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Quote of the Day

We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.

Motion for Acquital Denied. Defense prepares for tomorrow

June 15, 2011

Motion for Acquital: Denied on all counts. Court is in recess until 9:00 AM Thursday morning when the defense will take over.

Today, after 59(if I counted correctly) witnesses, the State rested it’s case.  Did they do enough?  Did they connect the dots?

IMO they laid out the perfect circumstantial case.  What an undertaking it must have been!   These dedicated prosecutors were determined to give justice to Caylee, and I think they’ve done it.  Piece by piece they put together the puzzle of how this angel most likely died. We may never know exactly what happened to Caylee. (even if Casey actually told the truth, how would we ever know it was in fact,  the TRUTH?) The State made a very good argument that she died from an overdose of chloroform and/or suffocation from the duct tape wrapped around her little head.  All roads lead straight as an arrow directly to Casey Anthony.  No one else had a motive– no one else’s life was “enriched” by Caylee’s absence. (absolutely not George’s) Only Casey’s world became a ” beautiful life” when that sweet baby breathed her last breath. Everyone else’s world became a living hell.  Only Casey cared so little for Caylee that she was not affected by the loss of her daughter until  she was incarcerated and charged with murder.

Vasco Thompson

The defense begins damage control tomorrow morning, and I’m thinking we can expect a few dramatic surprises.  The defense amended their witness list to include Vasco Thompson, an Orlando felon convicted on kidnapping charges in 1988.  Apparently the defense’s investigators found this “recently discovered witness through the ongoing efforts of defense investigators.” According to the filing, Vasco Thompson was “connected to George Anthony through his cell phone records.” Those records include 4 phone calls between George and Thompson on July 14, 2008. (this was the day before they found out Caylee had been missing for 31 days.) The records say that this man has a violent criminal history and has served a 10 year prison sentence for kidnapping. The court papers don’t say if it was a stranger kidnapping, a child, a girlfriend or what. Look under defense witnesses on this link. to see the PDF file.


Mr. Thompson has refused to talk to the defense and called LE when they tried to question him. Because of the defense’s accusations against George, finding that he had contact with this man 4 times, and considering his “violent criminal history,” the defense is claiming they have shown good cause for the late disclosure of the witness. Mason wants to depose Mr. Thompson to see if he can provide anything relevant to the trial.

Mark Lippman, the Anthonys’ attorney says George has no clue who this man is, and he has no idea what the calls were about.

Lippman said there were apparently four points of contact between the two men, but he has no idea what those calls entailed or the duration of them. Lippman also said the numbers were very similar to George’s new(at the time) work phone and he felt it was possible the numbers were transposed and it was just mis-dialings. He doesn’t know at this point who called who.

Here’s my question.  Weren’t George’s phone records (along with everyone else in the family) scrutinized back in 2008? If not, why not? Hasn’t the defense had access to those records for 3 years now?  Why did they just now decide he would be a good witness?  These calls must have been checked out by the prosecution and found to be nothing.

I’m really thinking this is nothing more than a distraction.  (something the defense has gotten quite good at over the last 3 years)

Casey Anthony Trial, June 13, 2011: The prosecution prepares to close up shop

June 13, 2011

So today we had only 2 witnesses, and there was no sign of the animated Casey from the past few days.  She was void of emotion–a blank.


Stephen Shaw

First up: Stephen Shaw is a hair and fiber examiner for the FBI lab.  He  said  there is a difference between hairs from a cadaver and hairs that have decomposed after leaving the head of a live person.


Elizabeth Fontaine

Elizabeth Fontaine  is a FBI physical scientist forensic examiner in the latent print operations unit.   She is the one who found the residue of the heart shaped sticker on a corner of one of the pieces of duct tape when she was examining it for fingerprints.  It was unfortunately destroyed during testing.  She said it was not protocol for her to take a photo of the sticker, so she didn’t.  Luckily, her supervisor also saw the sticker before  it was destroyed. Fontaine said there were no fingerprints found on the duct tape.


Then, Judge Perry  dropped the bombshell.  The state may wrap their case up tomorrow–Wednesday morning at the latest.  Furthermore, court won’t start til 1:00 PM Tuesday because the state’s next witness can’t make it until then.

Whoa! Can this really be true?  The prosecution is wrapping up?  Seems to me there is a whole lot more damning evidence floating around out there  that the jury deserves to hear.

What about the fight Cindy and Casey had the night of the 15th?  Why is that not being brought into evidence?  It’s in the police reports.  The neighbors said there was a fight that night.  Jesse Grund said that the fight became physical and Cindy tried to choke Casey. What about the diary entry that was proven to NOT have been written in 2005 as was noted in the front of Casey’s  journal? That particular style was not published until after 2005.  What about the “beautiful life” tattoo Casey had done after Caylee was gone?  She told the tattoo guy she’d be bringing Caylee with her the next time she came in. And what about Richard Grund, Casey’s one-time fiance’s father, who could testify that he and his wife had to tell Casey they didn’t want to be Caylee’s babysitter anymore? She was bringing Caylee over every day and leaving her with them.  What about Kiomarie Cruz, Casey’s childhood friend who could testify that she and Casey used to bury their dead pets near where Caylee was found?  She said they put heart stickers on them before they buried them.  What about Leonard Padilla’s bounty girl, Tracy,  that stayed in the house with Casey when he bailed her out of jail?  What about the inmate, Robin Adams,  that exchanged secret letters with Casey–the one who said Casey told her she chloroformed Caylee to knock her out so she could party?

The only good news about the prosecution closing up shop is that means Jose Baez will now have to back-up the defense’s crazy theory.  I was reminded when I read another blog today, that Jose Baez appeared at a news conference with Casey in October of 2008.  He and Casey were claiming then that Caylee was missing, and Casey was wearing a “Find Caylee” button. (This link was on Richard Hornsby’s blog)  This begs the question: When exactly did Casey Anthony tell Jose Baez her version of the “real truth” that Caylee drowned on July 16th, 2008?  Did she first tell him Zenaida Gonzales took Caylee, and then later changed her story?  Will that information come out during the defense’s turn at bat.

Whatever the defense is getting ready to float down the river, I’m willing to bet the state still has a trick or two up their sleeves.  I’m guessing (hoping)  the state’s witness tomorrow will be a doozie.  Who will it be?  Your guess is as good as mine.

Casey Anthony Trial Day 12, June 8, 2011

June 7, 2011

I’m a couple of days behind, but thought I’d go ahead and post today’s high points and try to catch up later 🙂

Gerardo Bloise

Dr Gerardo Bloise was back on the stand this morning.  He testified that the trash did not smell like the car (in spite of Jose’s best effort to get him to say it could be something else) “That smell,(human decomp) once you smell it, you will never forget that smell.”  Bloise  described each piece of garbage in the trash bag, (there was no pizza in the pizza box).  The trash was damp when he received it, and he dried it out before packaging it according to police protocol.  Baez accused him of destroying evidence by drying it. (which he quickly changed to–drying the trash might have “altered the evidence”) Dr. Bloise vigorously denied the accusation saying he was following police procedures which LDB clarified on cross.


Dr. Arpad Vass

Dr. Arpad Vass was also back on the stand today. Surprisingly, Jeff Ashton announced he brought him back to correct a mistake the prosecution made yesterday. Apparently, Mr.Ashton accidentally handed him the wrong can of stench to identify, and Dr. Vass did not catch the error–which allowed Baez to attempt to paint him in a bad light. I don’t think he succeeded, and Dr. Vass will remain a credible witness for the prosecution.


Michael Rickenbach

38: FBI Forensic chemist Michael Rickenbach. He found a small amount of chemical consistent with chloroform on the piece of tire cover he examined. .  Baez asked him if there were “shockingly” large amounts of chloroform found as Dr. Vass had stated yesterday.  Rickenbach said, “No.”  Uh Oh! This appeared to be in direct conflict to Dr. Vass’ testimony. But, on cross, it was clarified that Michael Rickenbach was testing a piece of carpet, and Dr. Vass was testing the air. (two completely different things.) In fact, because chloroform doesn’t stick around for very long, Rickenbach said he was surprised he got a reading for any chloroform at all. (which would be consistent with Dr. Vass’ claim of a huge amount. There must have been  a lot of chloroform  for  Rickenbach to get a reading on the carpet all that time later.)


Detective Jason Forgey

39:  Deputy Jason Forgey dog handler for OCSO.  He has been on 200 cadaver searches and over 3000 other searches using dogs.  He gave the jury an education on the training of cadavar dogs,(I was surprised at the length and intensity of the training) and described his and his dog, Gerus’ impressive qualifications.

Gerus, when taken to Casey’s car, hit on the trunk.  When the trunk was opened,  he and the dog were “overwhelmed” by the smell of decomposition.  Baez’ tried to get him to say he was speculating on what he and the dog smelled in the trunk, but Forgey very forcefully told him he knew what decomp smelled like and there was definitely decomp in the trunk of the car.

Prosecution on re-cross: Will your dog alert to trash? “No” Velveeta Cheese? “No.” A pkg that once held chicken? “No.”

Where the cadaver dog hit (noted with blue circle)

He said when they searched the Anthonys’ backyard, Gerus did not hit on the pool. (a blow for the defense theory)  He did hit on an area next to Caylee’s playhouse.  Another dog, Bones, searched the area the next day after CSI scraped the yard for evidence, but he did not make a hit.

Prosecution: In your professional opinion why did this happen?

“I believe the smell was on the surface and with them scraping the area and disturbing it, it was moved or diminished and the dog wouldn’t find it.”

(So Caylee wasn’t buried in the backyard–Casey just laid her in the grass while she made a feeble attempt to dig a grave? )

Baez tried his best to impeach this witness but couldn’t.  In fact, the defense fought hard to have Mr. Forgey’s testimony kept out altogether, and I can certainly understand why.  He was a very credible witness and didn’t let Baez intimidate him.  He made it clear that the dog would not alert to garbage or animal decomp–only human decomp PERIOD.

Something that really bothered me today was the smirky, slightly smug look on her face during the testimony about the stench that came from her own child. She showed absolutely no emotion whatsoever while they talked about the wet napkins with Caylee’s body fluids on them and the dog hitting on the car and yard.  Even after all this time, I’m still just blown away by the enormity of what this woman was and is capable of. I shudder to think she might ever walk among us again.


Casey Anthony Trial, Day 8

June 2, 2011

George and Cindy watching the jailhouse videos in court today

Today was all about the lies Casey told her family, friends,  and police.  The tape of detectives and Casey at Universal, and some of the jailhouse videos of Cindy, George, and Lee were introduced into evidence. In the videos, Casey’s family was obviously upset and trying to get answers from her.

I’ ve heard these before, but I have to say, hearing them in light of the defense’s allegations that George and Lee molested Casey, Caylee drowned on the 16th of June, Casey knew it, and George covered it up  was very interesting. One has to wonder whether or not Baez and Company reviewed the videos before they prepared their cockamamie defense.  Casey says a lot of things that clearly don’t lead you to believe Caylee drowned or that George abused her as a child. In one of the videos she even tells her dad he was a wonderful father and grandfather,

“You’ve been the best dad and the best grandfather. Don’t for a second think otherwise.”

And then of course there is lie after lie after lie after lie. It must be mind-boggling for the jurors.

Here’s a link  where you can watch the trial today, Thursday, June 2, 2011 if you missed it.


Jeff Hopkins

Today opened with the real life Jeff  Hopkins–the man Casey not only said introduced her to Zenaida Gonzales, but who she was supposedly in Jacksonville with during part of the 31 days before Caylee was reported missing.  According to Casey, they worked together at Universal.   He was a widow, and had a son, Zachary who played with Caylee. She said Zenaida was at one point, Jeff’s girlfriend, and she had been his nanny first.  Of course, none of these things were true.  Jeff Hopkins met Casey in middle school and they were never anything more than acquaintances. He did run into her in July in Orlando. They exchanged pleasantries and cell phone numbers, and he received several mass texts from her after that promoting Fusion.


Leonard Turtora

Leonard Turtora, Assistant Manager of Loss Prevention for Universal Studios was the next witness.  He  escorted Casey and the police as she took them on a fantasy tour of Universal.  He and Yuri Melich said that Casey took them into one of the buildings and was half way down the hall headed toward her “office” when she stopped, put her hands in her back pockets and said,

“I don’t work here.”

The police asked if there was a room they could talk with Casey in, and he accommodated them. It was here the detectives grilled Casey about the lies they were discovering she had told.


Yuri Melich

Yuri Melich is back on the stand. He said that he took Casey to Universal for several reasons the morning of the 16th.  He wanted to check on several outcry witnesses, find information about  Zenaida, who Casey said worked there seasonally, and to try and locate her lost cell phone. She accompanied him willingly and was not considered a suspect at that time. He stated that he already knew she didn’t work there before she arrived.


The prosecution played the tape of Melich, 2 other detectives and Casey at Universal. Melich told Casey at one point that, “Every single thing you’ve told us is a lie.” 

The only thing Casey said on the tape that was probably the truth was that she was petrified of her mother, and that Cindy would never forgive her if they didn’t find Caylee. Melich asked Casey if there could have been a possible drowning  but she insisted on sticking with her story about Zenaida Gonzales. 

“If I knew where she was, if something had happened, I would have admitted that a long time ago.” 

My oh my.  If Caylee really drowned in the pool, and there had been the slightest chance that Casey could have thrown someone–anyone–even her dad, under the bus back in July of 2008, I have no doubt in my mind she would have done it in a heartbeat.  I do not believe for one second Casey Anthony would have continued to sit alone  in a jail cell for 3 years if the allegations made by Baez were true.

Casey Anthony trial–Day 6

May 31, 2011

Tweeting today as it happens. Click on my twitter on the right side of this page.

The 911 calls.  Man, I could hardly stand to watch Cindy during the 911 calls.  One of the most emotional testimonies I’ve ever heard. And then the contrast of Cindy on the stand listening and Casey listening. Wow. What must that jury be thinking! These photos say it all, don’t they?




Some gave all

May 30, 2011

All gave some, but some gave all. God bless the families of our fallen soldiers, and may we never forget– Freedom is NOT free.

Casey Anthony Trial Day 5

May 28, 2011

Day 5 started out with Cheney Mason attempting to keep Lee Anthony from sitting in the courtroom during the trial. The Judge allowed him in.

Tony Lazzaro

Tony Lazzaro was back on the stand.  He testified that on the night of July 15th, Amy Huizinga and Cindy Anthony came to the door and forced Casey to leave with them. He was shocked.  Lee Anthony came by later that night and got Casey’s computer and a bag of clothes. He was asked about some texts between him and Casey the next day.  He tried to get her to tell him where Caylee was and why she hadn’t told him she was missing, but got no where.


Cindy Anthony

#21: Cindy Anthony. She is questioned about the wedding she attended with Casey where everyone thought she was pregnant except Cindy.  She gives a description of the Anthony backyard. She stated that Caylee was talking well enough to tell you a story and Cindy could understand what she was saying.

Cindy had a difficult time talking about Caylee, and at one point, when the prosecution had a photo up of her on the monitor, Cindy asked that they remove it so she could keep her composure. Casey cried when her mother was on the stand.


Casey’s tears have changed to a very cold look after the first break while her mother talks about all the excuses she gave her as to why she couldn’t see Caylee after the 16th.  Rather sullen actually.  I guess I would be, too.  Jose is gonna have some s’plainin’ to do!  Oh yeah, I forgot–this was all the truth in Casey’s “dream” world.  She lives in a different dimension….I mean reality, than the rest of the world.

No matter what you think of Cindy Anthony, you are not human if you don’t feel sorry for her today.  I wonder how she will make it through the entire day?

I wonder what Casey was thinking during this break when she said, “It’s not fair.”