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Where is Aja Johnson?

January 26, 2010

Amber alerts were issued Sunday in Oklahoma, Texas, California, and Oregon,  for 7 year old Aja (pronounced Asia) Danielle Johnson,  missing from an RV where her mother, Tonya Hobbs was found dead. The RV was parked outside a relative’s home in the SW Oklahoma town of Geronimo.

Police believe the little girl was kidnapped by Tonya Hobbs’ estranged husband, William Hobbs, 47.  Hobbs is a person of interest in Tonya’s murder, and the states where the Amber Alerts were issued are places where he has family or other connections.  They believe he may have originally been headed to Davenport, Oklahoma where his sister lives.


Aja is 4′ tall,weighs 65 lbs, has shoulder length brown hair with recently dyed black tips. She has brown eyes and a slender build.  She is a 1st grader at Parmalee Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Aja takes medication for an attention disorder as well as a sleeping disorder. According to her father’s attorney, John Branch, Aja gets out of control if she isn’t taking her medicine.

“If she’s not getting her sleep, then her behavior becomes more and more erratic. And as her behavior becomes more and more erratic, we’re concerned even more for her safety.” he said.

Aja, whose father, John J. Johnson, was granted emergency custody of her in November, 2009, was visiting her mother  for the weekend. He said he had no idea that Aja was in Geronimo. He left her with her mother to go to a birthday party on Friday, and hasn’t seen her since.

“Tonya said if the party went too late that they might stay overnight so that’s all she had was a pair of clothing for that evening and that day and her medication for that evening and the next morning,” Johnson said.

Mr. Johnson made an impassioned plea in recent news conference:

“I’m here to make a plea for everyone who’s listening and every parent who is out there that I need my little girl back.  Take her to a safe spot, and I’ll come and get her or see that she’s picked up with no questions asked… She’s only been 7 years old for 20 days.”

Per a December, 2009 court order, Tonya Hobbs was only allowed supervised visits with Aja, and Lester Hobbs was not supposed to be anywhere near the little girl. Police believe that Tonya had taken Aja with her when she went to see Lester before she was murdered.  The trio was last seen on Saturday night.

Tonya Hobbs’  body was discovered around 9:00 PM, Sunday, January 24th. Though cause of death has not been released, it is being reported by news outlets that she was shot to death.

Tonya Hobbs asked for a protective order against Hobbs in August of last year, but that request was dropped when neither of them showed up for a scheduled hearing.  In the petition for a protective order,  she wrote,

“My husband has threatened to hit my daughters in the head with a hammer and kill them. He also threatened to kill me if I left him.”

In 2002, Tonya Hobbs, also known as  Tonya Dunkin, received a deferred sentence in Oklahoma County for attempting to obtain welfare under false representation. In 2004, she was charged in Greer County with attempting to commit a felony and possession of marijuana at the Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite.  She failed to appear in court and an arrest warrant was issued.

Lester Hobbs is around 6’1″  tall, weighs 185 lbs, has brown hair, hazel eyes, and  multiple tattoos on his upper body. He has the word “love” tattooed on his left fingers and left wrist, and the word “rose” on his right fingers.  He no longer has a goatee as seen in the photo, but may have a moustache.

According to court records, Hobbs  has multiple convictions for assault, burglary and DUI’s.  As recently as Monday, he was due in court on a driving under the influence charge.  An arrest warrant for that charge has been issued because he failed to appear.

The pair may be in a white 1992 Toyota Paseo 2 door coupe similar to the one shown below.  It has an Oklahoma license tag: 577-BPW. The car has no hubcaps, and a rear passenger window is broken out and covered with plastic.

Hobbs is considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS!  anyone seeing him, Aja, or the vehicle should call 9-1-1 immediately. If you have  information about the disappearance of Aja Johnson please contact the Geronimo Police Department at 1-580-355-1115.

Read about it below:

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  1. Valhall permalink
    January 31, 2010 1:27 pm


    Thank you so much for such an awesome write up on this case. I cannot stop thinking about little Aja. She’s out there in the cold and needs to be found.

  2. itsamysterytome permalink*
    February 3, 2010 3:03 pm

    I can’t either, Val. Where is she???????


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