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Casey Anthony Trial, Day 8

June 2, 2011

George and Cindy watching the jailhouse videos in court today

Today was all about the lies Casey told her family, friends,  and police.  The tape of detectives and Casey at Universal, and some of the jailhouse videos of Cindy, George, and Lee were introduced into evidence. In the videos, Casey’s family was obviously upset and trying to get answers from her.

I’ ve heard these before, but I have to say, hearing them in light of the defense’s allegations that George and Lee molested Casey, Caylee drowned on the 16th of June, Casey knew it, and George covered it up  was very interesting. One has to wonder whether or not Baez and Company reviewed the videos before they prepared their cockamamie defense.  Casey says a lot of things that clearly don’t lead you to believe Caylee drowned or that George abused her as a child. In one of the videos she even tells her dad he was a wonderful father and grandfather,

“You’ve been the best dad and the best grandfather. Don’t for a second think otherwise.”

And then of course there is lie after lie after lie after lie. It must be mind-boggling for the jurors.

Here’s a link  where you can watch the trial today, Thursday, June 2, 2011 if you missed it.


Jeff Hopkins

Today opened with the real life Jeff  Hopkins–the man Casey not only said introduced her to Zenaida Gonzales, but who she was supposedly in Jacksonville with during part of the 31 days before Caylee was reported missing.  According to Casey, they worked together at Universal.   He was a widow, and had a son, Zachary who played with Caylee. She said Zenaida was at one point, Jeff’s girlfriend, and she had been his nanny first.  Of course, none of these things were true.  Jeff Hopkins met Casey in middle school and they were never anything more than acquaintances. He did run into her in July in Orlando. They exchanged pleasantries and cell phone numbers, and he received several mass texts from her after that promoting Fusion.


Leonard Turtora

Leonard Turtora, Assistant Manager of Loss Prevention for Universal Studios was the next witness.  He  escorted Casey and the police as she took them on a fantasy tour of Universal.  He and Yuri Melich said that Casey took them into one of the buildings and was half way down the hall headed toward her “office” when she stopped, put her hands in her back pockets and said,

“I don’t work here.”

The police asked if there was a room they could talk with Casey in, and he accommodated them. It was here the detectives grilled Casey about the lies they were discovering she had told.


Yuri Melich

Yuri Melich is back on the stand. He said that he took Casey to Universal for several reasons the morning of the 16th.  He wanted to check on several outcry witnesses, find information about  Zenaida, who Casey said worked there seasonally, and to try and locate her lost cell phone. She accompanied him willingly and was not considered a suspect at that time. He stated that he already knew she didn’t work there before she arrived.


The prosecution played the tape of Melich, 2 other detectives and Casey at Universal. Melich told Casey at one point that, “Every single thing you’ve told us is a lie.” 

The only thing Casey said on the tape that was probably the truth was that she was petrified of her mother, and that Cindy would never forgive her if they didn’t find Caylee. Melich asked Casey if there could have been a possible drowning  but she insisted on sticking with her story about Zenaida Gonzales. 

“If I knew where she was, if something had happened, I would have admitted that a long time ago.” 

My oh my.  If Caylee really drowned in the pool, and there had been the slightest chance that Casey could have thrown someone–anyone–even her dad, under the bus back in July of 2008, I have no doubt in my mind she would have done it in a heartbeat.  I do not believe for one second Casey Anthony would have continued to sit alone  in a jail cell for 3 years if the allegations made by Baez were true.

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  1. July 16, 2011 11:16 am

    yuri is sooooo damn sexy!!! YUM

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