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Ronald Cummings, father of missing child, Haleigh Cummings, arrested on burglary & assault & battery charges

August 6, 2009

Ron Cummings, father of missing 5 year old, Haleigh Cummings has been arrested for burglary with assault or Ron's mug shotbattery.  He was booked into the Putnam County jail at 1:03am this morning and is being held without bond.    These charges are a first-degree felony.

Cummings is charged with fighting with his brother-in-law late Wednesday. According to Cummings grandmother, Annette Sykes, the arrest came after a fight at her house between Ron and his wife  Misty’s brother.

Sykes said that Tommy Croslin and his parents came to her trailer in Welaka at 10:45pm and attempted to make Misty Cummings get into their van, but she wouldn’t go.  Sykes said Tommy then hit Ronald and the fight was on. Tommy Croslin retreated to the van, but Cummings followed him and hit him while he was in the vehicle. The Croslins then left the scene and apparently called the police because later that night Ron was arrested.

Police said Ron was charged with burglary because he went into Croslin’s van without permission.

Cummings is expected to make his first appearance before a judge this morning.

read it below:

Hmmm. Wha’s goin’ on here?  Why were Misty’s parents and brother trying to get Misty away from the Cummings’ family?  We may not be hearing a lot about this case in the news these days, but behind the scenes, apparently tensions are running high.

And, I’m sorry, but what logic turned this into burglary?  Wouldn’t trespassing be a more appropriate charge?

burglary: the act of breaking and entering a dwelling at night to commit a felony (as theft) ; broadly : the entering of a building with the intent to commit a crime.

trespass: implies an unwarranted or unlawful intrusion.

I guess, technically it became burglary when he hit the guy. Ya  learn something new every day!

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  1. Spacely permalink
    August 6, 2009 8:24 am

    I guess that statement in big letters on the back of his truck window ‘Only God Can Judge Me’ is gonna get a smackdown by the Putnam County Courts!

    I got $10 that says Ron utters the words “I can’t honestly say what happened, I was at work” during the course of his testimony.

    This announcement is for Greg ‘White Boy’ Page from Misty: The coast is clear, the old man will be tied up for awhile, head on over for a friendly visit…

  2. niecey456 permalink
    August 6, 2009 9:51 am

    Wow! It does seem that tensions are running high. Could that be what LE was hoping for that they would stew it out and someone would say, what they know? Like I know why Misty isn’t talking or I know who was really over there that night, etc, etc…..I would think that finding Haleigh would have been more of a focus in Satsuma, but we don’t know what they do either. I do think it’s going to take someone talking to get to the bottom of it.

  3. itsamysterytome permalink*
    August 6, 2009 10:25 am

    Spacely, Niecey,

    I just posted the police report from that night. What a wicked web–Best I can figure out, it sounds like Misty called her folks when Ron smacked her, but then, when they got there she changed her tune. To me, her family’s version of what happened makes a lot more sense than Misty and Ron’s version. JMO

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