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Lee Anthony’s takes his turn on the prosecution’s hotseat today in the Casey Anthony case as Zenaida Gonzales attorneys move to have her hearing date moved up. Docu-dump also happening today.

July 30, 2009

The courts will be busy today!!  Zenaida Gonzales attorneys will be in court at 9:00am seeking an earlier

Lee Anthony arriving for depo

Lee Anthony arriving for depo

hearing  date for her civil case.  Currently that hearing is scheduled for Sept 8 to address the questions George, Cindy, and Lee Anthony refused to answer in their depositions.  They would like to move that date up so they can get on with their case. Will the Anthonys be in deposition hotseats again soon?

Cindy must be having a hard time keeping it all together–she spent another FULL day with prosecutors under oath, leaving the State attorney’s office at 7:15pm last night.  George had been scheduled to be deposed and that meeting has now been postponed as Lee Anthony takes his turn before the prosecution this morning at 9:00am.

video of Lee Anthony arriving for deposition LINK

According to Baez, Cindy’s questioning was so lengthy because, “Once she gives answers, sle likes to explain them and be as detailed as possible.  That led to the length of time.”

Not so, according to defense attorney, Richard Hornsby. “She has back-tracked. They’ve got to pin her down.”  Cindy’s stories have not been consistent and she has contradicted herself on more than one occassion. They will now have her story on the  record when they go to trial.

“I think Casey Anthony is the wild card. I think Cindy Anthony is the loose cannon,” Hornsby said. (that’s an understatement if I ever heard one!)

Cindy is a witness for both the prosecution and the defense and Hornsby thinks Baez may attempt to make her wear the black hat in an effort to show Casey’s innocence. (She’s played right into that trap, IMO.  Maybe she HAS begun to realize she better shape up in order to save herself, or she might be shipping out instead of Casey! Personally, I don’t think that could possibly happen. “31 days”  can’t be explained away or blamed away no matter how high-powered the lawyering up of Casey Anthony gets.)

New discovery documents are supposed to be released today as well.

read it below:

orlando sentinel

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  1. Spacely permalink
    July 30, 2009 8:13 am

    Your last paragraph makes me have these awful thoughts like maybe, just maybe, Cindy was involved in the actual killing… remember that she was the last one to be documented with Caylee (the June 15 Father’s Day video). Everything past that is based on the statements of Anthony family members – especially the story from George that he last saw Caylee leaving with KC the morning of June 16.

    I am personally convinced of KC’s guilt, but follow me on this one for a minute.

    Somehow, before KC gets Caylee back on June 15, she ends up dead in Cindy’s care. Remember how Cindy kept saying that they came home from the nursing home and went swimming and went into a detailed thing about how KC was going to swim, but Cindy said it was too late, blah, blah, blah.

    What if Caylee drowned then?

    Cindy, KC, George, and Lee all work to cover it up.

    KC heads back off to her life of partying, content because she had felt so burdened for such a long time, and now she is free.

    KC shows up a few times to help with the cover-up – for instance, George buried Caylee in the back yard, but decides it is too obvious, and they all agree to move her elsewhere. They put her in the back of the car because KC says she knows the best place to dump the evidence. But she is so lazy, she dumps her in the woods nearby, but the smell in the car is so bad in that short amount of time due to the advanced state of decomposition, it sticks with the car for months.

    Over the next month, Cindy and KC’s relationship continues to deteriorate as Cindy slips towards total meltdown. Eventually, she attempts to force KC into something, but KC rebels and Cindy starts blackmailing her about calling the police and pinning everything on KC. And in her white hot anger in July, she does.

    I remember at least one jail vid where KC alludes to protecting someone else, but it never made any sense as to who that could be.

    I could see Jose spinning something out of this. Not that it really gets KC off the hook, just out of the electric chair.

  2. itsamysterytome permalink*
    July 30, 2009 8:45 am

    Congrats, Spacely! You may have just figured out Jose Baez defense strategy! I’m reading the docs now, and one of the first things I read was that Cindy, George, and Lee refused to take the polygraphs.

  3. Id'claire permalink
    July 30, 2009 9:24 am


    Your theory would help explain how angry Casey is that she is in jail taking the fall, when the rest of her fam is free. She won’t acknowledge them in court.

    However, if this theory were true, this fam would have to be VERY tight. We know Cindy has a good grip on George…but I think Casey would be a loose cannon. How could they keep her quiet and not throw them under…unless they made her think it was her fault or she did it…

  4. Spacely permalink
    July 30, 2009 9:26 am

    I am actually feeling very uncomfortable about this because so many of the puzzle pieces which don’t seem to fit into any current theory seem to fit nicely into a “Cindy did it” explanation.

    Like the concrete pad George decided out of the blue to pour in the back yard. It never made any sense that he did that to hide evidence because he didn’t know about Caylee’s death or about KC and the shovel. But if Cindy did it, then he knew. And KC and the shovel finally make sense. She borrowed the shovel to dig up that ‘root she kept tripping over’ – which means she dug up Caylee for transfer.

    It also explains the June 9th misdirection. The entire family swore they all last saw Caylee on June 9th – up until now, I thought they were trying to protect KC in some strange way – but if it was Cindy, it makes a lot of sense to say the 9th because that alleviates all suspicion on Cindy that would occur once everyone realized she was the last one to see Caylee because of the video documentation. But the media frenzy and attention diverted by KC’s obvious deception did the trick and no one has even thought about it because I have never once seen it mentioned in any article.

    It also explains George throwing KC under the bus with his early testimony. To divert everyone from Cindy.

    And Cindy’s need to blame everyone and anyone outside the family like Jesse Grund. To save herself.

    I could be way off base about this statement, but I think Cindy was taking medication prior to July and perhaps for a long time. I am wondering if one of them is Xanex and that is where the name Zanny came from… maybe the kids used it to describe Cindy when she was on her meds – we have all seen her controlling and overbearing personality – perhaps KC and Lee preferred her on her meds so much, they started referring to those times as being watched by Zanny the Nanny.

    So, KC is telling the truth. The last person she saw Caylee with alive was Zanny the Nanny – her own mother on her meds going to see her dad in the nursing home.

  5. itsamysterytome permalink*
    July 30, 2009 1:37 pm

    Only one problem with that one Spacely—Casey would never take the fall for the mother she hates.

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