying to get the records of all the volunteers that worked with Tim Miller, I suppose to show that others besides Dominic Casey searched the area and saw nothing.   But, in the end,  I believe Baez’ rumblings won’t matter.   The circus can perform right up until the moment the judge says, “Guilty as charged, Miss Anthony,” because God heard America’s  prayers and He will see to it that justice prevails for Caylee Anthony.

Divine Intervention: A special influence of a divinitity on the minds of human beings. When someone is placed in the right place at the right time to be a catalyst for someone in need, when the person in need may have been in angst about how they would get through a certain situation.

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  1. Paul in PG BC permalink
    January 13, 2009 7:17 pm

    We are still waiting to see if the Crazyones prints are on the duct tape,thats if it is going to be released at all!Kronk seems to be the only one on the up and up,Give this man the reward monies too which he’s entitled to!Lets see what HOSE B can pull on this guy,alot of NADA.I would say he’s the hero!!

  2. MAND permalink
    January 13, 2009 9:21 pm

    I was a little skeptical at first but I do have to say he seems like an honest Joe..something we don’t see much of in this case.’
    Give the man the reward..h*ll everyone else has got money for something..this man could use some cash also.

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