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Adji Desir was featured on America’s Most Wanted February 29

March 1, 2009

adji-desirAdji Desir was featured on America’s Most Wanted Saturday night but there is no new information in the case.

Adji nicknamed “Ji Ji” (pronounced Gee Gee) was spending the day with his grandmother while his mother was at work when he vanished. He was last seen playing outside with friends around 5:15 pm on Saturday, February 10th, 2009. Police have still found no evidence indicating there was foul play.

Adji understands Creole but can’t speak it.  He only knows about 5 English words.  Adji’s family says his most noticable trait is that he smiles a lot.

Below is a link to the file of all known information about Adji on the America’s Most Wanted website:

America’s Most Wanted/Adji Desir

There are links at the bottom of their page with more information and photographs.

It’s a mystery to me how a little boy could just vanish into thin air without any clues whatsoever.  He’s just gone.

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  1. March 2, 2009 12:58 am

    My heart is so heavy when I see the faces of these precious little children. Little Adjii has the mind of a two year old, and is probably terrified being away from his family. Only the MOST EVIL type of person would take this precious child. Like Haleigh Cummings, these little children HAVE NO DEFENCE against a grown up. If ever these evil people are caught, I pray to God that they are locked up forever. NOTHING will stop pedifiles…nothing. They should never be cosidered for release if they are caught. Never. Treatment DOES NOT WORK with these sick cratures. When is the law going to recognize this?? I understand that 44 SEX OFFENDERS lived close to little Haleigh. That is horrifying to even think about. Laws MUST be changed to protect the children of this country. As citizens we must demand a change to protect children all over America.

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