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The SS Caylee Marie–KidFinder’s has a new boat thanks to who?

March 24, 2009

The Anthony family is back in the news.  Tuesday afternoon they sent a text message to reporter, Holly Bristow, asking her to come to their house because they wanted to reveal something “special”.

It’s special alright.boat-full-size

KidFinder’s has a new boatThe SS Caylee Marie-in memory of all missing children. One would assume it was bought with donations to Caylee? If not, then what funds enabled them to buy it?

boatGeorge wanted to show off the new boat, but he also wanted to say he was showing  support for his daughter, Casey, and that he was looking forward to seeing her tomorrow in court. He asks that people send her letters.  He said she has received 100’s of support letters and he was very grateful for that. “People are showing her support and giving her the best, and I’m grateful for that,” said George.

You can watch the video below.


UGH!! Does this bother anyone else but me? SHOULD I be bothered by it? Maybe I’d feel better  if KidFinder’s had ever done anything other than:

  • A) Print a few mobile billboards and t-shirts
  • B) Had ever found a missing child
  • C) Wasn’t run by Dennis Milstead and his wife

And what the h#ll are they planning on using a boat like that for????  People!  Donate your money to places like TES–unless you like seeing your hard earned money going for “toys” like this boat!

BTW, has anyone noticed the t-shirts Haleigh Cumming’s family is now wearing?

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  1. Molly permalink
    March 24, 2009 9:55 pm

    I’m sick. I’d like to know where they got $30,000 from. and why are they supporting that Milstead creep. ugh. so today they WANTED the media at their house! ugh, sick.

    How does George know Casey got 100’s of letters?

    Molly, go figure! The Anthonys hated the media and that they were tracking their every mood, and now they are seeking them out….

    I don’t know how George knows about the letters–I suppose Baez told him. I can’t believe she is getting that many letters of support!

  2. Patti permalink
    March 24, 2009 10:00 pm

    The Anthony’s should be donating money to TES and Tim Miller. They sat by and let him use up his resources, searching for poor little Caylee while they did nothing.

    George wants us to support Casey??? Yeah….right…..that’s gonna happen.

    Patti–I somehow doubt it ever occurred to them to try and give back some of the money TES spent searching for Caylee. Maybe they feel they never asked TES to search for a dead Caylee so it was TES’ tough luck. Of course, they DID ask Tim to help them look for a live Caylee.

  3. Patti permalink
    March 24, 2009 10:02 pm

    I don’t believe Cindy will let much time go by without media attention. They are probably torn to pieces that they are sharing the “limelight” with poor little Haleigh and her family.

  4. LVSusie permalink
    March 24, 2009 10:02 pm

    All you guys that donated to Kidfinders I just have to say your money was well spent!!! NOT!!!

    Susie-can’t imagine anyone donating to Kidfinders knowing what we know about them. But, then, it’s hard to believe anyone would fall for one of those internet scams either, but George says he did.

  5. MAND permalink
    March 24, 2009 10:25 pm

    They have done some blatant things but this takes the cake!!!
    What in the H*ll are they going to search with this???
    If anyone had any doubts about the A’s and their friends this should enlighten them!! This baby died…was murdered by their own daughter …looks like they are really grieving???? They say everyone grieves differently…has anyone heard of anyone showing their grief in this manner?? Bet Old George is happy he didn’t go through with the END MY LIFE…I WANT TO BE WITH CAYLEE STUNT…think of what he would have missed!! WAIT…WILL THIS MAKE THEM LESS FRAGILE??? Lets see staying at the Ritz and $100.00 a plate dinners and now a boat?? I wonder what else they have bought themselves??Does Cindy have a mink?
    You can bet the ranch Dumbo is getting something..they are all making out…POND SCUM IS TO GOOD A WORD FOR THEM.
    I am so angry I could spit…

    I hope people watch closely as to what this boat actually ends up being used for. I agree with you, Mand–this takes the cake!!

  6. detwill39 permalink
    March 24, 2009 10:26 pm

    It is an aluminium bass boat (painted green). It is a very typical type of fishing boat for Florida as it has a low profile hull and can go in very shallow water.

    My son-in-law is an experienced bass fisherman and teaches fishing as well. I asked him to view the boat and tell me what he thought, his words are written above in italics. Since when did Dennis Milstead start building aluminium boats? He may have had it painted. So who gets to go bass fishing?

    Well, detwill–you answered Mand’s question as to what the h#ll this boat could be used for—-And, I believe Kidfinder’s purchased the boat and had it painted. Wonder how many missing children can be found with a fishing boat?

  7. ostella permalink
    March 24, 2009 10:43 pm

    Seriously, who are they trying to fool? I am honestly speechless…

    Me too, ostella–well, not speechless…..I’m never speechless!!

  8. diane permalink
    March 24, 2009 10:58 pm

    Caylee never was missing. SHE WAS MURDERED!!

    That’s exactly right, diane–but, they couldn’t very well put “murdered children” on the side of the boat–that might pose a problem for them if Baez decides to go with an “accidental” death defense…..

  9. March 24, 2009 11:29 pm

    Hi Mystery and everyone, i think we can all guess how they got this boat and i bet you guys can all guess where i would like to shove that boat too. The nerve to put Caylee Marie’s name on it and in honor of all missing children. LISTEN UP A’S IF YOU READ THESE BLOGS, CAYLEE MARIE ANTHONY AS YOU FOOL WELL KNOW WAS NOT A MISSING CHILD SO STOP WITH THE THEATRICS~~ WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH ABOUT YOUR MOTHER OF THE YEAR, OR SHOULD I SAY MUTHA OF THE YEAR, JAILBIRD SNOTHEAD~~

    Couldn’t have said that better if I’d tried, knight owl!

  10. March 24, 2009 11:33 pm

    Hi DETWILL, YEA, knumbknutt’s Milstead building a boat? When pigs fly. knumbknutt’s couldn’t build a kite.

  11. March 24, 2009 11:38 pm

    Hi Mand, yes the A’s take the cake and eat it too. I can see G,C,and Lee telling snothead, when the jury sets you free BEAUTIFUL, you too can make it your life long dream with the use of this boat to help us in finding missing children all over the world. want that be great?


  12. March 24, 2009 11:40 pm

    good nite to all of you. take care.

  13. LosAngeles permalink
    March 25, 2009 12:03 am

    What strikes me, like Knight Owl said, is that Caylee was never a missing child. SHE WAS MURDERED by your DAUGHTER. This does not seem appropriate to me. I wish they would stop this charade. For a while there, before this latest news, I thought George and Cindy were mellowing out a bit.

    LosAngeles–George and Cindy obviously like the limelight. I don’t believe they could possibly have thought this boat thing would bode well with the public, yet they make a point to make sure everyone knows—

  14. MAND permalink
    March 25, 2009 12:38 am

    KnightOwl… the A’s take anything they can get their hands on.
    These people have no shame..NONE…they think the world owes them!
    George is happy as a pig in sh*t..HE DOESN’T HAVE TO WORK ANYMORE…plus he is living better than ever before..FRAGILE MY ASS..
    he is worse than Cindy…WHAT A CON.. and please send KC a his $100.00 he sent her came from the same fund as the boat.

    Mand–I wonder if Cindy has gone back to work–or George?

  15. Marya3804 permalink
    March 25, 2009 5:16 am

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t keep up the “help find Caylee”
    charade. When you think they can’t be any more stupid or full of
    disrepect to Caylee, they pull off something even more absurd.
    Looks like Casey wasn’t the only one who wanted Caylee out of the
    way. They all did and now they are feeding like vultures on her remains.

    Mary, I think the ‘Help Find Caylee’ headquarters was disbanded in December, but I believe there is still a foundation in place.

  16. kim vanhorn permalink
    March 25, 2009 7:08 am

    I am not sure why this bothers me so much. The Anthony’s have done some pretty bizarre things. Maybe it’s because they are profiting off the death of their grandchild. Maybe it’s because they are affiliated with the kid finder’s network. Maybe it’s because they say things like write my daughter. What in the world would I say to her? Hey, why, when, how and where did you kill your daughter? I am a grandmother of 4. I KNOW that I would not have waited 31 days myself to find out where my grandchild was at. It really does make me think there is more to this and probably some kind of cover-up on the familys part. Maybe some kind of secret.

    Kim–I have a hard time believing that 100’s of people are writing to Casey in support!

  17. halfpint42592 permalink
    March 25, 2009 8:19 am

    I see I am in the company of those who are “normal”. I just ranted about this on my blog because I am seriously dumb founded that they think they are going to something great!

    Remember, they NEVER joined a search for their grand daughter. Cindy just shouted out orders. THEIR DAUGHTER MURDERED THEIR GRAND DAUGHTER! Really, would you want them to be the Search Crew that would help you?


    halfpint–I just read your excellent post on your blog and agree with everything you said.

  18. Lisa permalink
    March 25, 2009 11:03 am

    Just when you think George and Cindy might see some of the truth a teeny bit you get a big wake up slap in the face!!! These people are all nuts!!! Caylee never had a chance and as sad as it is, is better off in heaven than being raised by these crackheads.They know their daughter is a murderer!! If they could take back the inital 911 phone call I guarantee Cindy would. I would even bet Lee and Casey had a fling. He was probably relieved his DNA proved he wasnt the father but I am sure it crossed his sick mind. Maybe George is the father. I am starting to think Baez is getting a little to for payment. Casey would hand it out for free to anyone that asked I am sure. These kinds of people ought be steralized. DEATH PENALTY!! I hope.

    Lisa–I don’t believe Lee had a fling with Casey or that George could be the father. I have wondered if Cindy regretted calling 911.

  19. LVSusie permalink
    March 25, 2009 12:02 pm

    Just a thought…Does Beaz have a contract with George and Cindy to sell all the rights to pics, videos and *Stories*? Dont you think this would be a conflict of interest in the outcome of him to keep it going to trial, sense Cindy and George are making all this money thru there scam foundation.
    Everytime I think about that boat it makes me so mad that they would of spent the money on something like that. Since this casey started I did not relize how many kids go missing it makes my heart hurt. And just to know that 30,000 dollars are spent on something like a boat it seems to me it could of been better spent, but what can you expect from scammers like Kidfinders and George and Cindy Anthony.

    Susie–I think it is very sad and a waste of funds to buy some stupid fishing boat and paint Caylee’s name on the side. How is that honoring her? How is that helping anyone?

    I have wondered if Cindy and George were the ones selling Casey’s “story” and paying for the defense team.

  20. itsamysterytome permalink*
    March 25, 2009 12:59 pm

    Hey! I responded to everyone’s comments within their comment since I got behind.

  21. Kate permalink
    March 25, 2009 2:58 pm

    I can not believe this. I think someone needs to look into how the money that was donated to this Kidfinder’s is spent. These people are pigs. Wonder who gets to keep the boat at their house? Is it custodial sharing? I guess they are so proud of their daughter and the boat. It is sickening.

    Me either, Kate. The Never Lose Hope Foundation, from what I can discern, is a good organization. I don’t understand how they could be taken in by these guys. It bought the boat and is privately funded–no public donations.

  22. MAND permalink
    March 25, 2009 3:00 pm

    Mystery…I don’t think either are working..George didn’t have a job and Cindy has probably lost hers..besides they are in to fragile condition to work!!! They must have time to help Milstead..that’s going to be their new line of work…it takes time and a lot of work to look into all the possible ways on how to con the has to be exhausting work!!

    Mand, Milstead must thank his lucky stars every night that he was able to find the Anthonys. They are obviously his biggest fans. Ugh

  23. J.H. permalink
    March 25, 2009 4:23 pm

    Just like everybody else I am outraged that extra plea to donate to kidfinders at the memorial might have bought Georges boat.Can anyone think how we can stop this? I will get involved immeditaly.

    J.H. short of calling or writing to the Never Lose Hope Foundation and asking them why exactly they thought it was the right thing to do to donate to these people, I don’t know. If people are dumb enough to send money to Casey’s jailhouse spending fund, then I guess they are stupid enough to send money to the Anthonys for their “foundation”.

  24. March 25, 2009 10:52 pm

    And I wanted to retire in Florida. I think I will stay in Missouri where my grandkids reside. At least I know they will not be murdered or kidnapped from their own beds.

    Now, Sandy–in fairness to all the good people of Florida, this sort of thing happens everywhere. What are the statistics?

    The National Incident Studies of Missing Abducted Runaway and ThrownAway Children states that:
    * 800,000 children younger than 18 are missing each year, or an average of 2,000 children reported missing each day.
    * 200,000 children were were abducted by family members.
    * 58,000 children were abducted by nonfamily members, and
    * 115 children were the victims of “stereotypical” kidnapping. These crimes involve someone the child does not know, or knows only slightly, who holds the child overnight, transports the child 50 miles or more, kills the child, demands ransom, or intends to keep the child permanently.

    This was a study done in 2002–I imagine the statistics are even higher now.

  25. Christine permalink
    March 26, 2009 9:29 pm

    Hey night owl, detwill… this is where you guys hang out?
    Well, George’s boat is a big joke. It is a piece of crap, then he slapped Caylee’s name on it for good measure. I hope it sinks like a very “mini” Titanic.
    We all know what these people are! They are kidding nobody! All of them are worthless pieces of you know what.
    Just you wait…every dog has it’s day…and the Anthony’s day and all of their daisy chain shysters is coming.
    We will see what happens when the HUGE axe drops…I can’t wait!

    Hope you are right, Christine. I would hate to think they’re all going to get away with riding on the gravy train of Caylee’s death.

  26. itsamysterytome permalink*
    March 27, 2009 1:45 pm

    Hi guys–replied to your comments within your comment boxes today.

  27. Lee permalink
    April 5, 2009 4:57 pm

    I’ve studied the Caylee Anthony case closely and I am sorry to say that I am truly beginning to think that Caylee was murdered in a satanic ritual and as a result of the sacrifice the Anthony’s are having financial gain and that’s not the worse news…here is the worse news….I am also beginning to think that somehow and someway Casey is going to beat the murder rap. You never know about who else might be into satanic things (maybe even the judge)and those people could be financing her legal fees and pulling strings behind the curtain. If she does get off I WILL KNOW FOR SURE THAT CAYLEE WAS USED AS A SATANIC RITUAL SACRIFICE.

  28. itsamysterytome permalink*
    April 5, 2009 6:21 pm

    Interesting theory, Lee, and one I haven’t heard. But I have trouble imagining that satanists would put a heart shaped sticker on the duct tape.

    I believe good triumphs over evil so if your theory is correct, God will decide the killer’s fate–either here or on the other side. Personally, I still think that person is Casey and that she will spend the rest of her life in jail.

  29. Tina permalink
    April 6, 2009 8:16 am

    Oh Dear Lord, will the sanity ever end?

    First, Caylee was never missing — she was MURDERED & DUMPED.
    The Anthonys are obviously living in their own little world. No matter what they say or do, no matter where they go — they will NEVER be able convince the entire planet (like they have themselves) that Caylee was kidnapped and killed by anyone other than her very own mother… their beloved Casey.

    It’s disgusting that that poor baby can’t even get anyone from her own family to acknowledge the TRUTH about her demise. She died in vain. They’ve all made a mockery of her short little life – the SS Caylee Marie – that is a joke.
    I have no pity for any of them anymore.
    May they all burn in hell.

  30. Carolyn permalink
    August 16, 2011 4:34 pm

    Oh I see that the Anthony’s bought a boat with the money they recieved from their grand daughters death. Caylee was an innocent child that was murdered by her mother Casey Anthony and got away with her childs murder. These people have to slime bags to make money off of this poor innocent childs death and live the high life because of it. These people get more money off of different foundations then any one else I know and look how they spend their “BLOOD MONEY” such a shame!

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