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The Casey Anthony trial, Day 3

May 26, 2011

Day 3 brought Tony Lazzaro and George Anthony back to the stand for some of the more dramatic moments of the day.

Tony Lazzaro

Tony Lazzaro stated that he witnessed the love between Caylee and Casey.  He felt it was genuine. He brought Caylee to life for the jury, stating she had a teddy bear and books and could count to 40 in Spanish because she watched Dora the Explorer. His testimony about Caylee brought what appeared to be genuine emotion from Casey as she openly cried. Baez brought up a “secret” that Tony and Casey shared, asking him not to reveal it at present. He wanted to establish that this “secret” was told to Tony BEFORE Casey was arrested.

The prosecution questioned him about the gas cans he helped Casey steal from George Anthony’s shed when she ran out of gas.  It was established that his car was parked in front of Casey’s and he was standing towards the front of her car while she filled the gas tank. He could not see into her car’s trunk nor could he smell anything other than the odor of gasoline.


George Anthony was also back on the stand to address the stolen gas cans, and to explain why he called the police when he had a good idea from past experience that Casey probably took them. Baez wanted to know why George didn’t take that opportunity to report that his granddaughter was missing. George said he didn’t know she was missing at the time. (This was on the 24th of June.  He had not seen Caylee since the morning of the 16th of June.) George told about Casey coming into the house unexpectedly, not realizing he was home.  He wanted to retrieve something from her car trunk (an excuse to see if his gas cans were there) and she flew ahead of him, took the cans out of the trunk, shoved them at him and said, “Here’s your f#cking gas cans.”

George stated he could not see into the trunk of the car. Baez called him on that, referencing a deposition he gave to FBI on July 30 where he said he could see some clothes in the trunk. George also said he could smell nothing but the gas cans. This exchange between Baez and George deteriorated quickly with Jose’s questions becoming more and more confusing and George, in fact, accusing him of trying to “confuse me and make me lose my temper.”

The judge became quite angry with Baez’ apparent missteps,  and when Baez tried to introduce the fact that George and Cindy had gotten special permission to be in the courtroom,(a big no-no)  he said, “Don’t go there, Mr. Baez!”  Baez idiotically continued anyway, and the judge removed the jury and dressed him down.


Ricardo Morales

#10: Ricardo Morales.  A previous boyfriend of Casey, from Feb 2008-mid April 2008.  Casey, along with Caylee spent the night with Ricardo 4 or 5 times a week. Caylee slept in the bed with them, but Casey was always in the middle. When asked if he ever had sex with Casey while Caylee was in the bed with them, he replied, “I don’t believe so.” (Uhh, wouldn’t you be more positive about that if it were true?)
Ricardo sold photos of Caylee and Casey to the Globe for $4000.00 (these are the photos with Caylee in the Trouble shirt her body was found with.)
Ricardo said that Casey was a loving mother. He also said that Casey never mentioned to him that Caylee was missing and acted completely normal after the 15th of June.


Melissa England

#11: Melissa England. She was Troy Brown’s girlfriend at the time Caylee went missing,  and met Casey when she was visiting Troy over the July 4th weekend in 2008. She spent a day alone with Casey and she never mentioned she had a child until they went to Troy’s sister’s apartment and she asked about her.  Casey never said that Caylee was missing.

The most important thing that was learned from this witness: After a telephone conversation Casey had with a friend in Melissa’s presence, Casey turned to her and said, “OMG, I’m such a good liar.” Casey shook her head “no” while Melissa spoke.


Troy Brown

#12: Troy Brown. He is a friend of Casey.   He, too, said that Casey was a really good mother.  Troy saw her after Caylee went missing, and said she acted completely normal. Casey never mentioned Caylee was missing to him.


Iassen Donov

#13: Iassen Donov.  He thought she worked at Universal as an event coordinator. She told him she had a nanny while she worked.

Iassen has known Casey since Jan 2007. He met her when she was dating his friend, Brandon Snow. He said that Casey acted perfectly normal when he saw her in the later part of June 2008. She didn’t mention that her daughter was missing.


Dante Salanti

#14: Dante Salanti.  He is a friend of Casey.  Dante testified that he had lived in Salt Grass Apartments, #218. since 2005.  (This is the apartment complex where the imaginary nanny,  Zenaida Gonzales supposedly lived) He stated that Casey has been to his apartment many times in 2006 and 2007.

He say her July 1 at the Ale House. She was completely normal and didn’t mention that her daughter was missing.


Christopher Stutz

#15: Christopher Stutz.  He said Casey came to see him at his parents’ house where he lived in May 2008. Caylee was with her.  She came to see him again on June 17, 2008. Caylee was not with her, and she didn’t mention her.

He saw her again on July7, 2008, at Buffalo Wild Wings and she was upbeat and happy. She didn’t say anything about her daughter being missing.

She once told him that she didn’t like to drink or stay out late because she didn’t want to leave Caylee with her parents.


Matthew Crisp#16: Matthew Crisp. He has been friends with Casey since 2002. He is a residential property manager (helps people find apartments)  She called him on either June 17 or June 19 to help her boyfriend, Tony, find a new apartment. She never mentioned Caylee when they got together, and she seemed “joyful”. When asked what “joyful” meant, he said, “exuberantly happy.”

He met her for lunch on July 7th at Subway. She told him that Caylee was in Sanford on a play date when he asked about her.  Their conversation was happy and light.


Today, Jose Baez, was exposed big-time for the greenhorn he is.  I lost count of how many times the Judge had to dress him down.  He literally badgered George Anthony.

Something that bothered me today was how every friend of Casey that also knew Caylee, said she was a wonderful, loving, caring mother. That is such a contrast to the woman we know acted as if her life was a big party during the 31 days before Caylee was reported missing.  The prosecution is trying to prove that Casey got rid of Caylee because she kept her from doing the things she wanted to do.  Caylee was a ball and chain around her neck.  The Casey her friends are describing is not that person.

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  1. shadoewz permalink
    May 28, 2011 9:06 pm

    The defense is also driving home the point that Casey was a totally FAKE person, and everything she did was a lie, said was a lie,…..oh….EXCEPT that part where she was trying to pretend to be a good mom in front of other people….oops, excuse me, i mean the part where she actually was a good mom (nevermind that we are also to believe that loving protective mother left her child with the very person she claims molester her as a child, and never once bought the kid anything not even with all the money she stole).

    Don’t forget the videos Casey took of her daughter where she had ZERO interaction with her baby, and did not even speak to her during the entire filming. Caylee was begging for attention, and her mother ignored those needs. As for Caylee loving Casey? I am certain she wanted mommy’s attention and love, even severely abused children have been known to run to the abuser.

    Susan Smith was a “wonderful mother”…before she drowned her boys in hopes of being with some dude. Diane Downs….many others…..Casey had been used to being allowed to have her baby in bed with her and her bedbuddies. Casey’s new hot lay did not want Caylee there for overnights. Bummer. Bet it burns Casey’s butt to know that same guy now lives with a woman who has a daughter. (in Casey’s words….a waste, a HUGE waste.)

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