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Part 2 of Misty Cummings interview with the Early Show and some other interesting tidbits

October 12, 2009
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Here’s the second part of the interview Misty Cummings did with The Early Show this morning.  In it she makes it perfectly clear that “the other side of the family” she believes has Haleigh, is Crystal Sheffield’s side.  She goes on to say Crystal was not close with her daughter. I hope Misty felt her interview was worth it, because it apparently caused her attorney to bail on her.  Putnam County attorney, Robert Fields said he advised Misty not to appear on the show, and he has resigned as her counsel saying he, “wishes her well.”  That effectively cuts Misty loose from pretty much everyone she had counted on in her crazy life.  No family, no Ron, no attorney, and most likely no BFF, Donna.

Ronald Cummings was supposed to appear on the show this morning, but his attorney was there instead.  He said that Ronald’s little boy was sick as was pretty much everyone else in the family, and he couldn’t make it.  His lawyer said that Ronald still believes that Misty had nothing to do with the disappearance of Haleigh, and that he feels in his heart that Haleigh is still alive…

That’s a direct contradiction to what “Steph” the blogger says is going on.  Misty Cummings: What Really Happened by Steph LINK.  According to him, Ron was only staying with Misty until he found out what happened to Haleigh. Steph said Ronald believes Misty knows what happened to his little girl.  He also explains how Donna Brock became Misty’s new BFF.   He interviewed Tim Miller and he said Donna is a TES volunteer that was there during the recent polygraph and hypnosis sessions with Misty, and Misty was drawn to her as a mother figure.  Tim saw this as an opportunity to get close to Misty and possibly find out what exactly happened.  He believes Misty is scared to death, and that her life is possibly in danger if she talks.  Miller felt she needed to be removed from Satsuma and her situation.  His plans backfired when a woman cut Misty and Donna off in traffic, recognized Misty, and according to him, lied to police.  A couple of links to Tim’s interviews can be found here:  Tim Miller audio LINK

Steph’s article is very interesting, and also explains how he came to be involved.  I have to say that with the craziness that’s been going on in this case, his explanation makes the most sense–although I hate to use the word “sense”—none of it really makes any sense. Let’s just say that his explanation is the least insane.

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