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Casey Anthony Trial: Day 4

May 27, 2011

Note:Tony Lazzaro

He was called back to the stand on Day 3 after the jury was released for the night.  It was revealed that the “secret” referred to earlier was that Casey told him Lee tried to feel her up when she was younger, but he didn’t succeed. The defense tried to get him to say Casey told him that George had sexually assaulted her, too.  Tony insisted it was his understanding that maybe George hit or disciplined her but never did she say he had done anything sexual.  It was established that she told Tony this BEFORE she was arrested.

Day 4 opened with Baez trying to renew their motion for a mistrial, stating that the prosecution was trying to sully the lovely Miss Anthony’s character. The judge denied the motion.


Mallory Parker

#17: Mallory Parker. She provided some of the most emotional testimony of the day. She stated through tears that Casey’s and Caylee’s relationship was amazing and that they had a special bond.  Casey cried along with Mallory, and her tears seemed very genuine.  Mallory stated that she wasn’t very close to Casey and that she got closer to George and Cindy after Caylee disappeared.


William Waters

#18: William Waters. He met Casey at a party over the 4th of July. He overheard Casey having a conversation on the phone with Tony. They were arguing about whether or not Tony was going to move to New York.  She seemed angry, but wrhen she went back to the party, her anger was gone and she appeared  “carefree.” Casey went with him the next day to IKEA where they window shopped for several hours. She was in Amy’s car and told him this was because something was wrong with her car. She seemed upbeat during their time together, didn’t mention that her child was missing, and in fact,  told him she was going to be moving into an apartment soon with a friend who also had a child.  They made a date for dinner and a helicopter ride a few days later but she never showed.


Next up were a series of Videos showing Casey living her beautiful life during the 31 days before Caylee was reported missing.  Casey was grocery shopping, clothes shopping, etc.


Catherine Sanchez

#19: Kathryn Sanchez. She is District Manager for Amscot Financial where Casey’s car was dumped. She noticed the car on June 27, 2008, parked by the dumpster. It was backed in straight by the trash bin. She went out and looked inside. She saw a blanket in the back seat and the car was messy. She wrote down the tag number and checked to see if there was a note on the car but there wasn’t one. She did not check the door handles. She called the police department and reported it.  Once she found out it wasn’t stolen, she called her boss and he told her to wait one more day before calling the tow yard.  On Monday, June 30, 2008,  she called Johnson Wrecker.  She noticed an odor but felt it was normal because of the proximity of the dumpster.


Simon Birch

#20: Simon Birch He was the manager at Johnson’s Wrecker Service where Casey Anthony’s car was towed. Before his time in the wrecker business, he was in the garbage business for a combined total of 30 years experience.  The man has been exposed to a lot of  odors. He has been around 6 or 7 vehicles in which there had been a dead body. He testified that the smell is unique and cannot be compared to rotten garbage. He testified that no one could have had access to the car while it was in the tow yard, and that he smelled the stench of death when they opened up the car. He was present the whole time George was there.


George Anthony

George Anthony was back on the stand to talk about when he went to pick up Casey’s car from Johnson Wrecker Service.  He said he could smell the car when he got near it and prayed that Caylee or Casey was not in the trunk. He stated that Mr. Birch threw the bag of garbage away and that he, George, did not touch it.  He also said he could see a faint basketball size stain on the trunk carpet that was not there before.

In cross, Baez asked him why, if he thought the car smelled of death and his grandaughter was missing, did he not call police at the wrecker service lot?  George said he didn’t know Caylee was missing at that time, but didn’t really have a good answer for why he didn’t call police.  Jose boldly said at one point, “You knew Caylee was dead.”


Tony Lazzaro

Tony Lazzaro

Tony was recalled to talk about the text messages between him and Casey through the 12th of June, 2008.  Defense objects and the jury is sent home for the day so the Judge can read them to see if they are relevant.

Today’s most important witness was Simon Birch.  He scored a big one for the prosecution.  It’s hard to refute what a man with 30 years experience on odors says.  He said the smell was that of a rotting corpse in his opinion.

Baez scored one when he asked why George didn’t call police immediately if he thought the smell made him think Caylee or Casey was in the trunk of the car.  George didn’t have a good answer for that one, and it’s a question I’ve wondered about as well.

Mrs. Sanchez, the Amscot manager, gave a key piece of evidence when she said Casey’s car was backed in straight next to the dumpster.  If Casey’s car had run out of gas and it had been pushed into the parking lot, would it really have been so neatly parked?  The way it was parked, trunk away from anyone coming up to it, and beside a very smelly dumpster makes it appear that it was purposely put there.

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  1. June 6, 2011 4:22 pm

    Hey hey!
    Marvelous re-caps. You know I hit a few of the Caylee pages, so it isn’t like I am asking two girls to the prom (I fell for the classic chase Veronica and miss Betty trap). I am so glad you are sharing your insight, along with Express, Humble, Twisted, and one or two others. I also wanted to say I have a garden for the first time in 15+ years. Stay clean and outta trouble long enough…

  2. itsamysterytome permalink*
    June 7, 2011 5:23 pm

    Hey Thom!

    A vegetable garden? Ours is doing great this year–the flower gardens not so great! It’s already 100 degrees in southern Oklahoma, and the posies are not at all happy about it!

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