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DOCS:Caylee A. Case


Doc Links

doc 1 LINK photos

doc 2 LINK Manufacturer info about Henkel duct tape

doc 3 LINK info when photos of tattoo were taken

doc 4 LINK Entomology report DECOMP in bag in trunk Based on the stages of the  flies and decomp in the trunk, the entomologists put a time-line of between June 19-22 for when the body was removed from the trunk.  .

doc 5 LINK FBI reports

doc 6 LINK FBI lab reports–bullet examination & comparisons-lab & bullet worksheets-lab submissions

doc 7 LINK Inventory lists from area where Caylee was found and from the house-lab logs-emails

doc 8 LINK-DNA experts credentials

doc 9 LINK lab worksheets-emails,   pg 10728 Casey never consented to submit her DNA, they had to get a search warrant for her buccal swab, test results from DNA

doc-10 -lab results on hair from shovel

doc 11 LINK inventory lists, DNA analysis, mitochondrial search results

doc 12 LINK pg 10876, duct tape on skull and duct tape on gas can came from same source roll of tape or rolls manufactured in the same manner. lists, emails, Henkel tape info, charts

doc- 13LINK contains info on the knife. pg 10946: “Minute amts. of clear sticky materials were present on 2 areas of the blade; however, neither material is consistent with the duct tape adhesive.”

doc 14 LINK report of examination of tape, lists, lab worksheets,

doc 15 LINK hair mass sample testing results. not tested for chloroform, tested for other drugs was negative. pg 11064: “negative results should not be interpreted as proof that the individual was not exposed to the drugs listed.” evidence lists.

doc 16 LINK charts, lab summaries

doc 17 LINK lab worksheets-no chloroform on the carseat or the steering wheel.  Some staining on carseat. photos

doc 18 LINK lab worksheets-emails-chain of custody logs  pg 11247 putrifactive odor and stains found on carpet samples (Q24,Q25,Q44,Q45) photos, charts

doc 19 LINK lab charts and summaries

doc 20 LINK charts-lab summaries- pg. 11472: Q22,Q23,Q44,Q45 (all from spare tire cover in trunk of Casey’s car) residues of chloroform were within the specimens. Q24 and Q25 (from spare tire cover) residues consisten with chloroform were detected.

doc 21 LINK lab worksheets-lists-evidence sheets – pg 11526: chloroform, ethanol and testosterone test positive in the gatorade bottle and in the syringe–result summaries-charts-photos

doc 22 LINK lab charts and summaries

doc 23 LINK lab charts

doc 24 LINK lab results-charts

doc 25 LINK lab results-charts

doc 26 LINK Charts -lab summaries and results

doc 27 LINK DNA analysis review sheets-lab worksheets-lists-

doc 28 LINK DNA review sheets-FBI Lab reports-emails

doc 29 LINK Chain of Custody Log

doc 30 LINK DNA Sample Processing Record

doc 31 LINK DNA Sample Record Processing-emails-serological exams-photos-graphs

doc 32 LINK serological exams

doc 33 LINK serological exams

doc 34 LINK serological examinations-DNA analysis review sheets-Biologists review sheets-graphs-DNA test results


Lee Anthony deposition LINK

George Anthony deposition LINK

Cindy Anthony deposition part 1 LINK

Cindy Anthony deposition part 2 LINK



Included are emails and reports.

Detailed email from someone named Cindy in Texas titled “Possible angles on Zenaida” –Lots of research and speculation about Zenaida Gonzales.

pg 6: Dominic Casey’s offer to sponsor Lee Anthony’s PI internship! Concludes the letter with “Welcome aboard!”

pg. 17:  email stating someone named “Laura Rose” is friends with “William Waters”  (a friend of Casey’s) on myspace.  Laura Rose is friends with Zenaida Gonzales on myspace.  It is the same ZG that filled out the application card at Sawgrass.  William Waters visited Casey in jail. On July 22, 2009, Laura Rose sent William Waters a message:  “She’s ok. I just feel it :)

pg. 23: Dominic Casey’s letter of engagement with George and Cindy Anthony.

Lots of emails between Cindy and Dominic and others.  Trying to come up with other scenarios that would make Casey innocent.  In other words, trying to create reasonable doubt that Casey could have murdered her daughter.


more of the same.  Lots of stuff to discredit Zenaida Gonzales.

Pg. 37:  dated 12/8/08:  Cindy tells John Allen in an email that Dominic Casey is not part of the defense team.  She says he works only for her and George for the sole purpose of finding Caylee Marie.


lots of people searches, lists of new businesses, more searches for Zenaida Gonzales,

pg 20: email from D Casey to Cindy: “As requested is our withdrawal of services to Jose. Dominic” Letter to Jose dated October 1, 2008.


Information about the duct tape plus stores that sold the tape, the total they sold, plus the years sold.  Written in the margin, NO SALES-2008-2009


Annie Dowling, January 6, 2009, transcript of interview with LE

#6  LINK

pg. 2: Written statement made by James Thompson, a computer store owner, to the Maitland Police Department.  He claims Casey and Caylee came into his store a week before Father’s Day and Casey inquired about a computer monitor.  He gave Caylee a toy and he noted Casey didn’t behave like a normal mother.  Then, the day AFTER Father’s Day, he ran into Casey and Caylee coming out of Walmart.  He recognized them.  He noted that Caylee was walking about 10 feet behind Casey and Casey made the little girl open the heavy door by herself.  He suggested that police check out the Walmart surveillance video to see for themselves.

#7  LINK

Info and evidence submitted to the FBI lab from Casey Anthony’s car.

#8  LINK

pg 33, 34: discussion of the staining on the carpet looks like the image of a child’s body in a fetal position.

#9  LINK

DNA results from the body found in the woods compared to Caylee’s DNA.  Positive ID.

Items taken from the Anthony home after the body was found.

Lots of lab results.

#10 LINK

lab results

#11 LINK

lists of things found at the crime scene. DNAresults

#12 LINK

DNA results

#13 LINK

more test results

#14 LINK

the report saying that the heart residue was destroyed on the duct tape around Caylee’s skull.

pg 49  Casey refused to give her DNA and the Sheriff’s department had to get a warrant to get it.

#15 LINK

more reports


Prosecution’s “Response to motion to dismiss due to spoilation of evidence & motion to compel defense witness list for hearing” LINK


Amended motion for venue change LINK

Motion to dismiss due to spoilation of evidence LINK

Motion to direct jail videos to be destroyed LINK

Motion to prohibit videotaping of attorney visits LINK

Response to state’s request on discovery LINK


slideshow of photos released 9/4/09

Robert Dick interview LINK

The bounty hunters first met with the family in a warehouse type district in someone’s out of the way office.  Inside was Lee Cindy George, Leonard, Tony, Rob. No media were around. They met with Jose Baez the next day.  It was the 4 of them with Jose.  The Anthonys and Jose Baez wanted to make sure the bondsmen were just bailing her out and that they would not interview her. Padilla assured them they were there to bail her out and make sure nothing happened to Casey.

Contractural agreement:  They can’t interrogate her. Leonard said that doesn’t prevent her from talking to us does it?  And Jose said he wanted to be there if she chose to talk to them.

Detective: What was your original role?

Dick’s main role was to run security around the family and her.  Tracy was supposed to just be with Casey.  He ws supposed to be making sure Casey got to where she was supposed to be without something happening, as there were lots of threats to her and the bondsmen.  The family was getting death threats.

Detective: What did she say the first time she got into the vehicle with him?

Dick didn’t talk to her at all at that time. When they got to the house, Casey’s attitude really bothered him.  The whole thing was like a game to her.  A normal person doesn’t act like that.  The parents were emotional for her to come home.  Casey wasn’t emotional at all.

Detective: Did Jose change the guidelines or the rules where Casey was concerned?

Yes.  After they were in the house there would be no talking to her and they were not to be alone with her, period.  they could be with her only when a family member or Baez was present.  Even then,  he didn’t want Leonard or Rob in the house at all–only Tracy.  He was worried she might talk to them.

Detective: What was her demeanor like that first night?

Dick: Like a happy go lucky person.

Detective: Was she a grieving mother?

Dick: “Not at all.  Nothing about Caylee at all.”

Rob Dick felt he caught Lee in a major lie and he didn’t want anything else to do with him.  He felt Lee was hindering the investigation.

Rob said he thinks Lee either has some involvement or knows a lot more than he’s telling.

Lee lied about Casey’s reaction to finding out there was human decomposition in the trunk of her car.  He said to Rob Dick that she was horribly upset–they almost had to call 911 she was so stressed.  Tracy told Rob the exact opposite. Casey wasn’t upset at all. She said very casually that there were a lot of people that had access to her car–including Jesse Grund.

“Eric Baker” is who George said was the father of Caylee.

Detective: What did Casey say about her brother, Lee?

Dick: She said the main person she trusted was Lee, and he knows everything I know.

Rob said Casey told him, “They (LE) haven’t even found the clothes she (Caylee) was wearing.”


Leonard Padilla interview in FULL  LINK

Not much new on this one.  Good ole Lenny pretty much spilled his guts on Nancy Grace and other news shows.  It is an interesting listen though!


Dominic Casey video LINK

D. Casey is obviously looking for something specific in this video.  Pavers have something to do with what he’s looking for.


Kronk’s call to dispatch LINK

Kronk says, “I just found a human skull.  It’s a human skull with duct tape across the mouth. ..I told you.  I told you, Ray.  I told you she was there.”


Cindy in a meeting with Matt (detective)  interview LINK

Cindy complains about Yuri Melich.  Calls him narrow minded, and says he lectures her about Casey. She said she realizes Casey lied, but until someone brings her proof beyond a reasonable doubt, she will continue to believe Caylee is alive.

She doesn’t trust Yuri and read through the transcripts of his questioning of Casey.  He didn’t ask her questions.  He told her stories.  He gave her scenarios and wanted her to explain “stuff”.

She was told an Amber Alert would be put out that first night.  They Anthonys watched television all the next day, and there was no Amber Alert.  Later, police  told them that Caylee didn’t qualify for an Amber Alert.  She felt Yuri had pre-determined that Casey did it at that point.

Cindy: “Casey hasn’t had a fair shake.”

Matt: “Cindy. My concern is Caylee.”

Cindy: “Oh mine is too, but…….blah blah Casey blah blah Casey blah blah Casey blah…………………..blah

Then, you can’t really understand what Cindy is blah blah blahing about as she and the detective apparently get out of the car and start walking.  There is a lot of background noise.

They go into a restaurant and sit down. There’s still a lot of background noise.  And she’s still complaining about Yuri.

Then she starts complaining about John, another detective.  Apparently, he lectures her about Casey, too.

Matt says again the focus should be on Caylee, not Casey.  He says there are reasons John and Yuri are doing what they are doing.  They are trying to get at the truth–not make Cindy mad.  Cindy says, “I know!” and goes back to talking about the way Yuri and John are treating her about Casey.  She then says because of the way they are treating her, she won’t take the polygraph, and she doesn’t have to.

Cindy no longer believes in “the system”.

Cindy said she would still have called 911 knowing what she knows today. She defends Casey saying she had plenty of opportunity to run.

Matt: “Were getting hung up in the little things that in the big scheme of things aren’t gonna be worthwhile.”  Cindy just blows right over that statement and continues to complain about Yuri.

Cindy says she’s in the “reality” thing–we have to move forward.  She and Lee were “there” on Saturday, but George isn’t. He’s struggling the hardest. It’s going to take him longer. (Whatever that means???? I always thought George was the one dealing in reality and Cindy wasn’t.)

One of the attorneys asked about “limited use immunity” for Casey. Matt said they talked to Baez and told him if she’s panicked and is afraid to say, she needs to get on the right side of the curb with this–whether it was the pool or whatever the circumstances.  But, “If they wait til we find Caylee it’s not gonna look good.”

Cindy says if there was an accident she believes Casey would cry out to them for help.  If Caylee even skins her knee, Casey calls Cindy. Cindy thinks she wouldn’t do that to her family if it was an accident.  If she was covering up for someone—she didn’t know if she would do that.

Jose Baez insinuates to Cindy that Casey is innocent.  Cindy tells Matt, “She’s telling the truth.  I mean, the players are there…”

Cindy cries a little when talking about other children being found because of Caylee and how she is happy with that.

This tape is almost comical.  The detective can barely get a word in edgewise, and Cindy’s voice almost becomes hypnotic after awhile.  I think I might have actually nodded off, once!

The whole jest of this, is Cindy complaining about police. She goes on and on about Casey.  It’s striking how little Caylee is mentioned by Cindy.


Tracy Mclaughlin interview in FULL LINK

key points from Tracy Mclaughlin interview.

1. Baez had Tracy sign something that said she couldn’t record anything but the rules changed later and it was not notarized and she had no copy of it.

2. When she was released from jail the first time, Casey didn’t say anything about Caylee.  She came into the house,  took a shower, talked about how people snuck her in stuff at the jail and how they loved her.   It was “like she’d gone to Iraq and just got home or something.  A real happy time.”  She didn’t seem upset at all.

3. The neighbor’s shovel was brought up.  Casey said “Hello!  They didn’t even have the timeline right!  I used the shovel to get the LADDER OUT OF THE POOL.” Cindy then told her to shut up, and later Tracy was told the shovel was about “cutting bamboo roots”.

4.  During visits to Jose’s office she spent a lot of time on the computer.  She wasn’t with Jose all day long.  She was supposedly looking for “clues” as to where Caylee was, but she never mentioned to Tracy what she might have “uncovered.”

5. When she found out there were signs of decomposition in her car, all she said was “A lot of people had access to that car.”  Then the next day,   “Jesse had a key to the car.” The attorney later tried to lead Padilla to believe Jesse could be to blame.  Tracy thinks that’s the way the defense will go–try to blame it on Jesse.

6.  They watched the tv show, “The Hills”. (a teenaged reality show) Tracy asked her if she knew about the date rape drug, and how if you take it you’re knocked out.  Casey said,yeah,  like ruffies, and Tracy said like ether, and Casey said LIKE CHLOROFORM.  THIS WAS BEFORE THE WHOLE ISSUE OF CHLOROFORM CAME UP. The chloroform news came out AFTER Tracy was long gone from the house.

7. Cindy had Tracy check out the chloroform site. (which was on Ricardo’s myspace. ) Tracy thought it was because she was trying to implicate Ricardo.

8. Cindy complained that the police weren’t looking for Caylee.  Tracy said, but NEITHER WAS ANYONE IN THE HOUSE LOOKING FOR CAYLEE.

One day Tracy was in another part of the house and  thought she heard Casey in the next room cry out while she was on the computer. Tracy was shocked because Casey hadn’t cried once since she’d been home.  She went in to where Caseywas and found she was laughing not crying– over a guy that contacted her on myspace that was good looking that wanted to hang out with her.

9. Cindy asked Tracy what she thought happened at one point.  Did Casey lose her at the mall or what?

10. Tracy heard George screaming one night at Casey. “Don’t f**king lie to me!  etc. etc Casey said, “No! You stop acting like a cop and act like my father for once in your life!” Casey then insisted that her dad leave.

Later, Tracy heard George say, “I can’t do it. I’m not going to live this lie,” to his friend Jim.  After their blow up earlier George wouldn’t go near Casey.

11.Casey said to Jose when they left the jail under the umbrella (that famous scene where Casey whispers in Jose’s ear) “Get me the f**k out of here.”

12. Casey said of a picture of Caylee, “This is my little ITALIAN.”  Tracy said I thought Caylee was hispanic (referring to Jesus Ortiz), and Casey said, “Does she LOOK Hispanic?” and later said Jesus Ortiz was not her dad.

Most notable:  Casey said very little about Caylee at all. She did not act like a grieving mother.  She acted very narcissistic.


Forensic report on decomposition preliminary report #2  LINK

report on the odor in the trunk on page 1.

page 2 contains only one thing.  This  fingerprint.  No explanation, no nothing.  just the print on a blank page.


Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation investigative report LINK (358 pages)

pg. 2: Anthony Lazarro agreed to have his phone monitored by  LE

tony lazaro agrees to have his phone monitered

pg. 8:  LE  installed trap and trace devices on “several subjects” telephones.

tapped several subjects phones

pg: 304: Monitoring devices put on George, Cindy, Lee’s, Jesse Grunds, George and Cindy’s land line, and Tony’s phones.

Forensic odor analysis LINK

FBI Evidence List LINK

Amy Huizenga text messages LINK 1

Amy Huizenga text messages LINK 2

Amy Huizenga text messages LINK 3

Casey’s ex LINK

Records request LINK

Consent LINK

slideshow of photos released so far LINK

slideshow of photos at Orlando Sentinel LINK

shows a 3-D slide show of the crime scene, and of the snake, plus

Caylee in Big Trouble Comes Small t shirt

photos of a shirt, at right, like the oneBig Trouble shirt Caylee wore in the photo at left.


fly through of crime scene video LINK

Many looks of Casey Anthony slideshow LINK

Casey/Caylee timeline LINK


Part 1 LINK

A June, 2009, letter to Lawson Lamar from the FBI:

Amy Huizenga, Jesse Grund, Anthony Lazaro, Ricardo Morales, and Anthony Rusciano were asked to take polygraphs and they agreed and took the tests in August and September of 2008.

George, Cindy, and Lee Anthony were asked to take the polygraph test and refused.

Evidence report March, 2009:

Items brought in by Nick Savage & John Allen and turned over by Jose Baez including personal items of Caylee’s and her umbilical cord. Also lab results.

pg 4 & 5: Statement report August 08:

handwritten by Cindy, remembering things about Zanny the Nanny and Juliette Lewis that included items they gave Caylee and Casey.

pg 6: Richard Grund statement saying he had loaned a cell phone (Nokia) of his to Casey Anthony in fall of 2007 and it had never been returned.

pg 8: voodoo doll and box. Doesn’t say where they got it.

Part 2 LINK

Jesse Grund’s police recruit test scores as well as his resignation letter on June 25,  2008.

pg 8:  memorandum stating Jesse was deficient in several high liability areas and could not recommend him to solo patrol at this time.

pg 14-17: Training notes on Jesse Grund that paint him as someone who is rather immature and tends to not accept responsibiltiy for his own actions.  He was held back for remedial training, but was later re-evaluated and allowed to advance to Level 4 of his training.

pg 24: Signed a form saying he didn’t think he should advance to Phase 4.

pg 35: has Bachelor’s of Criminology, Florida State U.

This is 85 pages of Jesse Grund’s police training.  From what I read his performance was inconsistent.  Praised for his performances sometimes, and rated careless or sloppy (my words) in others.

Part 3 LINK

more of Jesse Grund’s police training records.  Very detailed.  He makes a lot of mistakes on patrol during stops. There are detailed reports from officer’s on site with him of those errors.  It’s clear he is “book smart” but not “street smart”.

Part4 LINK

more of the same.  Detailed reports of the calls Jesse Grund made as a police officer.

Part 5 LINK

more of the same.  Jesse Grund training as a police officer, detailed reports.

Part 6 LINK

more of Jesse’s police training reports.  Includes letter stating that his leaving the program was a ,  “voluntary seperation not involving misconduct.” (pg. 13)

Civil Service application  for Police Officer (Jesse Grund)

pg 69-70 blacked out-possibly in regards to a 6th personal reference on job application for Jesse Grund

includes his background check (starting on page 80) for admission to the police training program (he has never been arrested) and all of his school records.

Part 7 LINK

MORE background info on Jesse Grund from his police training.  (Alls I can say is that the Orlando Police department are very thorough in checking out potential recruits!)

Part 8 LINK

Jesse Grund’s weekly attendance record in the training program

Part 9 LINK

more attendance records for Jesse Grund

Part 10 LINK

Tips followed up:

the dress that was found during Tim Miller’s search that was supposedly identical to one Caylee wore in a photo. (later determined to be planted and not her dress at all) emails concerning that information being leaked to a reporter.)

Tip report concerning a psychic directing Keith Williams to a bag of stuffed animals and clothing in the woods.

(pg 7-8)

A dark haired young woman and young man taking pictures by an open field.  Trunk was open. (pg 9-18)

Tip with a list of Zenaida Gonzales and their addresses found by a concerned citizen. (pg 27-31)

Gale St. John (the psychic with the Body Hunters) tips (pg 39-48)

Part 11 LINK

more tips and reports

***report by Detective Eric Ameye concerning a series of voicemails received.  Two from a Luke Phillips saying he had info as to where Caylee was and that she was being held by 2 armed suspects.

Also a voice mail from George Anthony asking him to call Luke Phillips in regards to Caylee’s location. Said his family was contacted by Phillips.

George Anthony advised Detective Ameye that a PI was looking for Caylee but the family didn’t hire him.  He had contacted the family attorney and he thought he was working for him. He only knew his first name was Dominic.  Said Lee Anthony would get back to him on his full name.

George said he was aware of the given location of Caylee as provided by Luke Phillips but was unsure if he would give that information to OCSO. (pg 1-3)***

Incident report from an inmate being released from OCSO and was in a holding cell when Casey Anthonywas on her way to court.  She had been stopped at the holding cell and had a conversation with this man, Travis Nichols on 7/28/09.

He wrote in the report that he asked her where she thought her baby was and she said she didn’t know.  He asked her about the babysitter and she said that was made up.  He asked if the boyfriend had her and she said she believed that was the case.  He said she smiled the whole time and kept eye contact with him as she left.  The conversation lasted 2-3 minutes. (pg 38)

Part 12 LINK

Tips submitted by Cindy Anthony and other tips that were followed up on

Part 13 LINK

October 14, 2o08 transcript of Casey Anthony interview with LE the day she was arrested for the last time. The video of this interview was  previously released. (pages 1-32)

April 21, 2009 Cindy Anthony interview with Scott Bolin transcript. I think the video of this was released earlier. The date on this must be when it was transcribed as they had not found Caylee at the time of this interview. (pages 33 to end part 1)

Part 14 LINK

Cindy Anthony interview part 2)

Part 15 LINK

Cindy Anthony interview part 3)

Cindy Anthony interview with Yuri Melich on August 1, 2008 (starts on page 52)

Part 16 LINK

part 2 of Cindy Anthony interview August 1, 2008

Part 17 LINK

George Anthony interview transcript previously released as video ( part 1)

Part 18 LINK

Geoerge Anthony interview transcript previously released as video  part 2)


Motion to declare Tim Miller a witness for the defense and to obtain his records

Motion to keep Leonard Padilla and associates from giving testimony due to client/atty privilege


Caylee Anthony autopsy report of examination

Caylee Anthony forensic report

Caylee Anthony FBI report of examination


April 9, 2009 Cindy Anthony deposition transcript in Zenaida Gonzales civil case

April 9, 2009 George Anthony deposition transcript inZenaida Gonzales civil case PART 1

April 9, 2009 George Anthony deposition transcrip in Zenaida Gonzales civil case PART 2

February 27 2oo9 Lee Anthony deposition transcript in Zenaida Gonzales civil case PART 1

February 27 2009 Lee Anthony deposition transcript in Zenaida Gonzales civil case PART 2

Jim Hoover deposition transcript in Zenaida Gonzales civil case March 25, 2009

Joy Wray interview with LE

This one’s interesting.  She was a protester turned supporter of the Anthonys.  She searched for Caylee on her own and with Tim Miller.  Became acquaintance with George and Cindy.  Said she felt the Anthony’s had brainwashed her into thinking Caylee was kidnapped by Z. Gonzales.  She had lots of photographs she had taken at J. Blanchard Park and off Suburban Drive.  Tried to give them to the Anthonys and also called Jose Baez to give them to him.  He was rude to her and hung up on he

Sean Kraus interview with LE

  • Deceased crime blogger who communicated with Cindy Anthony through phone and email.  He became friends and was a supporter of hers at first.  He later changed his mind about her. Sean informed investigators that Cindy suspected that Casey did something with her granddaughter.  She told this to him on December 2nd–before Caylee’s remains were discovered.
  • Cindy told Sean Casey was a sociopath.
  • “I spoke with [Cindy Anthony]…it was the first time that she agreed that she actually really believed that her [Casey Anthony]…actually did something to Caylee,” Krause told Orange County investigator Cpl. Yuri Melich.
  • Sean said that Cindy later took back her statement but wouldn’t tell him why.He said that she also sent him emails from her yahoo account saying she had a scoop for his crime blog.  She later denied ever sending that email or other emails to him.
  • Detectives also asked Krause about the man who called himself Todd Black. (He was the spokesman for Anthony Baez.  Black had contacted Sean and told him the FBI forensic’s tests were inaccurate.

Universal Orlando info LINK

  • Universal studios event planning team
  • work records for Casey Anthony, Jeffrey D. Hopkins and Michael D. Hamilton

Caylee Anthony timeline LINK

Michelle Murphy interview LINK

Ricardo Morales interview LINK


Yuri Melich 1/6/2009 interview with Alex Roberts, co-worker of Roy Kronk

Yuri Melich 1/6/2009 interview with Christopher Gibson, co-worker of Roy Kronk

Yuri Melich1/6/2009  interview with David Dean, co-worker of Roy Kronk

Roy Kronk interview 1/6/2009

Deputy Richard Cain

Deputy Richard Cain interview 12/18/2008

March 10, 2009

Casey Anthony’s sworn affidafit/March 10, 2009

saying Jose Baez is her attorney only–she has not signed any rights to Caylee’s or her story over to him.


Jim Hoover transcript/December 18, 2008

Casey Anthony transcript/October 14/2008

Anthony Lazarro transcript/ October 16, 2008

Investigative Report: Tony Lazarro meets with Lee Anthony

Roy Kronk transcript/ December 11/2008

Corporal William Eric Edwards transcript/ December 18,2008

Forensic timeline on remains and miscellaneous documents starts on page 9

Timeline of events in Caylee Anthony case and tips

Florida Department of Law Enforcement Investigative Report

LINK: Photobucket images and computer log

this link doesn’t include actual photos

LINK:copies of photobucket pictures

images that are difficult to see

LINK: text messages part 1

LINK: text messages part 2

LINK: text messages part 3

LINK: Casey Anthony cell phone records



Lee Anthony Deposition/transcript/part 1/February 27, 2009

Lee Anthony Deposition/transcript/part 2/February 27/2009


Lee Anthony Deposition/video/part 1/February 27/2009

Lee Anthony Deposition/video/part 2/February 27/2009

Lee Anthony Deposition/video/part 3/February 27/2009

Lee Anthony Deposition/video/part 4/February 27/2009

Lee Anthony Deposition/video/part 5/February 27, 2009



  • Includes description of the remains as found,  description of Annie’s interview,
  • description of demeaner of Anthonys when LE came back with search warrant after body was found.
  • Description of Roy Kronk’s timeline.
  • Includes description and lists of what was recovered from crime site.  (the paver is in this document pg 43 and and 48)


includes diary pages and photo of heart stickers











Patrick Bourgiouse (this one has been released previously, because I had already seen it somewhere)

George & Cindy Part 1, morning,  July 25

George & Cindy Part 2, morning, July 25

George & Cindy, Part 1, afternoon, July 25

George & Cindy, Part 2, afternoon, July 25

Lee Anthony, July 28, Part 1

Lee Anthony, July 28, Part 2

George & Cindy, July 30, part 1

George & Cindy, July 30, part 2

George, August 3, part 1

George, August 3, part 2













property forms

notebook casey wrote “Casey Lazzaro” in over and over

OCSO affidavit forms

Incident report of Sawgrass Apt

OCSO Forensics crime scene investigation

Morales computer forensic report

HP computer report


Computer Forensics Reports


Exam report, contacts phone #’s

Text messages to Casey Anthony’s cell 7/12/08 thru 7/17/08

other texts and incoming calls on Casey’s cell


cell phone records

handwritten letter to Yuri Melich from Shirley Plesea, Cindy’s mother

emails between Shirley Plesea and her sister

Emails between Rick and Cindy


Emails between Rick Plesea and Cindy and Rick Plesea and Yuri Melich. Other emails and Rick Plesea talking on blogs and topix


Rick Plesea emails and Topix comments,

Lois Peter statement to police and emails from Casey to Dakota,

Dante Salati interview with Sgt. Allen September 8, 2008

Wanda Wery statement about seeing Caylee in an airport.


7 videos linked here (they’re at the bottom of the post)


4 videos linked here (they’re at the bottom of the post)


Tony Lazzaro interview September 8, 2008 with investigators

Tony Lazzaro interview July 28, 2008 with investigators

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