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video of Jim Hoover deposition

March 26, 2009

Below are the videos and content summary from Wednesday, March 25th’s  depostion of Jim Hoover by John Morgan, Zenaida Gonzales’ attorney. Dominic Casey was supposed to be deposed but he canceled for unknown reasons.  According to Fox News in Orlando, he could face contempt charges.

jim-hooverJim Hoover deposition part 1

This is basically Morgan trying to establish who exactly Jim Hoover is and why he had associated himself  with the Anthony family.  Hoover appeared quite nervous and was agitated by some of the questions, saying he didn’t understand what they (the questions Morgan asked about his job history)  had to do with this case.

Jim Hoover deposition part 2

This one talks about how he was volunteering his services to the Anthonys as a private citizen.  He did not work for them.  He said he acted as a security guard for the Anthonys as opposed to doing much investigative work.  He said he has been in the Anthony house–his wife made them a bread pudding that he delivered.  The last time he spoke with Cindy she had called to just chat.  He had also acted as a driver for the Anthonys.

Jim Hoover deposition part 3

The only time D. Casey asked him to do any investigative work was when he asked him to help look for Caylee’s body in the area where she was later found. He accompanied D. Casey, Cindy, and George to the Ritz the night they returned from Ca.  They were in a limousine and he followed in his car behind them.  Thursday night he had dinner with Caitlynn from ABC, George, Cindy,  Mallory, Lee, Dominic, and Jose made a brief appearance to eat. Conversation was light–nothing about the case or what had been discovered.  After dinner, G. & C. went to their room. He stayed in the general area of the room, and the lobby.  Later, D. Casey asked him to meet him outside the hotel.  D. Casey and C. were outside the building together, and they asked him to take the key to the house and lock it up after the police were done searching. He shared a room with D. Casey that was near George and Cindy’s room.  Michelle Bart, their PR person stayed on another floor.  He was under the impression that Caitlynn and ABC paid for everything.  D. Casey told him that Jose Baez had received money for Casey for some video tapes from ABC. It was between $200,000-$225,000.       They stayed, Thurs, Fri, Sat and left on time for church on Sun.

Friday: Took George and Cindy to be fingerprinted at their lawyer’s office. When asked why, he said he assumed it was to compare them to prints found at the crime scene. When asked if he knew who Caylee’s father was, he said D. Case thought it was Jesse Grund, but he didn’t know how D. Casey knew this. After the fingerprinting, he took D. Casey to his car, and Cindy rode with Casey while he rode with George. Said George was stressed and depressed.

Said G. & C. never told him what they thought happened to Caylee and never mentioned Zenaida Gonzales to him. D. Casey said he had checked out several Zenaida’s in the Florida area.

Jim Hoover deposition part 4

The only person who ever mentioned the babysitter was Zenaida. George and Cindy felt they had thrown Casey under the bus–an example of how George did this was his saying the smell from the trunk might be a body.  From the way they acted, Jose Baez already knew Caitlynn, the ABC rep.  The only time Hoover was ever asked to do any investigative type work was when D. Casey asked him to help him look in the woods where Caylee was later found.  D. Casey called Hoover and asked him to meet him at his office.  When he got there, D. Casey told him that he knew where Caylee was and she was dead. He said D. Casey told him he knew this because he had received a “tip”.  He made 6-10 phone calls to someone that day, but Hoover doesn’t know to who.  Hoover doesn’t believe D. Casey always tells the truth.  That sometimes he exaggerated to “impress.” Said D. Casey had a blow out with Baez and stopped working for him in Sept/Oct.  He would talk about Baez.  Said Baez never paid D. Casey though he had expected to be paid.  D. Casey, after leaving Baez, then went to work for George and Cindy and also Casey Anthony.  D. Casey said Baez was trying to have an inappropriate relationship with Casey Anthony. (the licorice incident) Hoover didn’t believe that story as D. Casey had a beef with Baez.  Said he felt D. Casey and Cindy exhibited inappropriate behavior.  An example:  Cindy said to D. Casey that he was her rock as she held D. Casey’s hand.  (this was in front of Hoover and George.) Another example: Dominic and Cindy went off by themselves in Dominic’s car, and he (Hoover) drove George.  Dominic and Cindy were gone a very long time and didn’t answer the phone when he tried to call.  Thinks D. Casey is basically a good person and got caught up in this.  He felt he was less than truthful about who he was talking to on the phone while they were searching, but didn’t believe it was Cindy or George.

The first day they were looking for the body:  D. Casey directed them where to go–directly to the area where Caylee’s remains were later found.  D. Casey told him to wait in the car.  Hoover thinks it could “possibly” have been Lee he was talking with.  One of the reasons he thinks this is, Lee’s lawyer said he had seen Hoover’s videotape BEFORE it had been released and then backtracked.  Thought he knew more than he should have been able to know.  Hoover said more than once he was just guessing about Lee. D. Casey wanted Hoover to be there while he searched so that it could be documented.  They discussed that if they found her they would contact police and not touch anything.

Jim Hoover deposition part 5

He believed he had been brought along to help search for Caylee. The tip D. Casey said he had received came pretty close to where the body was.  Jim Hoover told D. Casey that he was going to be videotaping.  He thinks D. Casey was told the remains were not far from the road.  He videotaped him walking towards where she was eventually found and then in the opposite direction.  D. Casey said they were looking for 3 flat stones in a line.  They searched and D. Casey found three  12′ x 12′ x 2′ pavers. They were close to the edge of the woods. (5 or 6 feet from the road) The woods are 2 0r 3 blocks long and he still went very close to where Caylee was found. The pavers were obviously laid out, not “thrown” there randomly.  Morgan asked if he thought they might be out there trying to build an alibi? Hoover said no and at one point thought D. Casey was showboating.  He felt D. Casey might possibly have staged the whole thing.  When they left there they went to another location–the house everyone saw on the news.  Started ripping bags, etc. and he wondered why D. Casey was doing that.  They found three more pavers right in a line by that house. He thinks he wasn’t show boating for the defense but maybe for Cindy, in his opinion.  Maybe he was trying to impress her with his ability as a private investigator.  He only mentioned Zenaida Gonzales, the person that supposedly had the child, one time.  Morgan asked if he thought this was odd, since they believed ZG had a live Caylee with her?  Why wasn’t Zenaida Gonzales a 24 hour focus of  their investigation? Hoover didn’t know. They were in the woods 20 minutes the first day, the second location, the house, another 20 minutes or so.  After they left the house they went to the meet and greet where George and Cindy were selling t-shirts, profits of which he thought maybe went to Kidfinders.

2nd day: They searched the woods again.  D. Casey was aware that Hoover was filming even though D. Casey later told authorities that he didn’t know he (Hoover) was filming.  They found a blanket that Hoover picked up and put it back down.  Went closer to the area where Caylee’s remains were found and this is where D. Casey is seen on film sticking the rod in the ground.  They went back to the house and D. Casey poked the rod in the ground there.  They were at both sites approximately 20 minutes each.  Hoover was under the impression that  the area they were in had been searched before.  They never got to the exact spot where Caylee was eventually found.

They then left the site and went to the hotel where Michelle Bart was staying and had breakfast with her.

In hind sight, Hoover thought initially D. Casey was showboating for members of the family.  The second day, Hoover thought differently, thinking maybe they were following up on a legitimate tip.  He doesn’t believe D. Casey would do anything illegal, like try to establish an alibi for Casey Anthony.

After Caylee was found why didn’t Hoover call police and tell them about the tip in the woods?  D. Casey told Hoover he had forwarded all tips to the police.  Hoover was not the lead investigator so left it to D. Casey.  This was the only time Hoover “knew of”  that D. Casey went looking for a body.  Hoover doesn’t know when D. Casey told police about the tip.

After the remains were located,  Hoover asked D. Casey, don’t they know we were in that area a month ago and D. Casey said they already knew.  D. Casey told Hoover Casey Anthony never talked about the case with him while she was in jail.


IMO, the most important thing that came from this interview was the pavers–especially if they can be tied back to the Anthony house and the pavers George and Cindy used under Caylee’s playhouse.  If it has been established that any were missing, then I’d say that was pretty damning.

I thought the videos of Jim Hoover painted him in a better light than the transcript of the interview LE had with him.  He’s much more believable on tape. Contrast that to D. Casey’s interview with LE on video.

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  1. Mona permalink
    March 26, 2009 12:34 pm

    What an IDIOT!!!! This guy is more nervous than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

    Mona–I thought that at first, but in the end, I think he came across quite believable.

  2. BEES KNEES permalink
    March 26, 2009 12:34 pm

    Just got through the first one. Wow!!! Is he ever nervous!

    Bees Knees–I just finished all the tapes. He did seem nervous, but I have to say, I agree with what he said on that first tape and second tape–what do any of the personal questions about his occupation, etc. have to do with this case?

  3. Hilde permalink
    March 26, 2009 3:11 pm

    I just just started to watch the first Video and I must say it is hard to watch.
    I can see why Jim Hoover is getting uneasy to answer some of the Questions
    which I believe have nothing to do with the Anthony Case, like the Questions about being a Body Guard for A Celebrity, Politician or whoever and who they are, Morgan keeps on asking that Question over and over.
    Yes Mr. Hoover seems to be nervous and uneasy but that I wouldn’t hold against him, he just felt some of the Questions weren’t important and shouldn’t be asked.

    I must say I don’t agree with some of the Questions Mr. Morgan ask for the simple Reason, some of them just have nothing to do with his Clients Case.
    I will try to watch the Rest of the Videos when I get a Chance, those Depositions really are taking a long Time, longer than I thought they would be and maybe should be, that is just my Opinion.

    Hilde–we are in complete agreement about Mr. Morgan’s line of questioning–as well as not holding it against Hoover for being nervous.

  4. BEES KNEES permalink
    March 26, 2009 3:30 pm

    As far as I’m concerned I don’t care if the questions are related to the ZG case or not. Anything that helps shine some truth on this mess and brings Caylee’s murderer brought to justice is just fine by me. The defense has been playing dirty right from the start. You gotta fight fire with fire so let’s go!

    Bees Knees–The prosecution has to be a lot more careful than the defense, I think. Is Morgan fishing for the prosecution? I don’t know. Can any of this be used at the trial. I don’t know that either, but I think NG said it could last night?

  5. March 26, 2009 6:00 pm

    Hilde, I think Morgan was asking weird questions to establish if Hoover was really a PI or just some bar bouncer doing some sort of PI work once in a while.

    Thanks for clearing that up, John. I was wondering as well.

  6. ostella permalink
    March 26, 2009 6:01 pm

    So the Anthonys never once mentioned the “kidnapper” ZG to THEIR hired PIs?! Never asked them to maybe try tracking her down?! And meanwhile they were yelling at the media and ordering them to “get off THEIR asses and find Caylee”…???!!! And once the coast was clear, the mentally-challenged Hardy Boys went poking thru the woods looking for Caseys buried treasure… I am constsntly blown away by how STUPID these people are!!!!

    Ostella–I think that the fact that the Anthonys were not spending their every waking moment thinking about Zenaida Gonzales is downright shocking. It tells me they never considered that someone by that name might have really taken Caylee.

  7. Cheer4kids permalink
    March 26, 2009 7:20 pm

    Wow! Did he think he HAD to answer the questions? You’d think he’d never heard of the 5th Amendment or sticking to the reason he was there, a civil case! I am glad he talked and “spilled the beans”. We want to hear what REALLY was going on, who better than someone who was on the inside and witnessed the CRAZINESS in the Anthony family, and those they allowed close. I’d like my own copy of the video just to refer back to when the criminal trial begins and the denials begin. Poor guy, they are going to do everything to discredit this guy. Hope there aren’t any skeletons in his closet. So, where can I get a copy? It’s great footage. Who video taped it? I didn’t think anyone in the press was allowed in the room. Great quality! Coodo’s to the videographer!!!

    Cheer4kids–They are on YouTube:

  8. Hilde permalink
    March 26, 2009 7:33 pm

    Thanks John, for clearing this up for me.
    I was really confused by the Questions Mr. Morgan did ask.
    It makes Sense what You are saying.

  9. LVSusie permalink
    March 26, 2009 8:43 pm

    This is off topic but has anyone noticed the last 2 times Casey has been in court her a Baez arent making googoo eyes and smiling at each other any more, and did you notice the other day after he got out of court he had a little press conference and said she is innocent instead of not guily, well at the end he said she is not guily, but thats what reports were saying on the news he must be listening to what everyone is saying. Also Casey must know alot to cause I remember on Nancy Gracy one body language gal said see how she holds her hand when she is sworn in its tilted back that means she is lying. Well this time she stuck it right up straight up and down. So it seems to me they are watching everything that is being said I mean every little thing. sorry off topic but didnt know where to write it and it was on my mind.

    Interesting observations, Susie!

  10. detwill39 permalink
    March 26, 2009 8:46 pm

    IMO Morgan was doing a great job desposing Hoover. Jim appeared to be a bit embarassed at the beginning due to the questions being asked. The way Morgan posed the questions seemed to relax Hoover and I thing Morgan got the answers he was looking for. You could almost say that Morgan was doing a pre-pre trial investigation and using Zenaida as an excuse to get another feather in his hat. I watched Hoover’s body language and unless he is a darn good actor, he was being forthright in his responses.

    The interesting asides…Cindy and Dominic Casey…oh wow! Baez and Casey sharing licorice..hope they didn’t spill any drool down the licorice sticks. Two things of interest..George saying that he and Cindy wouldn’t be together because they were accusing each other of throwing Casey under the bus…this was very damaging, also, Lee may have been the tipster who instructed Dominic to go look for a dead Caylee.

    I agree with you, detwill, that Hoover appeared forthright in his responses and that Morgan knew just how to word things to get answers out of him. Hoover probably said more than he intended because of Morgan’s skill as an interviewer.

    I read that there was no way the licorice stick incident could have really happened because the jail had been remodeled long ago and it would be impossible to stick the licorice through to her. That would make Hoover’s statement that he thought D. Casey “exaggerated” the truth to make himself look better ring true.

  11. detwill39 permalink
    March 26, 2009 8:56 pm

    LVSusie~~body language and how we phrase things play a huge part in guilt/innocence or truth/lies. I believe Casey had handcuffs on one time she tried to raise her right hand. That was the court visit when Judge Strickland ordered her to come in.

  12. Mona permalink
    March 27, 2009 8:41 am

    Morgan did a great job! Hoover had shifty eyes, fidgeted the entire time, had a dry mouth and tried to pass it off on Prednisone because of his bad asthma. Morgan made him look like a complete moron while inflating his ego and Hoover fell for it LOL did you notice when Morgan would make a comment about how good Hoover was at his job that Hoover would get this big smile?
    I wouldn’t hire this idiot if he was the last PI on earth!

    Mona–I agree with you that Morgan used flattery to coax answers that Hoover might not have given otherwise out of him. I think Hoover was nervous–who wouldn’t be? I have to say that I thought he came across pretty honest in his answers. JMO

  13. itsamysterytome permalink*
    March 27, 2009 10:27 am

    Hi! I responded to everyone above within their comments!

  14. ostella permalink
    March 27, 2009 1:58 pm

    Hi everybody! I know this is off topic, but I just read that the newest addition to the the defense team, Todd Macarena/Macademia/MacLoser (whatever his name is) might get booted off the team…what a cryin shame… Apparently his clients’ private money has a habit of illegally funneling into his pockets…you can read about it here if you’re interested:
    I feel like I’m constantly pimping Blink’s articles over here, but she really has some great info! 🙂

  15. itsamysterytome permalink*
    March 27, 2009 2:18 pm

    Ostella–I read that a while back that he was being brought before the Bar for wiping out a client’s account. He said it was an “accounting error” by his staff while out of town, (yeah, right) I think it was thousands and thousands of dollars. Another fine example of Baez being too lazy (or just not caring) to check out the people he has on his team.

    I don’t mind you plugging Blink On Crime here at all–or any other site that is useful. Blink’s in my blogroll for everyone to check out and I happen to think her site is one of the most interesting around.

  16. HollyGurl permalink
    March 28, 2009 11:15 am

    Hoover seems like a very nice and honest man, he seemed to answer all
    of the questions truthfully and if he was nervous maybe he has reasons for that.
    We should be glad he came forward with his information and gave the videos to the Police otherwise nobody would have ever known about the Anthonys sending Dominic C to search the woods.
    I got a big laugh about Cindy and Dominic having their little affair. When Dominic was driving Cindy to the Ritz and a long time went by and they were “missing”, Hoover kept calling them , no answer…hahahaha….bet Cindy and Dominic were in the back seat and the windows were steamy.

  17. itsamysterytome permalink*
    March 28, 2009 3:38 pm


    I agree with you. I thought Hoover appeared to be a decent guy. I think maybe D. Casey tried to discredit him when he realized the tapes existed and that they were gonna mean he (D. Casey) had some “s’plainin’ to do” (as do the Anthonys. Their depositions are scheduled for April 9th I believe–don’t quote me on that date, though) I think Hoover gives D. Casey too much credit when he says he believes D. Casey is basically an honest guy and that he wouldn’t go so far as to do something illegal.

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