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Documents are released in Caylee Anthony case! What they reveal.

February 18, 2009

500 pages released this morning.

The discovery includes photos of the crime scene as well as interviews with key players.

Read the discovery files and look at the discovery photos below:


It is believed Caylee died between June 16 and June 27.  It is believed  the body was stored in the trunk of Casey’s car but was removed before June 27.

A laundry bag similar to and made by the same company as the remains were in  was found in the laundry room of the Anthony house.

“Evidence on the body suggests that the child’s death was not accidental but an intentional act,” Detective Yuri Melich wrote Feb. 5. “As of this writing, there is nothing to suggest that anyone but Casey Anthony is responsible for the death and disposal of Caylee Anthony.

What was taken  in the search warrant for Anthony’s home after the remains were found:

9 pairs of women’s shoes from Casey’s closet.

A WHITE/RED HEART-SHAPED STICKER BACKING WITH STICKER REMOVED found in a shoe box in Casey’s dresser.  A sheet for red heart-shaped stickers with the 3 remaining on the page found in a red folder in her dresser.  A sheet for multi colored heart shaped stickers in a black binder in her dresser.

2 white rimmed plastic children’s sunglasses.  Two pair of children’s denim shorts, 24m, 3 denim children’s skorts: 1 3T and 2  24 mo, miscellaneous doll clothing, 5 pairs children’s shoes, 1 black garbage bag found inside a suitcase in the garage area, 2 handwritten notes in a chest in Caylee’s room, muscle relaxers and anti-anxiety meds taken from the master bathroom and prescribed to Cindy.

At the crime scene these are some of the items found:

several bones, including human teeth and animal bones.,  numerous pieces of plastic bags, a pregnancy test, several discarded soda cans, a broken winnie the pooh helium balloon, barbie doll legs, a disposable camera,  strip of “Henkel Consumer Adhesives” duct tape–the same kind found wrapped around the skull and attached to the gas can at the house.

Casey told Michelle Murphy, Lee’s old roomate, that she had a bad relationship with George.
On two occassions, Lee and George told Murphy that Cindy and George were thinking about going for custody of Caylee.
Casey allegedly had a miscarriage in Feb. 2007 by Brandon Snow.  None of her friends believed her.  In Mar 07 she called Michelle and said she was feeling crazy and wanted to commit herself.  She had imagined a life with Brandon and was supposed to have a baby in Oct.  She said she didn’t feel she was being a good mom to Caylee.  When Michelle called her the next day to check on her, Casey blew her off.
World of Disney bag found near remains.  There was a Gatorad Cool Blue bottle with and unknown liquid and white sediment inside it.  There was a syringe in a wrapper found inside a toilet paper roll that was inside the bottle.
Annie visited Casey at her home when she was out on bail at her home and even spent the night once. Casey told her “When this is all said and done, I have so much to tell you.”
Casey found Cindy on the computer using her email address and signing Casey’s name to them.  They had a fight, but Cindy said, “If this can find us Caylee, then you know I’m going to do whatever I can.” (according to Annie)
Annie asked Casey about the chloroform found in the trunk of the car, but Casey said she had stored cleaning supplies there.
Casey also said Jesse Grund had a key to her car and could have done something to it after she abandoned it.
Annie didn’t believe Casey would have acted by herself if she had hurt Caylee.  She said, “She wasn’t that smart.” (Investigators noted that was just Annie’s opinion.)
Casey told Annie in late 06 or early 07 that she needed to “get away and felt like she was having a breakdown.”  She didn’t say why but that she wanted to go to an institution and Caylee could stay with Cindy. Later that night she told Amy she had talked to her mother and everything was fine.


Annie Downing told detectives Casey was jealous of Caylee and Cindy’s relationship.  Said Cindy wanted Caylee to call her “Mom”

Casey told Downing at Caylee’s 2nd bday party, “Oh my god, this is supposed to be Caylee’s Day.  I’m her mom.  She’s not her mom,” referencing Cindy helping Caylee open presents.

Lee called Amy in Oct: “We all know Casey’s done bad things but you need to protect yourself.  You need to if they call you, you need to tell them the truth.  You need to tell them anything you know because if you know something you need to tell them.  Don’t protect Casey.”

George, Cindy and Leeps fingerprints were NOT found on the duct tape.

Items taken from the house: Garbage bags, Bissel steam cleaner, Dirt Devil Vacuum, Bissel spot cleaner, and 1 red gas can with duct tape.

The duct tape matches duct tape on a gas can at the Anthony’s house.  Photos show strips of duct tape and several plastic bags scattered at the site off Suburban Drive.  One bag appeared to be partially buried.

Casey’s friends, Annie Downing and Michelle Murphy, told LE they remembered at one time Casey had an emotional breakdown and wanted to be committed.

The body was found not far from the road and the skull was close to a black plastic bag.  There was no flesh but quite a bit of hair.

“I immediately noticed that there appeared to be a piece of silver duct tape across the mouth area of the skull,” Melich wrote. “The tape appeared to have been purposely placed there.”

The remains were found inside 2 black trash bags and a canvas laundry bag.  There was also a stained Winnie the Pooh blanket, a pair of size 24 months pink and white striped shorts, a size 3T shirt with the words “BIG TROUBLE comes small” written on the front, and what is thought to be pieces of a child’s pull up.

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9 Comments leave one →
  1. BEES KNEES permalink
    February 18, 2009 10:04 am

    Boston, I can’t find you and I have to leave soon. I didn’t want you to get your hopes up and think you haven’t been infected by Casey Ebola. It is as stealthy as it is lethal. Symptoms of infection may not appear overnight but the virus can incubate for weeks. It will soil anything in its path. It shows no mercy. It spares no one. You may think you’re in the clear but give it a week or so before you’ll know for sure.

  2. Boston permalink
    February 18, 2009 10:45 am

    Hey Doc-When I get strange signs and symptoms may I consult you? I know you are the primary source on this emerging syndrome? Or is it a virus of unkown etiology?

  3. Boston permalink
    February 18, 2009 12:18 pm

    In the diary it is written that “this is the happiest I have been …in a long time. Something like that.
    Where is everybody?

  4. Kari permalink
    February 18, 2009 12:26 pm

    Thank you, Mystery, for the info! I know the duct tape evidence was the top thing on everyone’s mind, but to me that journal entry is the most damning. Partly because I’m not sure what exactly the match on the duct tape entails. Is it determined that it came from the same store, or the same roll? Or is it possible to determine from fiber evidence that it was in the same house? Then, the will the defense just say that the nanny had access to the house and all its contents?

    Yet, if the above is really a journal entry from Casey’s journal, written in her hand, then it is her death warrant, as much as if it were a signed confession. How could she possibly claim to have been looking for Caylee, or worried about her welfare in any way, after having written about her burgeoning happiness only 4 days after she supposedly was stolen…?

    Now, if she had originally claimed to have given Caylee over to her father’s family, or to a friend who wanted a baby, or to have sold her, then that journal entry would not have such grave implications. If she had even changed her story within that first month… But she continued, and I guess continues, to maintain the validity of the Zannie story.
    Annie’s right, she’s not too smart, but this crime wasn’t too smart, either.

  5. itsamysterytome permalink*
    February 18, 2009 12:59 pm

    Boston, I guess everyone is reading!

    Kari–It’s my understanding the duct tape came from the same source as the duct tape on George’s gas can. I think the diary entry is shocking. If Caylee’s body had not been found then yes, I could see her saying she gave the baby to her father.(in that scenario, I can’t imagine being the happiest you’ve ever been after getting rid of your baby, even if you did think it was the right thing) but not now.

    I’d say it’s all over for Miss Casey.

  6. Boston permalink
    February 18, 2009 3:03 pm

    Kari-The info on the duct tape is very simple. It came from the same role retrieved from the Anthony home. It’s called a “match”.

    The defense will not say that the Zanny the Nanny did not go into the house and retrieve the duct tape because they are never, ever going to include Zanny in their defense. That’s over.

    The journal entry is not “a signed confession” it is more than likely a consciousness of guilt” problem. It does not place her at the crime scene, no crime is written about and no mention of what she did to creat this momentary sense of “happiness”. It’s suspicious and certainly could be damning but the Science is what will condemn her.

    If she openly admitted that she sold the child (which she adamentaly denied during questioning on the 17 of June) that letter would have grave consequesces as she states somewhat forthrightly that “I trust my judgement….”

    Lies Casey states are not truth to anyone least of all Casey. These are utterances to deflect blame and punishment. She is a sociopath-this is her lifeline. This is how she navigates through life. Lies are comfortable, a learned habit and they are a huge part of who she is. No one took her seriously for many years.

    She forgives herself for lying and for all the bad things she does. This is her way of staying afloat. Or at least functioning on a day to day basis. Remember she is a homicidal sociopath-a tad different from the guy who just robbed all the depositors at his bank. Madoff is a sociopath. They differ in their presentation and wrong doing.

  7. ostella permalink
    February 18, 2009 3:26 pm

    Hi everyone! I’m a little under the weather today; Bees Knees, you’ve got me worried the casey virus has reached the West Coast! 🙂

    I really wanna know more about the syringe in the Gatorade bottle…didn’t the media say that this docdump sheds light on how caylee died and wether or not she suffered? Maybe the syringe was tested and has caylees DNA on the needle…and what is the substance in the bottle?

    God, this girl is stupider than anybody thought…I have to scrape my jaw off the floor…

  8. Boston permalink
    February 18, 2009 3:40 pm

    I think the forensics will come out slowly. They will more than likely have the second part of the docs published by the end of the week. Jose got 1100 pages and we are only going to get 500 today.

  9. itsamysterytome permalink*
    February 18, 2009 10:03 pm

    I agree with Boston, ostella. I think that information will come out slowly–maybe in the next document dump. Good post Boston.

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