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George and Cindy Anthony appear on The Early Show

April 22, 2009

Here’s part 1 of The Early Show interview with George and Cindy Anthony.  I’ll add part 2 tomorrow as soon as it’s up.  I warn you though, it will irritate you to no end.  The Anthonys are meek and mild in this one–the exact opposite of their unbelievable behavior during the Zenaida depositions.  And as we suspected, George did a good job at the end of part 1 in setting up tomorrow’s interview–the topic?  My guess is it’s their new “foundation” to help the families of missing children.

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  1. laura permalink
    April 22, 2009 9:29 am

    When dumb and dumber said Casey wouldn’t hurt anyone did they not think it hurt Caylee that her mom (very loosely use the term mom) did not report her missing for 31 days? I would think that hurt a lot, but what do I know? I mean le could have probably found the nanny and returned Caylee unharmed if you believe that story. How stupid do they think we are? I can spot a liar a mile away but I could spot these idiots 500 miles away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Diana permalink
    April 22, 2009 9:30 am

    They make me sick.

  3. laura permalink
    April 22, 2009 9:37 am

    Prevost I know you are on the prowl- I left you messages every where about rolling eyes be careful they may get stuck back there….. These money hungry baby killers aren’t going away soon and I do worry about your eyes. lol

  4. chuck permalink
    April 22, 2009 9:41 am

    George and Cindy Anthony are lying, lying, lying, lying, lying, lying threw their teeth to save their scumbag murdering daughter, and also make a name for themselves and still make money off of their poor little dead grandaughter..I hear CBS has paid the Anthonys in neigherhood of $10,000 for the lying Bullcrap they said on TV..TV AND RADIO STATIONS SHOULD NOT BE PAYING THESE SCUMBAGS FOR NOTHING…The dirtbag Anthonys are trying to fool the world by going on TV, in hopes of tainting the jury pool for their piece of crap daughter…They are also going to try to get donations for their new campaiign..They should be looked up in jail…

  5. Rebecca permalink
    April 22, 2009 9:47 am

    I saw it this morning. Wasn’t worth getting up early for. Same old stuff. I can’t believe Cindy still sits there with that dumb look on her face claiming Casey is a great mother and wouldn’t harm her child. Why was she trying to get custody of Caylee then? And all this truth stuff they keep saying. The truth will come out at trial. Why not tell us now? Because we already know it, that’s why. I think Cindy thinks that at trial they will hand Casey a Mother of the Year Award. That’s ok Cindy, if she gets life in prison, I will make one for her. NOT.

  6. prevost1580 permalink
    April 22, 2009 9:51 am

    O.K! Laura, I’m not going to roll my eyes but I’m going to need to go work out. lol~ Was Georgette ok with the words, Skeletal remains.

    George & Cindy are NOT the victims but the media really makes it easy for them to continue on with their whining about “poor me” What about us?! What cowards.

    BTW! The A’s do not think crasey murdered Caylee?!!!! So it must have been,Zanny. These ppl are dispicable. OK! I can not listen to anymore.

  7. chuck permalink
    April 22, 2009 9:55 am

    prevost1580,,,,,First of all, Nobody has seen Zanny the Nanny, execept for the lying bullshit artist Casey…So I guess Zanny the Nanny is hiding out somewhere, or maybe she feel off the face of the earth..This case is “A JOKE FULL OF LIES…………..

  8. BEES KNEES permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:06 am

    I would encourage you to email CBS with your comments. As of right now there are approx. 135 negative comments on their site. They say they want viewers feedback so give it to them.

    here’s how:

  9. TAS permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:09 am

    JMO, They have told the TRUTH the first time and that’s what matters and its in black and white…. I believe they are just putting themselves in deeper, this is good for the prosecution, it just proves that Geo and Cindy are horrible liars cannot put out a true story and getting cot with many different B.S. stories…..LET the FOOLS speak, its all going to go against them and Crazy Casey. This is NOT helping the CRAZY MURDERER its just putting her in a worse situation…. Maybe this could be Cindy’s way to put her crazy daughter behind bars for the rest of her life….

  10. BEES KNEES permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:16 am

    One of the CBS bloggers really did their homework and posted all of CBS’s sponsors, so I’m adding it here in case anyone wants to put in some serious time to contact some or all of them with your opinion. I’m going to see how many I can cover in one hour which to me sounds like a reasonable amount of time to donate to “the cause.”

    Sponsors for CBS news this morning:

    Immediately before:
    2. Hair Cuttery
    3. Kanes Furniture
    4. Steak N Shake
    5. Toyota Orlando
    6. Cantina Laredo

    Just After interview:

    1. Folgers
    2. Volkswagon
    3. Zyrtec

    Sponsors of the segment:

    1. Walmart
    2. Kellogs
    3. Snuggle
    4. Chiles Rest.
    5. Claritin
    6. Fancy Feast
    7. Travelers Insurance
    8. Health Central

  11. TAS permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:16 am

    Chuck, well said…..the funny thing is that they never looked for a nanny was never done by the Anthony’s….they are pathetic….the only nanny Crazy new was xanex and trunk that was the NANNY!

  12. BEES KNEES permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:17 am

    TAS, I love your giggling puppy avatar! Too cute.

  13. TAS permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:19 am

    thanks Bees, and thanks for posting CBS’s sponsors…good to know!

  14. Hilde permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:21 am

    the Questions asked in this CBS Interview with the Anthony’s this Morning I thought were good but it looked to me like the Interviewer was very careful as not to make the Anthony’s angry when she did ask them the Questions.
    Here again like expected the Anthony’s either dogded most of the Questions or
    lied about it when answering.
    Like in the past Interviews they were very predictable how they answered the Questions. Why even bother asking them anything, we will
    never hear the Truth from them about anything, like Casey would say “Huge Waste of time”.
    This Case is so ridicules and time consuming.
    To try to find a Speck of Truth in all those Lies the Anthony’s, especially Casey and also so many other Players in this Case, is like finding a Needle in a Hay Stack!

  15. itsamysterytome permalink*
    April 22, 2009 10:24 am

    Laura–The prosecutors, when questioning Cindy on the stand, should ask that question.–“You say your daughter wouldn’t hurt anyone? What about you, Mrs. Anthony? By your own admission, you stated that you had never gone more than 2 days without seeing your granddaughter, Caylee. Did Casey Anthony not hurt you profoundly by withholding Caylee from you for 31 days? Did you not write similar words in an open letter titled “My Caylee is missing.” on your MySpace acct?”

  16. PHILBURT permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:24 am

    I think “Zanny” was really xanax. Casey would give caylee a good dose, and use the chloriform to quickly subdue that poor little girl, close the trunk and go on her partying ways. The forisics, cell phone/text timeline, and statements made will seal the deal against Casey. Her parents sadly are so totally in denial. I also think the body was moved to the location it was found later (possibly by Lee)

  17. itsamysterytome permalink*
    April 22, 2009 10:25 am

    Geez, Chuck! Are you telling us that the Anthony’s double-crossed Oprah for a measly $10,000? That wouldn’t even pay their grocery bill for a month now that they’ve had a taste of the Ritz!

  18. itsamysterytome permalink*
    April 22, 2009 10:26 am

    Bees Knees!!
    Thanks for those addresses. I think we should all spend a little time letting them know what we think.

  19. itsamysterytome permalink*
    April 22, 2009 10:29 am

    TAS–They are fools with a capital F. And I agree with you. Their first statements were the truth and those statements will come back to take big juicy bites outta their butts!

    Whether Cindy is doing it consciously or unconsciously she is helping seal her daughter’s fate.

  20. itsamysterytome permalink*
    April 22, 2009 10:30 am

    Hilde-They will not be able to dodge questions at the trial. They may try, but they will find themselves in contempt of court if they do.

  21. Hilde permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:32 am

    Bees Knees. thank You for all the Info, very helpful :):

  22. April 22, 2009 10:33 am

    Same old crap coming out of the scumbags. The Anthony’s were probably warned to not yell or talk too loud, definitely coached to try to act like NORMAL human beings. They still are sorry excuses of grandparents!!!! Cindy Anthony said that Crazy Casey was such a “good” mother!!! That’s why Cindy Anthony told her she was going to take Caylee away from her. Cindy Anthony said Crazy Casey was “scared” to call the police during those 31 days. Yeah right, she looks real scared in those pictures on the stripper pole and at target on her shopping sprees!!!!

    Since Caylee’s scumbag family hasn’t lifted a finger to give Caylee the justice she deserves, it will surely come from all the evidence and from the jury at trial that will prove a little girl convulsed with terror while she breathed her last breath at the hands of her so called “mother” if you can call her that, while she had her mouth duct taped and later placed her little lifeless body in a bag where laundry should be and not a 2-year old little girl and then later dumped in the woods while her decomposing body was left there to be devoured by animals while Crazy Casey climbed into bed with her boyfriend!!!


  23. itsamysterytome permalink*
    April 22, 2009 10:34 am


    I agree with you about the Xanax.

    Not sure if I agree with you about the Anthonys. Being in denial is one thing–Deliberately changing their story says to me they are very much aware of what they are doing and saying.

    Also don’t agree that the body was moved. What would be the purpose of moving it? I can’t imagine her family would have had the stomach to move Caylee from one location to another, plus the Anthonys were cleared of fingerprints on the duct tape. (not Casey, though)

  24. itsamysterytome permalink*
    April 22, 2009 10:37 am


    Yep. There’s no way to get around her behavior after her daughter went missing. Even if she says she was “acting” NOBODY is that good of an actor. She was having the time of her life with her newfound “freedom.”

  25. April 22, 2009 12:17 pm

    Couldn’t bring myself to watch the show,and from what everyone says I didn’t miss anything. Just the Anthony’s lying again. Some people say they are in denial,I just don’t buy that. Cindy thinks if she double talks,she can convince everyone Casey is innocent. During the deposition,when asked if any other person had talked about Zany,she said Caylee had talked about Zany’s dog,and that the dog was a person. What kind of crap is that.I guess they claim their dog(person)on their income tax. Casey is just like Cindy,they will lie and deny.Even when confronted with their own lies,they deny they lied.

  26. TAS permalink
    April 22, 2009 12:20 pm

    Crazy Casey was NEVER afraid to call the authorities, the tramp walked with her head up high and proud, she thought in her own rejected mind that she will never get cot and have put the blame on someone else in killing Caylee….Casey never thought in her demented mind that this would of exploded so huge…..Reality has kicked her in the face and she knows she’s doomed…Cindy and George are just trying to mess with peoples heads and to have a change of heart….A little late for there B.S. stories…..People don’t forget that easily or give them any sympathy, they are in toooooo deep. Cindy and George seems like they were heavy medicated on the Today Show lol….what a difference from the show and when they had there depo. with Morgan….I guess they will medicate themselves to be calm when money is involved…

  27. TAS permalink
    April 22, 2009 12:23 pm

    er margie ~ That’s what the Anthony’s know how to do best… to DENY & LIE….They are scumbags.

  28. April 22, 2009 12:27 pm

    Their lawyer probly told them to keep calm,or he would drop them. I’d be ashamed to have my clients acting like they did at the deposition. His lawyer buddies are probly saying “can’t you put a muzzle on your clients”

  29. TAS permalink
    April 22, 2009 12:33 pm

    er margie, your right that wouldn’t surprise me that Conway had to threaten them to get there acts together and not act like trash… they do need a permanent muzzle and the only way they get that removed is with surgery!…One more thing the GUM CHEWING…..that is disgusting…..neither of them were not chewing cud on the today show…..

  30. Augie983 permalink
    April 22, 2009 12:47 pm

    I think it was that called the Early Show appearance the Alibi Tour


    (just found that site by accident while surfing out Huckaby and recall Cindy’s family member Shirley Pleasea in email to her sister mentioned that Cindy had talked about offing herself but she wouldn’t because of Caylee.

    Cindy Anthony contemplated suicide several times, she tells CBS’ “Early Show” in an interview to air Thursday morning.

    “Cindy reveals that George wasn’t the only one who considered suicide. She did, too,” “Early Show” anchor Maggie Rodriguez told me. “She wrote several suicide notes. Then Casey came home for the first time. When they released her the first time, Cindy says they sat together and prayed, and Casey kept her from going through with it.”

    Cindy Anthony “told me with tears in her eyes” that it was “something she had never confessed before,” Rodriguez said.

    Rodriguez said she had 30 minutes with the couple after the show. She said the interview could run 10 or 20 minutes — which would be an eternity in television. She added that it’s likely the entire interview will be posted at

    How did Rodriguez gain the interview over Oprah Winfrey?

    “I dont’ know their dealings with Oprah,” Rodriguez said. “We have been working to secure the interview for many months.” Rodriguez said she had reached out repeatedly to the couple and Conway. Source Orlando Sentinel April 22, 2009 by Hal Boedeker

    Oh, that secret meeting Baez wanted from the judge? It’s now reported it was due to the fact he wanted to SECRETLY get the records of 12 of the prosecution witnesses’ phone records including Kronk’s and Amy Huezinga (Tracy’s friend).

    Defense attorney Jose Baez tried to keep his strategy secret, but after Circuit Judge Stan Strickland refused to meet secretly to discuss sending secret subpoenas to witnesses, WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer said Baez filed an unnecessary court motion that will bring unwanted attention.

    “Asking the court’s permission to do something you have permission to do to begin with,” Sheaffer explained.

    Sheaffer said Baez could’ve identified the witnesses’ cell phone providers during depositions and then subpoenaed the companies’ records directly. Instead, he’s asked the judge’s permission.

    ”That will force Baez to tell the court what relevance these phone records may have to the defense,” Sheaffer explained.

    That includes if he’s asked for more witnesses’ records than he really wants as a way to try to cover his tracks. Baez is also asking for the unlimited, detailed cell phone records for Casey’s parents and her brother. Her parents’ lawyer says they’ll hand them over, but they have no idea why Casey would want them, Source

  31. Augie983 permalink
    April 22, 2009 12:58 pm

    Phone records: this has been bugging me since day one regarding Casey Anthony and phone records of others:

    When I was on heinous triple-murder jury (3-months of jury hell and working full time in tandem) only a year ago

    ….the cell phone company of the shooter/killer was on the stand with the pings, maps, etc and stated that phone records of customers are not kept permanently. If I recall correctly ….he stated they were kept available for 90-days and then erased to make room. (He was from Verizon)

    I made a mental note of that during the trial since it bothered me regarding crime issues since many investigations take so long to identify the killer/criminal and those valuable phone pings, text records and call records would be long gone by the time investigations nabbed someone.

    I doubt PD is allowed to subpoena phone records based on someone being questioned since I think it would be required to have “cause” to get that subpoena, right? It is unreasonable for us to assume companies have the funds to store endless information but at the same time it bugged me and still bugs me.

  32. gigicats6 permalink
    April 22, 2009 1:07 pm

    i think the anthony’s are only making matters worse for casey. at least when they seemed more honest, admitting to the smell in the car, admitting their daughter was lying, admitting they were just as confused about her behavior and questioning if she was guilty, they were way more likeable. i think then a jury would not have chosen the death sentence out of sympathy for them and because of already losing caylee. BUT, as they lie now, they are turning people against them, and more against casey, and there will be no sympathy. it’s a shame, they’re hurting their daughter more, but they think they are protecting her.

  33. MAND permalink
    April 22, 2009 1:25 pm

    I don’t think Cindy really cares about KC..Cindy is looking out for her and George…she knows KC is guilty but that is done and over with and there is nothing she can do to bring Caylee back and she knows KC is as well as convicted…so why not make the best of a bad situation? Cindy wants to be a celeb…she loves the camera…today she was the poor grieving mother/grandmother..playing it up to have pity on her and George….now flip back to the depo video and you see the gang-bangin..wad chewin..hard A$$ in your face Cindy..but still playing it up to the camera..she know just where that camera is at all time and should she lose it see her looking for the light.
    She loves going on the talk shows..being put up at the best hotels eating at 5 star restaurants…and being driven around in Limos…and being paid to boot.
    Cindy knew the day she smelled the car that something bad had happened and KC was responsible for whatever it turned out to be.
    Cindy is looking to get something out of this for her and Georgie Boy..and this is a start..and speaking engagements..the foundation..all this due to KC…so if they have to tell a few lies to cover her sorry A$$ what the HeLL.
    Conway is looking for his fame and fortune just like the rest.

  34. LVSusie permalink
    April 22, 2009 1:41 pm

    While I was watching and listening to the interview I noticed there body language Cindy was saying yes and her head was shaking no, George was shrugging his shoulders and looking down and away as his mouth was giving away his body language as well when ever Cindy would speak, look at Cindy’s face when she says *we know what kind of mother she was* look at her mouth after she says this and see what it tells you

  35. April 22, 2009 2:47 pm

    ‘SHOW ME DA MONEY”….That’s all these liars care about at this point!
    This is probably the first time they have ever had enough money to pay their bills, and George doesn’t have to keep looking for a job! How much more are they going to dishonor and degrade little Caylee? How much lower can they get?? It’s SHAMEFUL!

  36. April 22, 2009 4:06 pm

    Yeah… thinking about it I believe your right, they have both contradicted their stories from what they both said in the beginning. If Casey’s lawyer doesn’t at least give her the options availed to her now that the death penalty is back on the table, then he’s either a fool, or out for number one. With the evidence so overwhelming, I think she should seriuosly consider a plea. George, Cindy, and Lee know more than they’re telling.

  37. prevost1580 permalink
    April 22, 2009 4:41 pm

    Definitely a different tone,when talking with their beloved media friends vrs. LE & attorneys. Again! I ask, how are the A’s getting away this???!!!

  38. Ponder'er permalink
    April 22, 2009 4:45 pm

    Just want to be a fly on the wall of that Anthony household when it sinks in they’re machinations could have the very person “who threatens their lives” in order to stay out of jail for murder

    – under their roof again to steal/snuff a living breathing beings, their wallets, piggy banks, grandparents, friends, food freezer, check books, credit cards, hack bank accounts, pole dance, surf killing techniques, escort services and bring one-night standers home when they’re at work

    – to keep funding “who threatens the lives” of the very parent she so profusely mocked, criticized and could have had behind bars for incestuous claims of molestation and more.

  39. T-L-I-O-T-G permalink
    April 22, 2009 10:58 pm

    Suicide attempt EH!!can’t stop laughing,this is a joke rite!!
    Well next time they can sign a pact,to go together.EAT the gun folks,the headlines would read -gone and forgotten…..
    see they had to find an out ,Oprah was gonna rip em a new and they new this[must have got the Question sheet]and in front of how many millions,SiNdy didn’t like the odds.
    Did any one take note of how she was in the eyes,looks like she was with Xannex A.K.A[the nanny].
    When the prosecutor gets his/her hands on this one,she won’t know her arse from a hole in the ground.This one really needs to go to jail for a couple of weeks,then she will sign like a canary.

  40. thecla permalink
    April 22, 2009 11:20 pm

    mystery and everybody, I didn’t get to watch the A’s on The Early Show today but I saw some of it replayed on NG. I really wasn’t surprised that Cindy had thought of suicide but the time line does not fit. Anybody notice that? Why kill yourself if you still believe she is alive somewhere? The contradictions in their statements are astonishing. I am thinking there is a fine line between standing up for your daughter and becoming a partner in the heinous crime she committed. I believe they have crossed over that line and who is on the opposite side? Precious little Caylee and all the people who want justice for her. The lines are drawn and the battle is on. May justice prevail.

  41. April 22, 2009 11:46 pm


  42. Jill from Western Australia permalink
    April 23, 2009 1:41 am

    Hey Mystery ~ the Ants names have been removed from the agenda of the Melanie memorial conference…I read about it on wftv…the victims advocasy people are not happy. YIPPEE!!

    Re Spindy trying to commit suicide

    ♫ Anything George can do I can do better ♫

    My advice to her..”If at first you don’t succeed..TRY TRY TRY AGAIN” {please!}

    Pathetic weak interview…give that girl a wet piece of spaghetti!
    We knew that they would act like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths during the interview because ranting and raving won’t get them the $moolah$ that they are after grrrrr 😈

  43. augie permalink
    April 23, 2009 10:09 am

    A bit off topic…last night we were watching TV, one of the typical cop/mystery shows wherein parents with missing child was the plot. Naturally the parents stood before the media sobbed and begged the abductor to bring the child back in that typical direct message parents are recommended to give to the abductor…the motivation to do so (so says FBI) is to “humanize” the victim to the abductor in hopes the victim will not be killed.

    It made me think . . .I cannot recall any of the Anthony’s – including Casey in and out of jail – standing in front of the frenzied media and “imploring the abductors to let Caylee come home” albeit they screamed and ranted at everyone and anyone to go find missing Caylee (while they did no such thing themselves).

    Also, as poor and struggling as the father of Haleigh Cummings is . . isnt’ there a reward offered via an agency that receives donations to do so?

    I don’t recall the Anthony’s arranging with known reward providers nor themselves to offer a reward for the return of the child.

    It was Padilla, right? ….who offered a reward if Caylee was brought home alive

    ….but the Anthony’s, no, for the life of me I cannot recall them attempting to create, fund, nor offer reward for her return NOR can I recall them even holding a presser to “implore the abductor” to bring the child home let alone “humanize” Caylee in the kidnapper’s mind

    ….even when they (claim) they new the abductor’s name/address/phone . . . etc.

  44. augie permalink
    April 23, 2009 10:15 am

    Oh – last nights public airing of Cindy Anthony’s voice mail message left for one of the officers wherein she said “….Casey could not have done this alone and must have had help” was Nancy Grace’s “bombshell” wherein the panel were in agreement that Cindy knew it was all Casey (and no Zanny)

    that voice mail was left during the era of “missing” Caylee but (I think) after the sun-baked-stench-wreaked car was found

  45. ostella permalink
    April 23, 2009 10:48 am

    Such an obvious scam. A pity party for the enablers. Cindy contemplated suicide? Get real…that statement alone could bury that gutterslut daughter of hers. We’re supposed to believe she was so depressed, ready to end it all, when that whole time she INSISTED Caylee was alive, and was gonna be home for her 3rd birthday? Conway must be an idiot to let these people hang themselves like this…

  46. Michaela permalink
    April 23, 2009 11:12 am

    Cindy’s suicidal contemplations she claims now that she’s pointing to were at the time Caylee was “missing” while they were thrashing and bashing the LE and media to search for a missing tot.

    It was repulsive to listen to her claim it’s Casey who talked her into sticking around for Caylee’s sake and they “prayed together”. Pu h-leaze!

    It’s Cindy herself who ranted and raved at what a POS her daughter was/is and what a crap selfish person/mother Casey was.

    To listen to her propaganda now as to what a great mom Casey was AND Cindy’s repeated statements as to how UNINVOLVED she was in parenting Caylee to deflect the personal attacks (made by all) as to how OVER involved she was by her own daughter and others, makes her even more repulsive, squared.

  47. MAND permalink
    April 23, 2009 11:15 am

    Augie you are so right…they never..not once asked that Caylee’s abductor/abductors..release her..nor did they use the phone#s to try and reach Zanny by phone or go to the addresses Cindy says she had.
    Sounds like they were very concerned…but about what???

    You’re right Ostella..why in the hell would Cindy contemplate suicide when she was screaming at everyone that Caylee was alive and had been sighted from coast to coast and Puerto Rico?? By saying this now does she expect to gain our sympathy??
    I think most will think as Jill said..if at first you don’t succeed,,TRY..TRY AGAIN!!!

  48. augie permalink
    April 23, 2009 12:01 pm

    Anthonys removed from Victim-Family conference appearance because
    organizers of the event received hate mail and threats.

    I know Marc Klass was not pleased with their going, victims families aren’t apt to sympathize with accused murderer’s families supporting the murderer no matter how closely related they are.


    reading the hundreds of comments at & just spotted someone posting

    ….that Lee Anthony’s girlfriend is pregnant . . .giving Cindy and George another grandchild.

    Can this family do ANYthing right? Have they never heard of “safe sex”?

  49. Sahar permalink
    April 23, 2009 12:16 pm

    Found on

    “maybe everyone should get on a letter writing campaign to place an official victim’s advocate and voice for Caylee in all of this.”

    That poor child is already a fading memory for the Anthony’s. George and Cindy both RESENT her NAME even be spoken and attack those who dare to speak of her.

  50. augie permalink
    April 23, 2009 12:47 pm

    MAND… when you recall those planned press events with parents speaking TO the abductor of a kidnapped person (child or adult) there’s usually a large contingent of investigators, officers and I think even DA’s hovering around the parents making their plea to the abductor and to photograph the public hovering around just in case.

    I find it difficult to fathom that with all the agencies involved during Caylee being kidnapped theatrics that the Anthony’s would not have been advised by the FBI and all other state law enforcement to make that public plea which never happened.

    The Anthony’s were endlessly in front of the camera whether by personal choice on talk shows and more … and/or swamped by the frenzied press and NOT ONCE did they “speak to the kidnapper” Cindy claims to have known name and more about to bring the baby . . . they claim they can’t live without . . . home.

    Since George and Cindy got that horrific wreaking car back before they even found Casey at Tony Lazarro’s …. and never once implored for the return of the baby and NEVER once has demanded the search for a Zenaida nanny

    … they knew.

    Seems Lee’s “I’m keeping my promise to you CMA” at the memorial with a lap top cam he brought to the podium beaming his message to Baez and Casey at the jail …. seems to be more of a confirmation that they ALL knew the child was dead

    ….and screw the nation who continued to spend millions upon millions to find what they knew was a dead child while accusing anyone and everyone else, screaming slanderous remarks and insults at people for looking for a dead child (EQUUS, et al) and at those for not finding the child they knew couldn’t be found alive.

    I thought our nation couldn’t be more shamed after what we’ve done to the world around us, but the Anthony’s take it to levels of hell like no others.

  51. nena22303 permalink
    April 23, 2009 12:51 pm

    GEEZ they are getting a lot of money from Caylee’s memory…IF I was them and getting all this money I would hire all the PI’s I could to find Zanny and bring her to justice…seriously they know there’s no Zanny if there was their interviews would consist of begging people for information on her.

  52. Sahar permalink
    April 23, 2009 1:00 pm

    Has anyone noticed that the Anthony’s have no hesitation nor sensitive moments to speak of wonderful, stellar mom of the millenium Casey, Casey and Casey again but the second that Caylee is brought up they get outraged and hostile?

    On the morning show Caylee’s name is used to ask George’s fondest memory of her and he says there’s no time for that.

    If, by the way, it’s true Lee’s GF is preggers, one has to wonder what kind of IDIOT or freak that girlfriend is herself to tie herself to that freaking family let alone risk having them as role models for her child.

  53. MAND permalink
    April 23, 2009 6:00 pm

    Augie…you are so right…now that you have brought it up I do wonder why this was never done by the Anthony’s and if they were asked to do so…what was their reason for not doing it??
    It’s unbelievable how these people lie..they think nothing of how they have changed their story to conform to KC’s…but as I have said I don’t think they really care…what we are seeing is G&C setting up their future..
    I wonder how many xanax Cindy took before the morning show? She was out of it..look closely at the eyes..they were glazed over..thus the whisper of a voice…WHAT A PIECE OF WORK????

  54. ostella permalink
    April 23, 2009 9:59 pm

    Mand, ya, she was obviously sedated during the CBS interview…Georgette is probably spiking Cindy’s coffee with Xanax or Oxycontin so he doesn’t have to deal with that Wolverine Bitch he shares a house with. That nut needs a padded room when she’s not sedated…

  55. MAND permalink
    April 23, 2009 10:18 pm

    Ostella…you bet your butt she was sedated on the morning show…have you ever heard her speak in such a whisper??? Like I said look in those eyes..glazed…I unlike Cindy remember what I learned as a nurse!!
    Old Georgie Boy is just as nuts as she is…he wants everyone to think she controls him..that way he has an excuse for his stupidity..remember she has taken care of him through the marriage…Georgie doesn’t work Ostella…they are made for each other…and I hate the way he screws up his face and bats those eyes…WHAT A MAN???JMO.

  56. augie983 permalink
    April 24, 2009 8:48 am

    morning coffee spurt out of nose news:

    In a text message to WKMG-Channel 6, Cindy said, “BTW I cancelled (sic) on Oprah because of integrity.”

    then on the sentinel’s front page:

    “As The Early Show concluded its two-part interview with the Anthonys, WESH countered with an exclusive interview with Anthony attorney José Baez.

    “Obviously, what happened in the woods is critical,” Baez told WESH, alluding to a wooded area where the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony were discovered in December.

    WESH reporter Bob Kealing conducted a half-hour interview with Baez this week that will be spread among other reports in coming weeks.

  57. ostella permalink
    April 24, 2009 10:14 am

    This has to be the dumbest woman alive. She double crossed Oprah and then publically insulted her. Oprah has the power to BURY THE ENTIRE ANTHONY FAMILY. I can only hope she launches a fullscale attack against these idiots. They’re askin for it now. Nobody disses Oprah and lives to tell about it…I’m not even a fan, and I know that much…

  58. augie983 permalink
    April 24, 2009 11:21 am

    Here’s a thought: Since George insists Casey’s is the be all and end all of why a parent should be so proud:

    Why hasn’t Casey used her endless money donations to help with Caylee’s funeral expenses, legal fees, private detectives, and her family’s legal fees, etc . . . instead of candy and beauty products?

  59. jbarrett permalink
    April 25, 2009 5:27 am

    sindy states in her lie filled interview how casey thanked her in the car for calling the police because she was afraid to,thats funny,since it was an hour after they were home that casey told lee caylee was missing up until then she continued to tell sindy that caylee was fine and sleeping at zannys,they could go get her in the morning! think for societys sake the whole family should get the death penalty and if its a rumour(please God)that mallorys expecting,someone should castrate lee,just get his testicles out of cindys purse,theyre in the compartment next to gerorges!!!!!

  60. Elise permalink
    April 26, 2009 11:56 am

    Hello all — this off topic but needs to be discussed by all parents:

    There’s a horrific game on cell phones kids are playing – Russian Roulette

    FYI – teen aged boy just killed himself playing with REAL gun on Friday.

    The cell phone “game” of Russian Roulette that kids are playing in classrooms and elsewhere.

    Phone displays gun on screen, they hold phone to their heads and pull trigger by hitting a key on the phone – you either here a click or a BANG, you’re dead.

    My daughter told me about it after school who discovered it when the “gun was passed to her” in class

    I flipped out, discussed the problem with the “game” in re desensitizing people to violence and suicide (esp amongst kids/teens we all know are prolific)

    She was devastated as to how devastated I was had a long night of snuggles and deep discussion.

    Get the word out, that “game” will be causing a rash of Russian Roulette deaths.

    Just last week Apple had to block a game called “shaken baby” wherein the phone starts crying and one had to shake it HARD to make the baby stop.

    Desensitizing our kids to suicide and violence with “games” like these need to be a big warning to parents around the nation.

  61. Elise permalink
    April 26, 2009 1:20 pm

    aww geez, was web searching for something and found another child killed playing russian roulette – this one was ‘reverse russian roulette’, the spin the gun’s chamber and instead of pointing gun at own head, point it at another participant.

    grab your kids and T-A-L-K!

  62. April 28, 2009 6:06 pm

    Tonight, Tues 4/28 …. Law and Order-Special Victims show is based on two-year old “missing tot” plot line.

    Sound familiar? It is!

  63. Jill from Western Australia permalink
    April 29, 2009 1:57 am

    Elise thanks for the info..what next for our children?

  64. Augie983 permalink
    April 29, 2009 12:01 pm


    Baez is claiming the clubbing, thieving, “it’s a beautiful life” tattoo, party-ing like a pop tart,…etc…. behavior of Casey after Caylee became missing is due to what he’s termed “Ugly Coping”.

    Hmm, those of us who are survivors of horrific violence/crimes …aren’t apt to boff the boys, party like a pop tart, go clubbing, shopping, thieving and pouting because we can’t afford to frolic with friends going to the tropics.

    Nor do we send thousands of texts and chit chat on phone calls to club kids, get tats as to what a beautiful life it is …while at the same time choreographing a list of phantom kidnappers, friends and past friends to blame for victimizing us.

    Just sayin’.

  65. Just Sayin permalink
    May 1, 2009 12:13 pm

    Doc dump: Hundreds of pages documents include interviews with Kronk, his co-workers, Cain and other deputies.

    According to documents released this morning, investigators questioned them about the days Kronk initially reported a suspicious bag and what happened on Dec. 11 when the meter reader — upset that his tips had not been acted on — returned to the area and found the remains.

    FBI reports

    Also among the documents are labratory reports from the FBI, which examined Caylee’s remains and other evidence.

    Hair samples taken from Caylee’s remains were tested for a variety of drugs, with negative results. Examiners did not detect alprazolam, known under the trade name Xanax, or diazepam, marketed as Valium.

    The FBI report states the hair sample was not tested for chloroform, “as this examination is not deemed probative by the FBI Laboratory’s Chemistry Unit.”

    “Although the method used in this analysis allows for the detection of very small amounts of the drugs listed, negative results should not be interpreted as proof that the individual was not exposed to the drugs listed,” the report stated.


    Also in the documents are results from FBI testing on evidence found in Casey’s house and in her car. The tests show that the kitchen knife found in Casey Anthony’s car did not have any duct tape adhesive on it, but did have a clear sticky substance of some kind.

    The FBI also says the dirt and debris found in Casey’s trunk could not be definitively matched to the dirt where Caylee’s remains were found, nor could the limited amount of debris found on several pairs of shoes taken from the Anthony home, although no connection can be totally ruled out either.

    The new documents also show the FBI did not find evidence of more than a dozen prescription drugs in Caylee’s hair, drugs that were taken from the Anthonys” home. The FBI said it did not test for chloroform, because the FBI’s chemistry unit said that wouldn’t tell them anything, because chloroform is a by-product of decomposition.

  66. Augie permalink
    May 1, 2009 12:15 pm…/fbireport.pdf <—- the docs

  67. halfpint42592 permalink
    May 2, 2009 6:10 am

    Hi all! ive been away for a bit but had to comment on this. THE ANTHONYS ARE PATHETIC! Is it me or could u see how hard it was for Cindy to control herself? VICTIMS? maybe at one time but enablers seems like a better word. So sad this is the justice they give Caylee..

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